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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Unknown Chaos Within (Part I) (Solo)

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PostSubject: Unknown Chaos Within (Part I) (Solo)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:01 pm

Anna had just gone to sleep in the forests of rukongai, and currently she was slowly walking amongst her ever-changing forest, but every area had a similarity that could not go unknown. The wood of the forest was always a dark brown, and there were many sharp slabs of metal sticking out of the ground; each metallic item had a red colour to them that varied from dim to bright. The light reflecting off of them scattered amongst the forest in order to give it a chaotically hellish gloom; it didn't help that there weren't any leaves. The red of Anna's head simply added on to this interestingly lacking forest; this brought to the attention that there was no direct light source, but there was still a vast amount of light throughout the eerie forest. Anna continued her walk amongst this strange place with a smile and silence. It was actually quite peaceful. There wasn't a noise to interrupt her thoughts and everything in the area gave her mind something to have interest in, and to be preoccupied by. A wonderful place and a peaceful moment, but what she saw past the next tree brought her to a halt.

"Took you long enough... Anna." said a voice she knew too well now, and something about her was different than last time. There was something about her that was hard to notice at first, but very distinct: glowing red veins, and Anna quickly backed away from this sight. When Sinthia stood up tall with claws in the shape of scythe blades Anna tripped. Sinthia walked forwards with her long arms scraping against the ground, but what Anna was most paying attention to was structure of bone intertwining to create the arm; it was as though somebody took a completely charred black bone, braided it together with others like it, and then let the result slowly close gaps and merge together. This was a sight that was clearly shocking to Anna, and Sinthia just laughed with her insanity. What was it that scared Anna? Was it the mutilation of this person in whom she thought she knew well, but didn't know at all? Anna stared into what was, in all actuality, the eyes of her Zanpakuto's spirit. The eyes were purely black with a kind of scratched on red; the spirit that had taken the form of Sinthia smiled with joy of this fear she saw, and Anna would see that her teeth are pointed and covered in blood. Anna quickly kicked herself up and ran away as fast as possible, a frightening creature that seemed to scare her in a slightly dramatic way; a deathly torture that was impossibly fast in her mind, but that was all this was: imagination. Anna closed her mind, and imagined that the world around her would disappear forever, and then opened her eyes again. What she saw was the exact thing she saw before coming up with a new imagination.

"Where? Where am I and why can't I leave?" Anna asked as she pinched herself; this was a trick that she learned to do when she was alive, and it was more so of a lucid dreaming escape tactic. Anna noticed that she didn't wake, and this annoyed her. She did it again in hopes that it'd work, but yet again it was a failure. Anna was staring at the creature before her with a fear that she had never felt before. What if she couldn't leave, ever? What if this creature was trying to kill her, and this was real? What is going to happen to her? All of these questions passed the mind of Anna, but she answered them all quickly with a quick and simple answer: it won't happen. Anna ran towards the creature, and then kicked upwards. She went to grab for her blade but found that she had none. The creature was gone from the area in which Anna kicked in less than a heartbeat; this left Anna in a position of shock and confusion. What just happened was an impeccable shunpo, something that Anna didn't see often at her current level. After spinning around to face her target she feels the cold hard palm of the creature's hand slapping her in the shoulder; the amount of force put behind this swing was enough to dislocate Anna's shoulder and knock her off the ground. Anna quickly bit her lip as she braced for impact into a nearby tree; the result of impact for Anna has previously lead to a great amount of pain and many fractures, but is also the cause of most of her damage. She slammed against the tree with force, dislocating her other shoulder; she was unable to stop herself from screaming out in pain, and she quickly thought back to her medical knowledge. From what she could tell there weren't any damaged nerves, and the only bleeding that was happening came from the claws of the creature. Anna stood up and knocked her shoulder back into the tree causing it to be pushed back into relocation, she cried out in pain as she pushed her other shoulder back into place. Anna looked into the eyes once again, and watched as the thing lifted its arms to attack, watched as the thing was ready to kill. This scared Anna in a very low tone, but then the creature spoke.

"Where you are is for you to figure out, and not for me to tell. That, and I shall not let you leave unless you can find the exit." said the creature. It watched Anna, and it smiled with a slight whistle. What was stopping this creature from attacking her? “You are a girl with a horrible past, and before you die you must know exactly what you've been through, and relive all of this now! Remember it all, everything that ever happened to you, everything that ever happened to your sister! You burned alive? Hah! Your sister was bullied by everybody forever, and her red flowing hair that you shared with her wasn't enough to hide the blood from your mind. You remember everything, don’t you? You remember the whole event!”

“Shut UP!” Anna screamed, and the creature was right, she did remember everything; she remembered that moment especially. When she awoke at night she heard a knocking at her door, and this motivated her to get up and walk over to the door. Who she saw shocked her because it was her sister. Her sister was incredibly lucky to still be alive after her being beaten, another horrible incident. They were only eighteen, and Anna was happy to see her sister; she was happy to know that she was still okay. Something, however, still worried Anna. Suddenly there was gunfire, and a bullet fired directly through the head of Anna’s sister. The resulting explosion of blood splattered the floor, and the bone in which was a skull scattered the area; there wasn't much to call a brain other than the pink mess in which painted the walls. Anna saw all of this in her mind, and remembered fainting next. This memory passed through her mind quickly, but it left Anna to tears. Before she could stop herself she remembered the night in which Anna’s sister was brutally beaten, and she remembered that she was the witness, that she was the one who called. This was something that she didn't want to tell anybody, and she got somebody she knew to erase the call file from the records before it could get out. All Anna could really remember was her sister being beaten. She heard every crunch of every bone, and she saw every ounce of blood that flowed from her. It was horrible that she didn't help, and this filled Anna with rage. Why didn't she help her? She could have stopped it from happening completely! Anna’s mind cleared yet again, but the emotions stayed as she started to see everything she could have done, everything that was inevitable, and everything she denied to let go of. There was a slight stumble as Anna got up, her emotions unable to discern themselves from the other. Anna then remembered the countless times her sister was bullied; she remembered the suicide attempts and the fighting at school. It infuriated her to see how much pain somebody could go through just because they were different, or just because they were disabled. She then remembered the day she died again, the burning of her body and how she awoke. She didn't even know if they gave her a burial or if they just left her, she always just guessed. All she could truly remember was the face of triumph that she saw on each person; the burning of fire on her flesh that frightened her. Her mind cleared to see the red, and fear was suddenly mingled into the mixture of emotions. Everything that she lived for was ended early, and then her life was ended not too long after. It was clearly eating her away from the inside, because she always had mad hallucinations of other people. Now she saw the truth; now she saw that she was worthless. The creature knew that Anna was almost broken, and there was only a few more key ingredients to what it was trying to achieve.

“Now, what about that kid you killed in the forest? Do you remember him?” said the creature, and it sounded like laughter at the end of the question. Anna jumped up with rage, and stopped before her eyes widened; she wasn't being herself, she was being somebody completely different! This was rage and hatred she was fighting out of, and it wasn't to help her or anybody else in any way. She was following her base instincts, and that is also what she did when fighting against the bandits. When she killed the kid, all she could do was follow her instinct of survival and coming out on top; she became a creature just like this thing in front of her, but becoming a creature rather slowly and not by will.

The thought of losing her sanity finished the play, and Anna screamed and fought with herself; she fought her mind’s desire of wrath. She wanted to continue with everything she had currently, but she was broken by the thoughts of everything she has been through already; she was contemplating whether or not it was worth it to keep going. That wasn't even everything, either; it was merely a small portion of horrid events. Anna knew that this wouldn't be the last of events to happen, and that being tied in with the Gotei 13 was probably something that'd have many problems in the future. They didn't know that her true motives were to kill a member of Gotei 13; there was a captain in which was an obstacle for her success, a captain that she was far behind yet quickly gaining ground on. The creature lifted its arm and swung down. Anna started to laugh with insanity; she couldn't handle this amount of emotion this quickly, and with this magnitude of meaning. Every other time it was in a small portion or had one set meaning that would go through her mind; she can deal with one thing at a time by following the flow in which the world created. However, with this ridiculous creature pushing all of her buttons and her lack of ability to deal with problems... She just lost it.

“You IDIOT!” Anna yelled, and she quickly jumped to the side of the attack, a smile on her face, and a new gleam in her eyes. The creature knew that she was pissed off and knew that this change was what it was aiming for; this change was the only way that Anna could actually fight at her best. Quickly she stepped back and readied herself for an incoming attack. It was as though she were refreshed, as though she let go of a lot of troubles.

It was as though she were a new person.
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Unknown Chaos Within (Part I) (Solo)
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