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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Within The Rourke Industries (Anthony)

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Lirit Dimitrios


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PostSubject: Within The Rourke Industries (Anthony)   Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:28 am

Walking the streets of Karakura Town at night was such a scene change to Lirit she almost forgot what it was like to be in such a busy city. People flooded the street and the Japanese night life was thriving. Signs were lit up and restaurants were busy as ever. The smells and sounds filled the air and enticed her appetite as she heard her stomach beginning to argue with her. She rubbed her belly softly with a smirk looking down at it before looking around at any given sign of an easy steal or an easy meal.

A couple of hours past she watch the young crowds go by trying to find and pick out an target for her pit-pocketing skills but she gave up on that and followed her hearing to a market. A smile graced her face as she saw all the food and fruit but she search mostly for her all time favorite food, peaches. She walked passed the stales eyeing the produces looking for fuzzy yellow, orange-y peaches. It wasn't long till she found a stand that the end of the market that had only a few left. "Персики! Это было бы легко украсть.” Lirit said out loud as she looked at the other produce as she fiddled with her hair. "Теперь, я могу отвлечь продавца и заставить их отвернуться ... " Lirit said and she looked around for an escape route just encase she were to get caught.

Lirit walked around the street till she saw a back ally that had a straight view to a skyscraper with bold bright lettering on the side that stated "Rourke Industries ". "If I could steal a few pieces of hardware, I could make a good payday.... hmmm or maybe I can make it out with some cash." Lirit thought as she looked at the tall building in awe. She grinned from ear to ear thinking about what she could make stealing from here and she giggled to herself. She turned back to the market where the seller started looking around for maybe a lost customer before closing up shop. When he saw no one close by he turned to the back to gather something, and Lirit smiled as sprinted to the stand. She put the flap of her bag on her mouth and started to shove the peaches into her bag as well as a few other things before she spit out the flap and ran off. The merchant threw a wooden crate at her as she turned off into the ally and straight to the massive building. "Back entrance. Back entrance!" she yelled to herself as she circled the building to be relieved to find a heavy duty door with no one insight.

"Tonight should be an interesting one at that." Lirit said to herself and she pulled a couple of needles out from her bracelet and started to pick the lock.
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Anthony Rourke


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PostSubject: Re: Within The Rourke Industries (Anthony)   Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:09 pm

Anthony was spending his time in his lap meddling with a few new ideas being a total boy with his oys so to speak. Even if he had now been placed in a high class society, he still enjoyed to play old school style working hard in the lab/garage thingie, with tech far beyond what a normal person could play around with He had been in there since noon, having lost track of time a while ago. It wasn't like he had anything he needed to do except perhaps eat and rest. Luckily he wasn't alone, or he was but he knew he tend to forgot such things that was necceary for survival luckily his creativity also helped him out there as the all too familiar voice sounded in the lab. "Sir... I beleive it would be wise for you to take a break and get something to eat" anthony was silent for a few moments while he finnished up the last few buckles and trailed from the invention with a soft sigh. "I guess you're right" As if Zelia the AI had planned it, as he went up stairs he could snatch a nice big slice of pizza while walking over to the monitors.

On the screens was a good observation of both visial and his own invention the spiritual presure scouter letting him know when someone extraordinary popped up, or got close. Something interesting came up, the alarms setting off almost instantly upon her entrance. The backentrance was a locked off door, pretty simple lock yet she didn't need to do much, as he then shut down the protection from simple lock picks, the door was a fail safe plan should the system shut down in his building But when there was power whe it was one of the keys activating the lock it would send voltage to the "attacker" but he didn't want that, not this time. He was also quick to shut down the alarm, the secrurity was tight and if he didn't cut them off they would try to aprehend her, though that might just cause damage to the building, no to mention his staff. After that was done he munched down some more pizza while entering the elevator. He smiled softly, opening up his blue holo screen to keep some attention as to where this girl intended to go, after all it would be hard to "run in" to her if he didn't know where she was heading. "Question is... What kind of extraordinary person is it this time..." He scuffed lightly, munching down alittle more, he had by now met both Shinigami superhumans and quincies... so far he had some trouble disstinquishing between Quincy and Superhuman sensor wise, so he was currious.
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Within The Rourke Industries (Anthony)
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