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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Some random thoughts

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PostSubject: Some random thoughts   Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:44 pm

So as said; I'd think I'll post some thoughts. I spent some time looking for my notes. Then even more time trying to decipher said notes. I tend to write in a short hand even I have trouble understanding. Why do I do that? Not sure, perhaps just laziness. Anyway let's see. I like the Moderated story section. It's a good idea for the most part. While it's fun to RP all over the place a narrated story by the mods would be interesting/cool. On that note it would either require a main storyline or just structured stories from the moderators. So a central story is needed or at least people need to come up with something they want to do. Most people have things planned out like that DM had his own story arc; he became a fugitive and then cleared his name. Marly had one as well; exiled (banished? Sorry memory fuzzy) Sal's character was an outcast from the start iirc, but he was facing a unique foe. All their stories had interesting themes that drew others in and sometimes allowed others to participate. So active story is a must, but that also means active mods. One requires the other.

System wise I can't really think what is best. No one wants something too rigid, but needs to firm/solidify the characters. Everyone is super-powered, but everyone is unique. One guy can be fast, another can be strong, and even another can be more adept at kido. I detest those MMORPG where every race plays the same. Each race should be different enough you don't just see the difference you feel the difference. Our older system did work, but we had many that invested into the "speed demon" mindset. More speed means you can't touch me. Course with shunpo similar results can be found. None the less simple should be best. Numbers, grades, or whatever to show ones proficiency. I'm an old D&D player so I'm okay with stats/attribute points. It works. At times when I made stories I had a dice roller open to figure out how some battles would play out. Ask DM about my coin flips :p I like the random aspect. Nothing it absolute, there's some degree of failure. I'm all about balance. Give and take, add more lose some. Avoid the OP people rather a pseudo sense of power, but weakness due to over specialization. A guy that uses fire is weak against water.

Lastly Bleach itself. Still love the series although I'm quite behind. I read through Naruto a few months ago, but haven't caught up with Bleach once again. I honestly forgot where I stopped, so not sure what edits to the characters/system.I might glance at the wiki, but overall I don't remember anything big other than our hero's heritage. Translating such things into the game system might be a task. Everyone wants to play the hero. Some focus on the more weaker character types; Humans (quincy included), Bount (poor filler arc characters), and to some extent Hollows. Compared to Shinigami, those groups had the lower player/population count. Not many people wanted to take on those types. So they lack some appeal.

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PostSubject: Re: Some random thoughts   Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:00 am

Interesting thoughts

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Some random thoughts
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