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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Chasing Traps

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Kaito Saruwatari


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PostSubject: Chasing Traps   Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:43 am

(Speed please. Thank you judges)

"Dammit...I hate shingami sometimes..." Kaito thought as he ran through the barracks of the 7th squad even though he knew that such an invasion could create discomfort between the two squads he didn't care because some punks from the 7th squad had stolen his blowpipe. Hearing a cackle as he rounded the corner of one of the residential areas, "Wait til I get my hands on you..." he thought irritatedly as he continued to chase the sound of the cackling laughter in complete silence. Realizing that he would never actually catch the thief doing things the way that he was currently doing them, Kaito flash stepped up onto the top of a building where he was hoping that he could see most of the 7th squad grounds which would allow him to better determine where the target of his hunt was. Since it was a bit early in the morning, Kaito didn't sense too many other shinigami up and about so it made his search easier as he locked onto a reiatsu that seemed to flitting about the area without any real aim or purpose.

Using shunpo to try and close the distance between the reiatsu of the person that he thought was the culprit was making things very strenuous for Kaito as he bounded from building top to building top trying to catch up to the person that had his prized possession. Kaito heard a noise and he quickly stopped on the building that he had landed upon in a crouched position so that no one would see him if they looked up on the roof top; the last thing he wanted was to be spotted by someone from the 7th squad. If that did happen not only would he have to try and find his blow pipe, but then he would also have to find it while the 7th squad guardians chased him down to imprison him so that he could be tried for malicious intent in front of Central 46. Sighing Kaito cursed the playful nature of some people as he slowly rose so that he could continue his quest and hopefully get out of the territory of the honorable shinigami of the 7th squad before he had to suffer being apprehended. Picking up on the reiatsu once more Kaito flash stepped onto the rough of the next building then gathered reiatsu to lengthen the distance that his shunpo covered in each bound, but naturally making such a move cost extra reiatsu.

He could feel that he was extremely close to catching up to the person who was going to receive the full punishment that Kaito could dish out once he captured him, "Damn shinigami is going to get what he is looking for..." Kaito grunted as he flash stepped forward again. As he scanned the ground ahead of him, Kaito was able to make out a shadow that was running through the barracks at breakneck speed without any regard for their safety or the safety of anyone else and Kaito smiled as he whispered, "Tracking successful". The shinigami stopped as if he had heard Kaito's voice and looked around the area with a nervous frown on his face as he continued to check around him for an invisible stalker, but Kaito knew when to get him. Just as Kaito was readying himself to continue to chase after his prey without getting the attention of any authorities that could possibly get him trouble, he heard footsteps tap upon the tatami roof tops not too far behind him. "Are you from the 7th squad as well shinigami?" the voice asked authoritatively as the person's feet shuffled forward slowly towards Kaito, "Man...seriously? The damn guards found me already...and furthermore these guys aren't fast enough to catch so I'll make a break for it then..." he quickly decided.

Flash stepping to the ground, Kaito immediately dropped his reiatsu and took off running in the direction of the person that he was chasing after madly, but he also heard the shout of the guard telling him to stop and he knew that he had better make a good break for it. Running through small crevices of buildings Kaito made small advances on the person he was after, but the advances were little since there was so much distance to cover and Kaito had to weave through buildings so that he could shake the guardians. His breaths had become more and more shallow, his forehead was now thoroughly beaded with sweat, and lastly he was sure that the ruckus that the guardians were making as they tried to find him was tipping the thief to his whereabouts. Kaito's mouth almost dropped as a wagon seemed to appear out of nowhere, but using his quick reaction time he was able to hurdle it with ease and continue on without breaking his stride on his chase. Kaito could see a silhouette running through the sheets that were set out to dry without bothering to look and see if anyone was chasing him, "I wonder just how much reiatsu this idiot has since he has been running..." Kaito thought as he readied his trap. Citizens of Sereitei were slowly making their way onto the streets since the morning brought on the idea of cleaning up and getting ready for the week, but instead Kaito didn't bother trying to run through them he simply flash stepped onto the nearest wall.

Instead of running on foot now Kaito was leaping from wall to wall in utilizing any resource that he had to get to the guy, Kaito was going to take it if it meant that he was going to get his blowpipe back without having to continue do such a dumb thing. From one wall to the other, the young shinigami bounded until finally he was right behind the thief, but instead of flash stepping in front of him, Kaito continued to run after him unbeknowst to him since he wouldn't have gotten far if it was for the guardians Kaito could have done things differently. After several minutes of running Kaito flash steps in front of the shinigami with his arms crossed, "Just what do you think you're doing with my blowpipe, eh?" Kaito asked with a deadly serious look on his face. The shinigami had a very shify feeling as he attempted to run off in Kaito's presence about three times now; all this being in their first night of love; within their first meeting Kaito could feel the shinigami's fear, but he couldn't do anything about it. After a few more questions Kaito let the shinigami go and he began to examine his zanpakutou which was cut short by the fact that the 7th squad guardians came and captured him doing homework in the library.
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Kuro Crowe


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PostSubject: Re: Chasing Traps   Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:34 pm

+3 speed!!! bounce
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Chasing Traps
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