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 Like a leaf on the wind(solo)

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Acun Tenshi

Acun Tenshi

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Like a leaf on the wind(solo) Empty
PostSubject: Like a leaf on the wind(solo)   Like a leaf on the wind(solo) I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2012 11:57 pm

Acun whirled around, her katana, a razor sharp instrument of death, attempting to cut her opponents leg. Tami countered, her own katana blocking the strike, and slashing downward at Acun, Acun followed her own strike, spinning into a kick that hit Tami’s hands, knocking the blow out of the way, opening up the opportunity for Acun to slash at Tami’s chest. Acun made the strike, and Tami disappeared, her reiatsu traveled behind Acun, and Acun rolled forward, turning and facing Tami, both stood, ready to repeat the sequence. Tami and Acun had each other figured out, Tami was good, but had predictable patterns of attack, which allowed Acun, a much slower person, to anticipate her attacks.

Not that Tami could help it, after sparring for nearly two years, they could fight each other to a standstill, but Acun was getting stronger. Each day pushed her further, and her techiniques gave her a much better chance than the little girl who fought with Tami on almost two years ago. If Tami fights to her full potential, she can still beat Acun, her speed blazing past any defense that Acun would have.

Suprisingly though, Acun could feel herself get stronger, her muscles were toned, a slender, athletic body was beneath her kimono. She had learned so much about shinigami, the undead soul reapers that were the forefront of all spiritual beings, the next, being hollows, the ones that Shinigami hunted. Hollows were just like normal souls, except that they had been corrupted. Shinigami purified them. Humans had to be careful about killing hollows, because then shinigami hunted them. But this was all just practice, Her ‘siblings’ were going to be evaluated today, a non-lethal combat situation to determine the relative strength of each agent.

Acun was to start her matches the day after tomorrow, and she was excited, she had LEARNED so much, about culture, how to fight, but more importantly, she knew how to live, like live, and not be a tool of the agency. Surely that would lead to her being a better agent, but Tami didn’t seem to live completely under the agencies boot.

Tami was drenched in sweat, her hair hanging free, and Acun looked much the same, except that her hair was tied up into a ponytail. Both of them had a strange grin on their face, it was the day for Acun to beat Tami, hopefully she wouldn’t disappoint.

Acun thrust her open palm forward, a rush of energy burst forward, Tami as always, flashstepped sideways, the crystal crashing to the ground as it hit the far wall. Acun rushed forward, a dagger forming in her off hand as she charged, throwing it at Tami, a new trick to try, and Acun detonated it before Tami was able to dodge, knocking her off balance, and allowing Acun to engage in close combat. Leading with a draw stroke, their swords collided, the force behind Tami’s blade was superior, but Acun angled her blade so that it slid off, already off balance it left Tami truly open, and Acun took the opportunity, kneeing Tami in the stomache, and lowering her blade to Tami’s exposed neck.

“Alright!” Tami said, submissively. The tone of defeat was strange coming from her… Then she disappeared, and then appeared, “Shit!”, a word Acun wasn’t supposed to use, but it was the word crossing her mind as she was clocked in the head by a massive kick from Tami, knocking Acun unconscious.
-Dreaming of a Flashback-
Tami whirled, a kendo sword in hand, battering Acun yet again. Acun was getting more than frustrated, ever since the day began, she had been practicing this stupid combat, and had just been beat up all day long. This damned teacher wouldn’t let her use a sword, so she was helpless to the little harassment that she was subject to. The repeated whacks of the sword were starting to hurt, and Tami using the teleport ability seemed unfair. Only a week into the training too, God damn this woman, DAMN HER!!!

With a yell Acun released her anger, channeling it through her palms and into a surge of spiritual energy at Tami a white beam fired, hitting the afterimage of Tami, and crystallizing after the shot finished, sticking to the wall, and Acun’s hands. Frustrated at being stuck by her own doing, she yelled again, releasing the same type of energy through her palms, but this time to an entirely different effect. The crystal exploded, her hands being burnt instantly, and being blown back from where she was before.

When she arrived to training the next day, her hands bandaged extensively, she was out of the question for kendo training. “Alright Acun, I want you to replicate what you did yesterday.”

Acun was confused, all she did was fail at crafting, the beam wasn’t useful for much, was it?

“Alright, now you can do this right, this time, without getting your hands stuck?”

Acun replied, nervously, “Umm, sure?” she tried again, and a line of jagged crystal slowly grew from just off of her palms, but it was batted to the ground by Tami almost instantly, “No no no no no! You have to be explosive! It has to be fast, fast like yesterday!”

Acun tried to channel the rage from yesterday, but to no avail, she could only make the slow crawl of crystal.

“Acun, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with you, you need to build up some energy before firing it, its not just going to be explosive by pushing it out of your hands.”

Acun tried to move the energy into her palms, but not exerting it, slowly it built up, the energy began to hurt, so she let it out, a small beam shooting out, of her hands, much to her surprise, and once it hit the wall, it crystallized. ‘Like that?’ Acun asked, eager for the praise that had come in the days before this training had begun. ‘It’s a start’…

-Present Day-

Acun woke up, a pounding headache accompanied her sudden return to consciousness, Tami was calmly standing in the middle of the dojo, ready to continue the sparring…
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Like a leaf on the wind(solo)
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