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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Unknown Chaos Within (Part II) (Solo)

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PostSubject: Unknown Chaos Within (Part II) (Solo)   Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:38 am

Link to part one:

Anna swiftly lifted her hand with a smile, and she charged a kido spell. As she was charging it, she noticed that the energy in the air around her did not exist, and she also noticed that she had no reiatsu. She did not understand why she did not have reiatsu, but she had to act quickly. Anna looked to her left, and saw the sharp red pieces of metal that come from the ground. If she could pull one of these pieces of metal out of the ground...

“What are you doing?” said the creature, and Anna felt something cut through her back. Actually, it was more like somebody taking a sharp knife, and digging it directly beneath the shoulder blade, and before the blade hits any vital organs you stop it and slice down until you have cut the length of the persons back. Anna jumped forward as the flowed blood from her back and onto the ground. If she did not know better she would say that her blood and the metal were one and the same, but before she could try to compare the two there was a swing from in front of her; the blades were aiming for her throat. Quickly Anna took a step back and went into a spin. She let her arm fall loosely and hit a piece of metal, in which she grabbed, whilst aiming a kick towards the creature that she was fighting. The fact that she stepped in blood allowed her to spin quickly, and if the ground did not have as much grip as it did, she probably would have slipped and fell onto the metal. The creature she was fighting looked towards Anna, and the kick hit her directly in the face. There was a scream of anger and hate; this was the creature getting angry, of course.

"What's the matter? Don't like the fact that I hit you?" Anna asked with a mocking smile on her face. "Don't like that I can actually find a way to hurt you?"

"Shut it. You got lucky. Now I will kill you." said the creature, but it wouldn't really kill her. It couldn't risk killing Anna without killing itself. Suddenly it was gone with a small bang, but Anna knew what to do. She closed her eyes, and listened to the air around her. There was sudden cracking noise from her right. The trees were so dense in this part that a simple movement makes a cracking sound, and this is what Anna knew would help her win. Intelligence. Anna swiftly jumped into the air, landing directly on the creatures arm, and quickly flipped off of it and grabbed onto the highest branch of a tree that she could find. The cracking got really loud as she heard the creature hit a tree. Anna opened her eyes to see the damage, and noted that if what she was seeing wasn't an illusion one swing would kill her instantaneously.

Suddenly Anna let go of the tree branch that she was holding and when she landed she threw the piece of metal that she was holding. This wasn't the best idea, seeing as it was her only weapon, but at least it would buy her some time. Anna turned and start to run, pulling out another piece of metal as she was starting into a sprint. Quickly the piece of metal was hidden in front of her, and the only way that it would be seen is if the creature was in front of her. If she had stayed behind just a bit longer she would have noticed that the piece of metal in which she threw at the creature had nearly taken its arm off. In fact, it cut clean through half of the arm for some strange reason.

"Anna! You will pay for this." said the creature. What was with this thing? Anna was running as fast as she could, but soon enough she found out that the creature was faster. There was a flash of red light and a splatter of blood, but Anna knew that what had happened wasn't a trick. She looked down to see a golden blur of a swords blade stabbing out of her stomach; she had been stabbed in the back.

"That's not a nice thing to do." Anna whispered as she walked forward, sliding off of the blade. "That's actually a horrible thing to do, stabbing a running person in the back."

"Next time don't be a coward and the blade won't be in your back, idiot." said the creature, and this made Anna smile. The fact that this creature said the words 'next time' shows that she will live, because the creature doesn't have an actual intent to kill her. Anna spun around and threw the piece of metal. It hit the creature in the stomach, and there was shock in its eyes. It was probably wondering where the piece of metal came from, because it didn't see her holding it before. Anna smiled as she sat down, unable to continue the fight.

"Confused? You thought that I didn't see you whenever I first hit you. I saw that you were in quite a bit of pain, and I also saw the damage. I thought, 'Maybe this metal was a sort of poison to it. Maybe if I hit her with it again she'll be in too much pain to fight back." Anna said, and the creature wasn't moving at all. In fact, it was as though the creature was paralysed. Anna was nearly at the point of laughing when the creature stood up straight and pulled the piece of metal out. In this position, the creature wouldn't have any problems with killing Anna.

"Good fight. I still don't think you're worthy of wielding a weapon like me." said the creature, and Anna's eyes widened as the knowledge of who this creature was filled her mind. She should have know what this place was, what this creature was. The creature isn't something that is plaguing her mind. At least, not entirely. It's her Zanpakuto and it's trying to teach her how to wield it for whenever Anna can gather the energy to actually do it. "I am going to now allow you a sword, and teach you how it can flow from one attack to another without have to stop for a second. Basically, you're going to learn how to dance."

"Oh goody, a monster teaching how to dance." said the strangely rude Anna. "You're a sword?" she asked after her rude little comment. It was as though she was mentally getting younger and younger, constantly making silly or rude comments. The reason she asked if the zanpakuto was a sword was because if she had to wield a sword for first release, then she already knew everything that would come with swinging a blade.

"No." said the zanpakuto, and Anna raised an eyebrow. This confused her quite a bit due to the fact that she would be learning to use a weapon that wasn't the same type of weapon she was learning with. Maybe it was like a sword.

"Are you... Like a sword?" was Anna's next question.


"Do you have a hilt, guard, and blade?"

"Not exactly."

"Do you have a blade at least?"

"Of course! Why wouldn't I have a blade? What do you think I am? A stick? Yes, I have a blade. I'm not going to be some trash wand thing that shoots flames or pokes stuff with ice." said the zanpakuto with a slightly insulted tone. Anna was still confused as to how she was going to learn with a sword, even though the zanpakuto wasn't a sword. She opened her mouth to ask this question, but quickly closed it as she knew that it would be better if they just started with the training. The zanpakuto got ready to fight. Claws were visible and blood was still flowing from Anna's back.

"I still don't have a sword..." Anna said, and there was a sigh. Suddenly from the metal in the ground formed a sword, and Anna raised an eyebrow. She grabbed the hilt and pulled the sword, but found that it was stuck. Anna kept pulling, but the sword never came out. This was puzzling, and before she could try again the zanpakuto rushed at her with a viscous swing of the claws. Anna moved out of the way roughly but with success, and then she remembered what the Zanpakuto said. She was going to have to learn to dance? No, it was merely a useless riddle that says she'll have to learn flow. She walked to the sword and let her hand grab it, but she didn't stop walking and kept her momentum so that the blade would, as planned, slide without a problem. This made Anna smile, and she then spun around without moving a joint in her arm, the speed of her spin lightly lifting up the blade for her as she put the remaining force need to cause it to be at the height of her chest; the moment that it was in position everything about her stopped, and she was side-faced towards the zanpakuto, the blade only inches from its eyes.

"Now let me see how much you can harm with that blade." she said as she swung at Anna. Quickly Anna jumped backwards, and then she jerked forwards but didn't get far. The blade was grabbed by the hands of the zanpakuto, and then Anna was thrown into the tree to her side. She got up and looked at the zanpakuto a smile on her face. She was angry, but so what? Flow, she needed to remember. Flow. She swung her blade at the zanpakuto, and it backed away, but instead of stopping her swing she quickly spun on her leg and pulled herself to gain more momentum, the blade hitting the claws of the creature and bouncing back. Anna didn't stop moving and instead as he arm swung behind her she ducked and spun with a backwards kick aimed for the feet. The zanpakuto jumped back and growled with a slight tinge of what seemed to be a laugh. Anna swiftly brings herself back into a standing position throughout the continuous spin, and she stopped quickly, her knee bent and raised in the stance like a ballerina sometimes takes whenever spinning. Her arms are both extended outwards, and the blade was facing towards the zanpakuto. She would have to use some of the dancing practice from when she was eight in this battle, which was odd, and she wouldn't stop until the zanpakuto decided to yield. It lunged forwards, but Anna put her foot to the ground and put the sword into a defensive style. She waited, anticipating the moment where she'd have to start moving. Suddenly the blades were at her face, but Anna had started moving before that time with a backwards spin to the left, her arm holding the sword suddenly being flung as she lifted her left leg and spun on her right, ending up to the right of the zanpakuto in a still spinning motion. She wouldn't use her left hand unless she were going to fight without flow, and next thing she noticed her blade was in the back of the zanpakuto. She pulled herself towards the zanpakuto using the blades anchored situation to give her a bit of help, and she pulled herself directly towards the zanpakuto kicking the backside of the knee. The zanpakuto's knees buckled and Anna pulled her sword from the back of the zanpakuto.

"Oooow. Good swinging." said the zanpakuto, and she sighed. The zanpakuto knew that it'd have to start moving faster, and suddenly appeared a sword in her now de-clawed hands. She was yet again a normal little girl, but Anna knew that she'd have to be prepared for anything.

This girl, no matter if she is a zanpakuto or not, is very dangerous. She also wouldn't rest until Anna got a better flow, and this meant that Anna would have to learn quite a bit of how to dance with the blade, but Anna will be trying to learn something more than that. She'll be trying to learn what her zanpakuto is, and of course she'd have to figure out what kind of zanpakuto it is...

Even though...

The place seems to be rather...

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Unknown Chaos Within (Part II) (Solo)
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