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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Transformation to Adjuchas/Vasto Lorde/Arrancar

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Niiro Sekkou


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PostSubject: Transformation to Adjuchas/Vasto Lorde/Arrancar   Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:44 pm

ooc: since i don't wanna clog up the forum with multiple threads, i'll be using this same thread to further Sekkou's transformations when i reach the required stat point levels

Sekkou and his companions swayed along with their fellow Gillians in a gorge in the Menos forest. They were all consuming their fellow Gillians, having become quite good at it from practice. Sekkou felt as if he was so close to attaining his goal, and so was attacking with frenzied speed, always going for the masks of the Gillians he attacked. The next Gillian he bit into had to be at least the hundredth one he had attacked today. As he absorbed its essence, he suddenly felt himself grow hot. Impossibly hot, it felt as if every square centimeter of his body was burning with the heat of a thousand suns.

Sekkou opened his mouth and screamed. He was dimly aware of his companions doing the same around him. He felt as if he was on fire. "GAAAAAARRRGH!" Sekkou seemed to be wreathed in blue flame. No, it was not flame, it was reiatsu. Sekkou screamed again as he felt a new pain assault his senses. He felt as if he was trapped in a suit of armor, and this suit of armor was white-hot, and not only that, but kept shrinking smaller and smaller, crushing him down to its shape.

Sekkou was shrinking, falling to the ground. He saw the ground come closer and closer. His white hands, no, they were claws now, touched the dirt. They pulsed with blue fire, his reiatsu. Sekkou screamed again, his transformation was far from over. Now he felt as if his skin was being torn off in great sheets, as if he was some kind of reptile and was molting in the most painful way possible. It looked like his black skin was literally being burned off by his own reiatsu, and in essence, that was what was happening.

Sekkou screamed again as he felt intense stabbing pain as he felt the last of the blackness burn away. The pain was replaced by an itchy feeling, as if skin was growing back. The pain was receding. Sekkou opened his bright blue eyes. He stood and examined his new body. Sekkou grinned. It pleased him.

New Physical Appearance as an Adjuchas: Sekkou is pure white and black except for his eyes, which are blue. He looks like an oversized humanoid chameleon with a long tail that looks like it is made like a rope, that is, twine wrapped around and around itself for added strength. It is whiplike, and appears to be both prehensile and pointed. He has sharp tearing teeth and equally sharp claws on both his hands and feet. Sekkou now stands about 10 feet tall when fully upright.

Appearances of his companions:

Sogekihei Suniparu: Also pure black and white like Sekkou. He is completely transformed, and does not have a humanoid shape. Like Grimmjow's Adjuchas form, he resembles an animal. Sogekihei looks like an oversized golden eagle, with a wingspan of about 21 ft, three times the size of a normal golden eagle.

Teisatsu Sukauto: Also pure black and white. Looks like an oversize pronghorn antelope with Hollow jaws. Bulging muscle around the legs. The horns look deadly sharp. He is also three times the size of a normal antelope.

Bakuhatsu Demō: Also pure black and white. Looks like a spider that is approximately 8 ft across. Ironically, he still only has one eye. Each of his legs looks to be pointed and extremely dangerous, as do his jaws.

Kougakusha Enjinia: Also pure black and white. Looks like a rhino beetle that has six spherical pods on its back.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformation to Adjuchas/Vasto Lorde/Arrancar   Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:02 pm

erm okay Very Happy
approved and congratulations on your new rank of
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Niiro Sekkou


Number of posts : 217
Age : 26
quote : It is not enough to win. Others must fail.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformation to Adjuchas/Vasto Lorde/Arrancar   Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:39 pm

Sekkou and his companions weren’t sure why, but as of late, they had all been feeling a slight tugging in their abdomens, and this tugging was exactly the same for all of them. They felt as if they were being drawn towards something, something deep within the bowels of the Menos Forest. Well, a slight tug is what it used to be. Now it was more like they were pieces of iron, and a giant magnet was hidden deep within the Forest, drawing them towards it, at least in terms of attraction.

Sekkou acknowledged the tug, even welcomed it. He was certain that within the depths of the forest was the promise of greater power. It was instinctual, he was sure of it, and this instinct would bring him and his fellows to more power. They trudged through the forest sleeplessly- for some reason they each felt as if they could not stop, they would simply keep going or die trying. The forest’s trees became closer and closer together as they continued through it, and somehow the darkness seemed more palpable here. As if it was an actual living thing- as if tendrils of it could reach out and strangle anyone who was not worthy of life as a Hollow.

Sekkou’s tongue flicked out excitedly. The instinctual tug inside him told him whatever it was they were searching for…was close. He felt fatigue, but also excitement. Something told him it was foolhardy to rush in while tired- but he thought it more so to rest. And besides…the instinct told him it was right to charge in and meet the desire head on. Cobwebs of blackness seemed to brush against all their faces, and then…

Sekkou felt a phantom pain in his Hollow hole, and judging from the gasps of pain coming from his companions, he guessed that they too were also struck suddenly with the pain. At first it was just a surprising, dull ache, but it was quickly growing in intensity. He felt like it was growing, and then shrinking, felt the muscles around it spasm and contract. It seemed to grow extremely hot, and then extremely cold. Sekkou opened his mouth in a silent scream.

The agony was beyond anything he had ever felt before. And he was blind from the darkness; he had no idea what was causing the pain. His right claw slid down the front of his scaly body to his Hollow hole (positioned in the center of his chest, if I haven’t mentioned this before) and he was surprised to feel what felt like blood. He dipped his claws into it and brought it to his tongue. It *was* blood.

Sekkou gasped and fell to his knees as pain seemed to radiate out from his Hollow hole. It made his limbs weak, made his head spin, made his very mind, his soul, his essence burn. “RAAARGH!!!!” he screamed uncontrollably in a hoarse cacophony with his fellow Hollows. The sensation of pain was increasing tenfold every second that passed, and Sekkou screamed again. More blood seemed to be flowing from his Hollow hole, but strangely…not only did it drip down his body, but it flowed up as well. His blood was flowing out of his Hollow hole and covering every square inch of his body. He felt the hot liquid enter his eyes from below, felt it caress the tip of his tail, almost lovingly.

It was dark. There was pain. That was all there was to the world. Sekkou did not know if he was unconscious, or if he was still cognizant. Never before had he felt such pain. And yet, he felt as if he had yet to reach a climax. Sekkou could feel that something bigger was coming. He could feel it. The slickness of the blood- it wasn’t drying. In fact, it seemed to be…vibrating? No…bubbling, boiling on the surface of his skin. And Sekkou screamed as a new surge of untold agony ripped through his body.

Total blackness, lack of sense…for an instant.

Sekkou opened his eyes. The pain was gone. And…he could see. He felt stronger than he ever had before. His body was different. “I…am Vasto Lorde!” he proclaimed in ecstasy with his equally joyful companions.

Sekkou’s Appearance as a Vasto Lorde: Sekkou stands at about seven feet now. His normal stance appears to be bipedal. He looks more human than ever, his skin is scaly, but his features have softened a little- still lizard like, and still covering his face like a balaclava, but different. His body is still lithe and slim, leanly muscular, tensed, and he still has a whip-like prehensile tail, similar to the one he had as an Adjuchas.

Quick rundown of his powers: He can expel extremely hot smoke from his mouth. He can turn invisible. And he has gained the ability to perfectly mimic the appearance of any roughly humanoid being he sees with the following restrictions- he cannot attack while disguised as such, and the disguise acts sort of like Hierro, which is a dead giveaway. That is, if he disguises as a Shinigami, and then gets thrown into a wall, the disguise will show no signs of damage where a Shinigami would, thus making him suspicious.

The Future Fraccion Fellows:
Sogekihei Suniparu: Like Sekkou, he has also gained a more humanoid appearance, and stands slightly shorter than Sekkou. He retains a mask that is much like a birds, and from his back sprout two extremely flexible and strong wings. Both his hands and feet end in talons. Still maintains extremely acute vision and the ability to fire more powerful than normal Cero and Balas at greater accuracy. Has not displayed any further power or abilities.

Teisatsu Sukauto: Has also assumed a more humanoid appearance. Stands about 5’9”, very lithe and lean. Short matted fur, and sports a mask that has antlers. Extremely fast, first to master Sonido after Sekkou. Skilled at close combat.

Bakuhatsu Demō: Has also assumed a more humanoid appearance. Stands about 5’11”, stockier than the rest. His mask is shaped like a spider’s head and jaws, but still with only one eye. Has eight spider-like legs sticking from his back that are stronger than their brittle appearance might suggest. He can spit out two different types of explosives- cylindrical ones that he can bounce off things to attack indirectly, or spiky ones that can stick to pretty much any surface and explode upon will.

Kougakusha Enjinia: Has also assumed a more humanoid appearance. Stands at 5’10”, and about as stocky as Demō. His mask is shaped like a beetle, and covers his head and face like a helmet. His hands are now pincer-like claws (like a beetle) and he sports six spherical pods upon his back. Within those pods are “sentries”. When cut open, a “sentry” will pop out. A “sentry” looks like two machine gun barrels mounted on a tripod, with two eyeball stalks protruding from each one so it can look in all directions. Each “sentry” has the ability to fire two Balas/sec. However, this means that Enjinia cannot fire Balas from his own body. Like Demō, he is not too skilled in close combat.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformation to Adjuchas/Vasto Lorde/Arrancar   Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:52 pm

And here I was thinking that Sekkou was going to do something like consume his own comrades for the power to rank up. lol, I'm such an dark being. Approved and congrats on obtaining Vasto Lorde.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformation to Adjuchas/Vasto Lorde/Arrancar   

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Transformation to Adjuchas/Vasto Lorde/Arrancar
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