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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Hollow ( Battle Beetle)

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What's up dawg?

What's up dawg?

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PostSubject: Hollow ( Battle Beetle)   Hollow ( Battle Beetle) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 20, 2015 5:17 pm

Age: 31 years before death, 4 years of being a hollow.
Name: Marcus Averish (Battle Beetle.)
Race: Austrian-Dutch
Birthplace: Marietta Georgia.
Height: 7’8” on all legs, 18’6” long of a body
Weight: 376.5 kg
Appearance: Averish’s body resembles that of a large insect. He has six legs, each with the same thickness of a wooden phone pole, each at a length of five feet with three fingered claws at the end of each one. His back hide is a dark brown leather-like cover with a slit in the center from the nape of his neck to the bottom of his torso. When standing, he sits on his two lower legs in a squatting position which lets him utilize his upper four limbs for combat. His under belly is a lighter brown color, and has less durability in comparison to his back hide. Under his hide, are a set of six different wings, veined like that of an airborne insect. Up to his upper torso his is a large head, with a stone white mask relying on minimal amount of four incisors from top to bottom with pincers extending out a moderate two and a half feet.On the tip top is a three foot long horn, resembling that of a Hercules Beetle’s horn with a curved shape and a hammer tip, while the mask contains brown gold lines from the eyes curved to the mouth.
Personality: The Battle Beetle, while a predator is rather docile. As a simple beast, it eats only when needed, and will only attack a soul or other hollow in defense or in hunger. This in no way is gentle, as he can be aggravated with someone’s presence alone, as he will give one audible growl when he shows he will tolerate no further action. Whether it be a shinigami or human that is unable to see him, but he generally keeps to himself. Though, due to his more beast state he tends to rely more on his strength and size rather than intellect, as being that in his current form has a far below average IQ making him easy to defeat in a battle of wits.
Spirit Power: 10
Speed: 10
Technique: 5
Fighting Skill: 35
Ability 1:Marcus’s hollow has the ability of flight, thanks to the wings he keeps under his hide. While his flying speed is not faster than his speed on foot without a tailwind, he can keep himself hovering in mid-air and stay in flight for long periods of time.
Ability 2: The Beetle can excrete poison from his mouth and horn, allowing toxic impalement's or bites and a spit of toxins ranging up to ten feet.
Ability 3: Battle Beetle has the ability to retract his head and limbs into his hide, creating a tough barrier that can take up to 2000 kg of force, but with the downside of leaving him immobile and unable to fight back to attacks.

History: Marcus was the average Joe, what with being underpaid, working overtime every week just to pay the bills and whatever was left went into savings or booze. He wasn't depressed per say, but happiness was not prominent in his life. He lived life like a machine, eat, work, sleep. Eat, work, sleep and ever continuing the cycle ever since he dropped out of college at 22. He was a bearded man, muscled from hands on grunt work, which caught the eye of a few underground promoters. He joined an underground fight club, winning a few matches here and there with a balanced win to lose ratio, but he finally felt alive.
His life had improved, even when he lost a fight the payout always seemed to be just as good as his old job, if not better. He put down alcohol, and began to take better care of himself, he even bought his first stock (In a family favorite animation studio no less.). But alas, all tales that eventually involve darkness or evil, has a few grimaces. On his 22nd, he had lost not only the match, but was accidentally killed by his opponent in the ring. His soul stayed attached to the same underground cage, that had later been shut down due to police investigations. This is the typical part where a shinigami would come, give a quick explanation but send him off to the soul society, but as we all know life is but a gamble. And Marcus rolled snake eyes, as after a few mere months of being attached to the place, his chain ripped out, revealing his hole as he began his new life, no longer as a nobody, but a predator.
Role Playing Sample: Averish perched upon the shopping center, as he stared off into the parking lot curious about the human activity. Being fifteen feet above the parked cars and arguing couples, he could get a fair view of what he considered prey. He didn't understand what all of it meant. How did those animals get into those bigger colored animals that could move so fast without legs? Being completely unbeknownst to the fact that he was invisible to them, he cocked his head, curious why none of them were running or moving away like all the other souls he had eaten. To his side he could see a fight breaking out, but he ignored it since for some reason watching the way they struggled caused his head a slight pain.

The hollow got one last look at the moon in the sky. It was so much prettier than the one in the desert, but that’s where the best food was. “Guaahhh…” the Beetle let out a slight moan, he was growing tired and the fact that he’d recently eaten was not helping his case. It was not safe to be weak at home, so it simply concluded to stay atop the building it was roosted at. He retracted his limbs, laying on his abdomen. He retracted his head, as spots of black filled his vision, his body went still.
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Hollow ( Battle Beetle)
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