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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 The red killer

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PostSubject: The red killer   Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:09 pm

(Kido mastery please and thanks judges)

Hanzo was on top a large lying down and watching the birds flying above him. He was thinking about that cero that hollow had done several days ago. “If he could do it I don’t see why I couldn’t and if I mastered it id be able to eat a lot more hollows” as he said this he got up and looked down at the ground below him. “I wonder how you use a cero……I bet I can a find a hollow who knows how and force him to teach me” he said laughing some on the thought of how strong he would be after he learned and mastered the technique called cero. He stopped laughing and looked down at the ground to see two hollow running from a small group of men in black and white robes “Wonder if either one of those two know how to use a cero “well I’ll kill and eat the people following them and then find out” he said as he jumped off from the building. The two hollow running from the group speeded up and made some distance between them and the people who were chasing them as Hanzo landed in the space they had made. “What the hollow great” one of the men in the black robe said drawing his sword and pointing it at Hanzo’s ribs, then charging at him. Hanzo looked at him and smirked grabbing him and lifting him the air squeezing him tightly “I don’t know what or who you are but you look pretty tasty” he said as he opened his mouth and threw the man into his mouth, swallowing him whole.

Hanzo rubbed his stomach as he felt himself get stronger “Man I was rite he was tasty now to eat the rest of you” Hanzo said as he looked at them their swords already drawn. The two other hollow looked at each other and then at Hanzo when one of them said “Why……….why are you a fellow hollow helping us” they said as they stopped running and turned around to look at Hanzo. Hanzo didn’t answer them as the men in black robes began to attack him all together as a group and from what he could tell there was a total of five of them. One of them slashed their sword into Hanzo right shoulder. With his left hand he punched them in the ribs sending him flying into the wall beside them as a red aura surrounded his left hand “What the………..” he then held out his hand to show it to the two hollows behind him “Do either of you two know what this aura is”. One of them looked at it closely “that’s a bala fire at the soul reapers like bullet do it now”. Hanzo didn’t know if they were telling the truth or not but he had no reason to think they were lying, so Hanzo pulled his left arm and then shot it forward as the aura shoot off his hand in the form of a small round red bullet that landed in front of the group of shinigami causing a large cloud of dust to surrounded Hanzo and everyone there in the area.

As the dust cleared Hanzo saw that all of the shinigami seemed dead so he turned around and saw the two hollows behind him on the ground backing away in terror “Your…….your not a normal hollow I don’t know what you are but were not going to stay and find out” he said as he and the other hollow got up, turning around and began to run away when Hanzo grabbed both their heads and threw them both into a wall next to him. He then grabbed their neck so they couldn’t move as he checked them out. The one that had talked was semi tall and muscular while the other was the same height but had a more famine frame “You two are you twins or something” he asked them both as the boy shook his head in a yes motion “Yeah we are what do you plan on doing with us” he asked as Hanzo let go of their necks. “Do you know how to use a cero and any more hollow techniques” he asked pushing on their shoulders, making them sit as he did the same. The twin hollows looked at each other and then at Hanzo as the girl began to talk “Yes I do first you concentrate our sprit energy in front of your mouth and then fire it at whatever your aiming at” she said as she looked over at the shinigami to see two of them get up. “This would be a perfect time to try it out since two of them are still alive” as she said this Hanzo stood up and turned looking at them “I think you rite” he said as he opened his mouth. As he opened his mouth he began to do what the girl had said concentrating his sprite energy in front of his mouth as a large red ball began to form in front of it. After a short a while the two shinigami that were alive noticed what Hanzo was doing “He’s charging a cero we got to run now” one of them said as they both turned to run but it was to late as the cero Hanzo was charging had finished and launched it’s self hitting the shinigami and eliminating them completely. “Oh man that only lives three bodies left” he said turning to look at the twin hollows “Alright wither you two like it or not from now on we are allies so grab a body and start eating it I refuse to work with weak losers” he said as they got up and began to eat two of the shinigami as Hanzo joined them eating the one they didn’t go after.

(in my futher posts i will be inculding the twin hollows my chracter has just meet)
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PostSubject: Re: The red killer   Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:03 am

+2 kidou
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The red killer
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