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 Dancing with swords in the night. (Shikai Release and 1st abbility)

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PostSubject: Dancing with swords in the night. (Shikai Release and 1st abbility)   Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:25 am

It was night time, most of the whole sereitei was allready asleep, even Kaya was. Was being the key word here, as she suddenly woke up, feeling frustrated within her own mind. She could hear voices, uncertain what it had been she gazed around. almost sure it was just something she had heard she was ready to go back to sleep. Though then it called out again, to her atleast. a soft feminene voice, calling her out, but from where? Deciding she couldn't sleep anymore she got up on her feet, putting on her clothes. Next she moved over grabbing hold of her Zanpakuto. "Kaya!" The sudden impact of the voice suddenly becoming extreemly clear to her, made her let go of the swords, jumping two times back her head hitting the wall.

Kaya remained still for a moment listening making sure the bumb haven't woken anyone up. As she had concluded she haven't been heard and if she had the ones who heard didn't care. She took a deep breath, knowing that being scared of this was practicly stupid. She braced herself grabbed hold of her Zanpakuto again, instantly hearing the cries from her Zanpakuto, funny it was only one voice, uncertain what this meant she still took her weapon out to the garden and sat down begining to meditate as she had been taught for years now how to do. First she let herself relax and then went to work on her breath, letting it calm down, feeling the air around her settle. As she finally closed her eyes.

She soon felt the scenery change, the wind on her skin getting warm, the ground under her changing, the safe wod she felt now was being changed to rocky stones, even so it wasn't unpleasant. She opened her eyes satting ahead she saw a beautiful decorated house, behind it clear blue sky and soft white clouds. She got up on her feet looking around, suddenly noticing at each side the rocky mountain just stopped, it wasn't before she looked behind herself she noticed why. Behind her she could see the ground, she shaked her head placing her feet firmly on the ground remember what she had been taught. This was her inner world, the world would suit her needs, she would only fall down if she thought she would, like a dream.

Kaya luckly was able to keep her cool, while she then start to move forward, heading for the house. She slowly opened the door as she looked ahead, seeing a magnificent sight, this place wasnt like outdoors look on it. it was one huge room, bigger than she thought it'd be and it was like she felt led on to proceed down the long room, untill she was standing before this dark blue veil. and is that, a tail? She pondered for a moment as her line of thought was interrupted. "So finally my voices reached you Kaya" The veil slowly drifted to the sides, where Kaya's eyes widened. A beautiful woman wearing beautiful clothes, sitting on a luxurius bed, at her back a white dragon, who's lying down relaxing. "Sorry to have disturbed you this evening, I'm Hakuryuu Kisaki your..." Kaya was quick to interrupt. "Zanpakuto..." The dragon rose up, as the woman smiled with a gentle nod.

The woman was quic to follow up, while the dragon slowly drifted forward. "I wont keep you here for longer, you have your sleep you need, but now you know how to call upon our help when you need it... in the end let me atleast give you a parting gift..." She smirked softly while the dragon beared it fangs and then let fire burst our from its mouth shording Kaya's body in holy flames, bestowing new wisdom and powers to the girl, as she was then falling out of this dream world and back to her own. She opened her eyes breathless sitting quiet for a few moments before smilling and heading back to sleep.
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Dancing with swords in the night. (Shikai Release and 1st abbility)
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