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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Hero of Chaos(Shikai Release)

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PostSubject: Hero of Chaos(Shikai Release)   Hero of Chaos(Shikai Release) I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2013 1:56 am

カオスのヒーロー/Hero of Chaos

Ever since Shibata Timmothy had arrived in the Spirit World he had felt stronger, yet this strength within him he had always felt, but was unable to tap into until recently. Not only his ability to fight, but his will power had also skyrocketed. When he was in the world of the living he had made it his duty to rid Japan of Bandits; which had ultimately cost him his life or perhaps gave his life new meaning. Nevertheless, he was dead now and in the Spirit World. No longer was his beloved Japan his home. Now it was the Spirit World and more specifically the Seireitai; his new home which he vowed to protect to his utmost.

There was a chilling cold in the air, he was in a forest just northern of the wall to the Seireitai. It was his duty to protect the Seireitai and the souls within it from the retched creatures known as the Hollows. His last encounter with Hollows left his friend, Anna Buru rather injured. At that battle he showed his dedication to the Seireitai and his friend that he would not falter in the face of incredible odds. The forest was quite dense and it as certainly a miraculous feat that he had not gotten lost yet. He was sure to mark each tree he passed by chipping a piece of bark off of them to mark the path from which he had came.

Tim had came here to train. Recently he had been having a few dreams and or nightmares which he had done incredible feats in the face of dangers. In one particular instance a figure of burning fire appeared in front of him speaking to him, but he had no knowledge of the fiery spirit. The Spirit informed him that he had a power within him, a very strong and formidable power. One that he would need to tap into if he truly wished to protect those that he cared for; his friends and the Seireitai. He found a clearing in the forest and decided to rest here for a bit to meditate.

Kneeling to the ground, he positioned his legs comfortably and rested his blade in front of him. His eye lids slowly shut as he attempted to reach this inner spirit that had contacted him before. Tim called out to the being, but did not know its name. "Spirit, speak to me...Give me the power to vanquish my enemies." No answer... "Spirit, teach me the strength to conquer those before me..." He tried again, but yet still no answer. Tim sighed a bit and just relaxed for a while at this time.

In his trance he had lost touch with the environment around from him. He was concentrating so hard on contacting this inner fiery spirt, that he had no idea of the encroaching danger. Just then a monstrous force knocked him flat on his back. As he opened his eyes he saw before him a monstrous Hollow. It's arms with giant axes and it's body seemed to be encased in very sturdy armor. Tim quickly reach for his blade at his side, but as he did so he felt nothing but air and his sash. Shocked to be surprised by such a powerful Hollow and not of sensed it, he searched for his blade, but realized that it was still at the spot where he was meditating. Which was now well out of reach because of the monstrous Hollow blocking his path.

Tim raised his arms and clenched his fist. It seemed hopeless to fight a Hollow without his blade, but he would not take his other skills for granite. He was quite familiar with Hap-ki-do and would use it, at least until he could reach his blade that is. The monstrous Hollow belched out a terrifying growl and charged forward with its axe-like arms, hacking and slashing towards Tim. There was no way to block these attacks without a sword so he was forced to dodge the attacks. He was able to dodge the first two initial attacks, but the third caught him hard and nailed directly in the chest; a deep cut that spewed quite a lot of blood, but yet did no real damage. His chest cavity and ribs were still well intact.

He rushed forward and attempted to go on the offensive now. Kicking his feet hard against the leaf covered ground to push himself upward towards the beast. The Hollow raised one of its' axe-like arms to block Tim, but due to his size he was able to effectively aim. As he was in the air, Tim flipped over himsef, a backflip and with his leg came down hard with an axe kick. The kick landed solid on the Hollows mask with a loud thud, but had apparently did no damage. Tim was forced back into the air from the attack and the Hollows tremendous strength. The Hollow took this time to strike Tim once more, with his left axe-like arm. Slashing horizontally towards Tim he caught his leg and nearly slashed it completely in two, but luckily from being flung back into the air his attack only nicked Tim. Still the attack did considerable damage as he landed on the ground he was forced to his knees and had trouble standing back up.

"Not here, not now...I have so much to do, so much to prove..." Tim cried out as his left leg shot out with pain. Without his blade, Tim felt almost useless to this Hollow. Perhaps he was just out of his league, but he could not just give in. He had so much more to do, so much more to prove. Tim began to raise to his feet, but fell once more to the ground. As the massive Hollow approached Tim dug deep within him. "If you won't help me now fiery spirit, then I shall do it myself! There is far to much for me to do, people to protect!!" Once again Tim tried to raise himself from the ground, but this time on sheer will power. Shakily he finally managed to rise to a standing position and as he lifted his arms up to prepare for the oncoming onslaught from the Hollow, a voice echoed from within. "That's it Tim it has been you all the time, now grasp the power within you. Call me out and destroy this being in front of you, protect the ones you care for. I am カオスのヒーロー/Hero of Chaos."

The Spirit had finally answered him back and this time had given his name. Tim felt empowered to know that the power was within him all the time, he just did not know how to access it. Now standing with his morale at tip-top capacity, he was ready for this monstrous Hollow. The only thing holding him back was that he was without his blade, his preferred weapon. With a quick glance he had spotted blade ont he ground in the same spot and quickly darted in a circular fashion around the lumbering beast. Indeed he was quite sluggish and his true power was in his attacks and his defense; the Hollow had absolutely no speed. With a quick few dashes, Tim had made it around the beast and was quickly closing in on his weapon. Reaching downward as he ran he grasped his blade and sighed with relief. Now it was time to destroy this Hollow.

With more understanding of his own abilities and the power within himself, Tim felt extremely confident. He raised his blade to his fighting stance and called out his zanpak-to. "Rise Hero of Chaos!" At that moment his grip on his blade tightened and the weapon in his palms burst into flames and erupted into a new fashioned weaponry. No longer was he wielding his training Asauchi, but now his very own weapon forged from within him; a Katana. A weapon that he was all to well familiar with from his days born, raised, living and died in Japan.

The lumbering Hollow was now about half-way completely turned around attempting to get Tim back within its sights. However, this was Tim's turn to attack. With his morale soaring and only getting higher with his new found power, he was quite confident. Quickly he dashed towards the massive Hollow, by now the Hollow had just finally made it to turn completely and began to raise his right axe-like arm, but it was not fast enough. Tim rushed with incredible speed towards the Hollow and once he reached the base of the creature, lowered his blade almost completely to the ground and then slashed upward with intense speed and strength; as well as jumping into the air to fully cut the creature. The slash went from the bottom of the creature all the way up to the tip of the Hollows mask. Once his blade reached the tip of the Hollows mask, Tim began to fall controllable back to the ground. As he did so the Massive Hollow screeched out in sheer pain as his entire body splintered and then shattered where he had cut the beast. Two halves of the creature fell to the ground before disappearing.

Tim breathed heavily, he had now survived the hardest fight he had ever been in and it seemed that the more time he spent in the Spirit World, the harder it got day by day. Yet, now he knew the name of the spirit within him and that he had the power within him all this time to do great things. He would use this power for good; to protect those that could not protect themselves, to keep the Seireitai safe and to route out the Hollows.

Raising his blade among high, Tim spoke to it once more. "Quite powerful you and I are." Yet he only had one thing to say to Tim before he went quiet once more. "Use your powers for good..." After the spirit finished, the blade returned to the Asauchi and Tim nodded understandingly. Tim knew exactly what he meant and it had been his mindset his entire life.
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Hero of Chaos(Shikai Release)
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