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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Kaiyo Saiyouko- Shinigami

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PostSubject: Kaiyo Saiyouko- Shinigami    Kaiyo Saiyouko- Shinigami  I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2016 3:55 pm


Kaiyo Saiyouko

Age- 287
Appears- 16




Occupation: Shinigami

Height: 4ft 11"

Weight: 62kg

(Please refer to avatar)

Kaiyo has layered blonde hair just short of shoulder length, she wears a red headband across her forehead that ties at the back of her head. She has a cute face and smile, only serving to attract people to her crystal blue eyes. Kaiyo wears her sword at her left hip. Short in stature with a very toned and athletic build, from behind kaiyo could easily be mistaken for a child. Having survived through years of combat she has two scars along her cheek; only visible if you look hard enough. Her features are soft and inviting. Captain's haori is is sleeveless with an electric yellow lining.

Kaiyo is a fighter, central to most of her thoughts is combat. Habitually, the girl analyses people as potential opponents and has a vast amount of tactical knowledge to call upon. Kaiyo is friendly and warm in personality, her fragrant disregard for authority has often caused the girl trouble; along with her short temper. With a bubbly attitude and indefatigable enthusiasm for life, the happy girl seems to sway between deep thought and simple enjoyment. Kaiyo has a child-like mentality: she is lead by impulses and speaks her mind freely. Fiercely competitive and loyal. Kaiyo's high spirited and playful nature are juxtaposed by her blood-lust and thirst for combat. Kaiyo doesn't deal particularly well with formalities, and prefers to stray from the rules somewhat. Alongside a strong moral code, Kaiyo despises the unnecessary pain and death of innocents, she give her own life to save someone else. Driven by her goals and determination to achieve the short girl is often only thwarted by a lack of planning, or her insatiable sweet tooth.





Sealed Zanpakto:
32" Katana. The handle of her blade: a golden tsuba with a black roaring lion on, a yellow cord wrap with strands of red thread woven in, and a glistening lion menuki behind the wrapping. The habaki is engraved with a single bolt of lightning. Her scabbard is black, with golden bolts of lightning etched along the side, each outlined with red.

Zanpaktou name:
Tenrai Zenpyou (Divine Omen)

Call out phrase:
'Strike. Tenrai Zenpyou'

Description of released form:
Kaiyo Saiyouko- Shinigami  Tenrai11

Zanpakuto Spirit:
Tenrai Zenpyou is comprised of two spirits; the two parts of Kaiyo's soul. One is blood-lust and fire the other is a calm, raw power.

Kaiyo Saiyouko- Shinigami  Tenrai12

Kaiyo Saiyouko- Shinigami  Zenpyo10

Ability 1:
Raikou Mato (lightning target), a pure bolt of lightning is shot from the Blade edge of the Zanpaktou, the attack is air-born and can travel long distances; up until Kaiyo cannot see the target. This attack can hit a maximum of five targets at the same time and will generally hit wherever the sword is pointing to. The attack is very fast and difficult to dodge. 2 post cool down.

Ability 2:
Denkou Kabe, a great wall of spirit energy bursts forth from the ground mixed with lightning (about 50/50). The wall is usually about ten metres thick and 100 metres long, although this can vary depending on the energy Kaiyo puts into it. The wall can either shoot straight upwards, and dart along the ground as a gradual building of wall. 3 post cool down.

Ability 3:
Chouwa no Tomishibi, the zanpakuto is stuck in the ground and releases energy that encompasses the area for 100 meters and destroys everything with a lower spirit pressure than Kaiyo. Though this radius can increase depending on how much energy Kaiyo puts into the attack. Requires a 6 post cool down.


Call out phrase for Bankai:
'Sever all ties, Tenrai Zenpyou'

Description of the Bankai:
Kaiyo's Bankai stems from the knowledge of electricity in the human body. With 10 billion cells in the brain, and each cell holding electrical potential, the girl's Bankai appears with a large flash of light, one that will disorientate her opponent[s] for only a little while. The large flash is in actuality a blanket of white light, moving at intense speeds, that pushes various electrical currents into her opponents body. This effect cannot be stopped, as it is the basic core of her bankai. Whilst the opponent[s] in question may not notice any immediate effect of her bankai other than the golden star that appears at their temple; to signify the release.
The lightning that enters the body in the initial wipe travels along the skin, effectively charging the pain receptors throughout the body before the current makes it way to their brain. The super-charged pain receptors work by making the infected opponent feel 20 times more pain. (For example, the pain of a small graze, would feel similar to being stabbed in the chest).

Kaiyo died young, hundreds of years ago in England, she pulled her sister from the path of a moving car and died on impact. The girl had been a happy child, her mother had been in the Police Force and had instilled a need for self-defense and a strong moral code. In Soul Society, the girl woke instantly hungry. Fortunately for Kaiyo she found herself in one of the wealthier districts, she was given a job at a local bar, waiting tables and cleaning. It didn't take long for Kaiyo to hear the amazing tales of Shinigami, and their heroic deeds that were simply a day-to-day occurrence. While Kaiyo had never been a girl who adored such glory, the idea of helping others appealed to her.

Kaiyo struggled through her time at the academy, she didn't look or act like the normal Shinigami in training and was often met with skepticism. Excelling in combat and battle analysis the girl's attention span made other lessons more difficult and her  Her slight stature gave her an advantage in combat, being small and agile and having the impressive reiatsu behind her attacks. Kaiyo graduated early from the Academy where she was instantly drafted into the 11th squad. Kaiyo had a rough time when she joined the squad, it was an old-boys club, stuck in their ways and not very keen on welcoming a energetic child. Whilst her personality grated on many Shinigami, slowly, she began to gain respect for her battle prowess if nothing else. After achieving Vice Captain status, Kaiyo had begun to make a name for herself. Knowing most of the higher ups within the Gotei 13, and having a reputation for her fierce combat ability. With the support of her squad she was soon promoted to Captain of the 11th squad, after killing the previous Taichou in traditional 11th squad form. Kaiyo had changed the attitudes of her squad and had a strong group who supported her, those who didn't, left at her promotion. With escalating rumours of the Captain bathing in blood and slicing through anyone who dared stand in her way, Kaiyo began to settle in to her new leadership.

Kaiyo fought bravely through the rebel war and lost many friends and subordinates. At the end of the war, Soul Society was in disarray. Kaiyo was disillusioned by the sanctions the central 46 had begun to place on her, their own fears of her power trying to limit what control she had. In the Captain's toughest battle, she was beat inches from death and assumed dead. An old friend who had welcomed her when she first awoke in Soul Society, took her in and nursed the girl. He sealed her reiatsu to allow her body to heal. For almost one hundred years Kaiyo was asleep, slowly making her way back to health.

Like a bolt of lightning, Kaiyo's eyes shot open. Her reiatsu exploded around her small frame; years of solitude were finally over. The world was a maelstrom of chaos. The Soul King was dead and the Gotei 13 were obliterated. Kaiyo suited up and set off to rebuild a world that was tearing at the seams.

Role Playing Sample:
Re-post of application, please see previous threads.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaiyo Saiyouko- Shinigami    Kaiyo Saiyouko- Shinigami  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 18, 2016 12:12 pm

By the power of GREYSKULL...........APPROVED

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Kaiyo Saiyouko- Shinigami
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