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 A Face to Look up to, A Dream to Turn the Gazes Down ((Solo))

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Kaoseu Enjel


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PostSubject: A Face to Look up to, A Dream to Turn the Gazes Down ((Solo))   Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:20 am

The day had been slow, to the point it felt as if it would never end. He'd faced every member of his new squad in spars and battles all week, each one of them hoping to eradicate the newcomer he was. They hated him, despised everything he stood for. And to think he'd one day be their captain... Kaoseu sighed and let his head fall in his desk with a loud clunk. He blew his breath from between his barely parted lips and sighed.

"If you don't get yer lazy ass up an' take some initiative, yer done for in their eyes." said the voice of his Zanpakuto, Shirokuro. Kaoseu grumbled, but knew his Zanpakuto was right. He built up his resolve and stood up, strapping both Zanpakuto to his hips and cracking his neck. He marched into the corridor and loosed every bit of his Reiatsu into the barracks. He walked down the corridor, kicking open doors and giving orders to meet in the dining hall, stat. He scoured the entire compound that was the 7th squad and satisfied he had gotten everyone, he marched to the dining hall and did a quick head count. Everyone was in attendance and accounted for. Kaoseu capped his Reiatsu and silently walked to the front of the hall, then up a flight of stairs to an elevated platform that had obviously been previously used by their last captain, due to the looks of seething hatred he received from most members of the squad. All eyes were on him, and Kaoseu waited for the noise to die down before he addressed all his gathered squad mates.

"As all of you know by now, I am Kaoseu Enjel. I am the senior commander of Squad 7, and with all intentions of becoming the captain of this squad. I know all of you feel as if I am not fit to be the commanding officer, or even to be part of your squad, but that's not the way I see it. All of you may view me as a novice and a rookie, and I agree with you. Compared to many of the other present Shinigami, I do not deserve this post at all. But I have it, and I will do my best to maintain it and honor each and every one of you. I'll die before I let any one of you fall, whether it be from grace or in battle. You may all hate me, but even now, I love this squad, and know it is my own. I cannot make you accept me. I wouldn't if I could. But I will tell you, you haven't much choice. From this day forward, you are all equals, as am I. Do not think of me as your commanding officer or your future captain. View me as another member squad 7. In time, we will come to accept each other. For now, let us cease this folly and come together. Squad 7 is strong. WE are strong. We will rise from obscurity and we make ourselves known throughout Seireitei. But to do that, we must have a leader. Please, allow me to lead us from the darkness and into the light."

There was utter silence following his words. Tension bubbled into the air. The looks of hatred had all faded, but there was now a look of apprehension and nervous glancing. Kaoseu felt his words sinking out of sight, and just when they were about to be capped, a lone clap emanated from the center of the crowd. It echoed in another portion of the crowd, a light peppering of claps from random individuals at random intervals. Then, like a wave, it rushed throughout the entire crowd, a chorus of clapping and hoots and hollers. There was a smile on everyone's face and a feeling of mutual respect between everyone. With words and a solid resolve, Kaoseu had broken their cycle of disobedience and dislike. He stepped down from the platform to join in the festive atmosphere.

He was received as if he were already captain from then on. only a few days had passed since his rally, and already things were changing. Kaoseu had organized everything throughout the barracks, set up specific schedules for specific duties, and even began adding a new wing. Things were looking up, and Kaoseu had almost forgotten about his previous encounter with the Vizard woman and the mysterious figure in his dream state, until that night.

It had been a rough day. Kaoseu had broken up a fight between 7th squad and 5th squad, finished the pool area (the new wing he had been working on) and then worked throughout the day on fixing up the barracks. By the time he got to bed that night, he was hardly able to move. Everything was sore and overworked and to lay in his bed was a blessing. He drifted off to sleep without a hint of restraint. Just as soon as his vision went black, light enveloped him again. He knew before he even looked around he was in his mindscape. Except something was off.

There was color. It was everywhere. It was like everything was normal, but with even more vivid color. The world was still divided in halves, and all the colors were still inverted from one half to the other. Kaoseu was utterly confused. He was even more confused when he caught sight of Black and White. They weren't as they used to be.

White's New Look

Black's New Look

Kaoseu was thoroughly shocked. obviously he had never seen his Zanpakutou truly before. He felt almost ashamed that he was just now witnessing them in their full glory. They were both much more than he ever thought they'd be, and then some. He would have marveled at them in an entirety, until he felt the other presence. His eyes snapped up and he caught sight of an ominous figure, the same one that had previously worn a hood. Now, Kaoseu could see it in an entirety, and suddenly White and Black were gone and there was only a blur of movement around the figure.

Mysterious Figure

Within 3 seconds, White was sailing through the air, crashing into the ceiling of Black's half of the world. Black was held to the side by the scruff of his neck, his hands grasping feebly at the mysterious figure whos hand seemed to be barely clasped around Black's throat. The figure laughed once, a wicked laugh that sounded like multiple people laughing from one body. Then, slowly, the figure looked up, directly into Kaoseu's face. Kaoseu didn't even blink, and still missed the figure disappearing, only for it to reappear directly in front of him, arm pulled back, ready to release apowerful blow.

"Kaoseu! Leave here! NOW!" screamed Black. Kaoseu had barely any time to react. He had no way of knowing how to wake up. He had no way to get out of the way. This was his end. To be killed by a force he didn't even know. He got a look at the figures face and started, a jolt running through his entire body.

He sat up screaming in his bed, hands clutching at the blankets, a cold sweat drenching his quivering form. Kaoseu did something then he'd never let anyone else see in an eternity. He began to cry. He didn't fight it, didn't even try to wipe away the tears. He let them flow until he could no longer cry, and then he sobbed until his throat was raw. He was up for hours after, silent, unblinking, eyes locked on the ceiling. He was chilled to the bone. The figure he'd seen... He didn't even want to think about it. It confirmed all his worst fears. He knew now the Vizard woman was right, and this just went to prove it. He shuddered again as he closed his eyes, though they didn't stay shut for long. He kept seeing that figure, those abnormal eyes, those eerie features. The face kept reappearing and it terrified him. A face of evil, of cruel intentions. A face that would be feared by even the hardiest of warriors. his face.
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A Face to Look up to, A Dream to Turn the Gazes Down ((Solo))
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