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 Tatsu Chirako 2.0

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PostSubject: Tatsu Chirako 2.0   Tatsu Chirako 2.0 I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 05, 2016 11:41 am


Name: Tatsu Chirako

Age: Looks 18, he's 180

Height: 6 Foot tall

Weight: 160 pounds

Gender: Male


Tatsu is a rather nice person, as long as you are friends with him, he's the kind of person that can lend money blindly since he hardly gives a damn about it, he has a good heart, but he hides it most of the time, a nature that most people can't really see, since its practicly being hypocrite or being a two faced bastard. For example he could make friends with his teachers, be the teachers bet, simply to be on their side, and be sure that if he needs one or two percents, he'll get them, just because they support him. He usually tries to manipulate people, but on the good side of things, being friends with someone to pull out the opportunities out of them, its not because someone doesn't have any friends, that their parent can't help you find a job. You have to see every aspect of the the opportunities given upon you, if you can be a good guy and have a good ending to what you start, its a good thing, but if you need to do something against the law to have your way done, its another option Tatsu isn't scared to use.

In other words Tatsu is someone that can be called opportunist whether is a good thing in some situations it can be bad in others but in any case, its always good for Tatsu. Some things though aren't manipulable, friend's are few but true, he would never betray a friend, so despite the fact he can be an asshole to people even though they don't know it, it'll never harm his family or his friends, also Tatso has some weird habits, he enjoys stealing in corner stores, just for the thrill that raises in his heart, we could call him a thrill seeker but he wouldn't go into a near death situation just for the thrill of of the fight, unless he had a good reason behind the actions.

Appearance: Tatsu is an average young man, up from his 6 foots and his long black hair the falls to the middle of his back. Those damned hairs tend to always fall in his hazel eyes, which makes him always swing his head from side to side just to get his hair out of the way. The facial feathers on Tatsu's body are rather simple, fine nose with a small mouth to fit with a smooth skin that is taken care of daily. His body is rather muscled since he practices alot but he cannot be qualified above slim. He usually wears a tight tank top with baggy cargo pants that go from blue to black and white, which gives him the rebel style at school. His shoes are rather slack and untied, the laces on each shoes usually differ from pair of shoes, but they usually hang from blue to pink.

His hairs are usually tied behind his neck to keep them in place but on the sides of his face remains some untied hairs which explains why he always ends up with some hairs in his face. His eyes are usually half closed and he has that way of looking at someone from below, just as would a psycho with a grin on his face and a dagger in his hands, if someone would piss him off he would most likely fit the previously stated description. But when he's in a good mood, he can pull up a kind smile and nice eyes, like anybody else, but he just happens to be different and he tries to look different pretty much everywhere he goes.

In the shinigami world Tatsu is most of the time straight up, wearing the normal Shinigami kimono and his zanpakuto to the side of his waist, looking at a crowd of shinigami, he wouldn't stand out in any way

Sealed Zanpakutō : A black sheath remains on Tatsu's waist, wrapped in a white sash on the whole of its length, the handle, wrapped in a red cloth is ready to be unsheathed at all times. The length of the blade isn't very surprising the normal 1 meter long blade with a curve that prouves the sword is a katana. The butt end of the handle is really what makes this katana different, another handle is there and a dagger is hidden within it which could be considered dual weilding at some times.

Call Out phrase: Awaken Mizu Megami (Water Goddess)

First ability
Kami no Shi-Rudo: By spinning his weapon 360 degrees Tatsu creates a circular shield made of water in front of him. The barrier is capable of absorbing non-elemental energies directed at it. Although only water the barrier can block fire as well as help him defend against solid objects that hit it. The shield itself looks like the surface of a very still lake, and small ripples appear on the shield when it absorbs the energy. The size of the shield reflects the size of the sword, creating a 4 meter shield starting from top to bottom.

Second ability
Kami no Houfoku: Reflect the energy absorbed by Kami no Shi-Rudo. This ability is a second part to Kami no Shi-rudo, which means it shares cooldown.

Third ability
Megami Seshoku: Creating a bubble of water around a target shinigami, Tatsu is able to create a link between them draining his spiritual energy to replenish their health and cure them of ailments. The bubble also acts as Kami no Shi-Rudo.

Released state: Tatsu's sword becomes engulfed in blue energy while his shikai is active, and the sword itself become's larger, and much much longer, becoming a very heavy two handed sword., its width is about 25 inches from one side to another and its length from the handle is about 6 feet long.. The blade gains about 200 pounds.
Each character gets 60 skill points to assign to either:

Speed: 40
Defense: 40
Attack: 20
(I didn't find rank bonuses)

[+5 rank 1][+5 fighting skill rank 2][+5 Spirit Power, +5 Fighting Skill Rank 3] [+5 SP, +5 FS Rank 4][+20 SP +5FS]up to date 8/7/13

History/Background: Tatsu was born in the small town of Karakura-cho, both his parents work for the government and are fairly wealthy, he grew up in the town without really noticing anything special. At the age of 5 he started Tai Kwon Do and Muay Tai, which is just another form of martial art, he loved it and wanted to invest himself deeper and deeper within it, learning more and more, he even sometimes skipped school to go at the dojo where his teacher was showing people how to fight, and since it wasn't his class he would simply sit there and watch everyone perform their Kiai, taking notes, as if this was the way to get his college, he'd run off home at dinner time just to train more and more, many people called him a NEET but he hardly care.

Just like many kids Tatsu didn't enjoy school, it wasn't made for him, school was for people that could fit in, but he couldn't he hated to just sit down, he needed to move, but for the sake of his parent, he most of the time just went to school and did his job, not that he wasn't good, his average was in the 70's most of the time, and his teachers were telling him.If you listen you could become a doctor or something better but he hardly cared, he hardly care for alot of things, but at the same time its what made him who he was.

Years went by and he finally stopped school at college and decided to start working at the dojo he had been training at for just about 14 years, he was talented enough for that and the pay was plenty for what his parents asked him to pay to stay at home. He lived a good life, a mother to make him food, washed his clothes, a nice job he liked and a father he never saw, opportunities had driven him where he was and he enjoyed the path he took. Up to this day Mr.Chikako is living a good life like a pasha at his place.

Then, the problems emerged, one day the young man was walking back to his home, back from the dojo he always ended up training in and he saw a large black creature, wearing a white mask, he had no clue what the thing could be, but one thing was sure it wasn't friendly the creature charged towards a man that was litterally floating in the air, flabbergasted Tatsu looked at the combat prowess of the man that was fighting it untill a piece of building colapsed and fell on the young man. A chain ripped out from the inside of the man's chest and pulled him back towards the dojo, the shinigami who had seen the whole thing quickly handled the hollow and rushed towards the dieing soul.

After a short conversation Tatsu nodded and was touched by the man's handle and forgot everything that he was once. A soul remains the same though and in his afterlife, the man that called himself Tatsu was still training, mostly in fist fights in pits, talent hadn't quit him just yet. Years passed and he was seen by a shinigami, everyone was hidding but he was just staying there eating his noodles until the shinigami spoke up to him and asked him if he thought he had what he needed to be a shinigami. The first thing that poped out of Tatsu's mouth was, finally took you long enough.

Rp sample post:
Sweat was working its way on Tatsu's forehead, burning his eyes, he wanted to wipe them but he couldn't he needed to fix his teacher, losing sight of him for a mere second could mean his defeat, and he didn't want that, he wanted to win. A hugge desire to have the greater end of the situation even though his teacher knew him almost better than his parents. Tatsu did like his teacher more than his parents too, which sometimes held back his hits even though his teacher told him not to think about that. Taking a quick step ahead the young man twirled his body, lifting his foot in the process, sending a round house kick in his teacher's direction, who cleverly dodged the heavy blow that was coming towards him, dropping to his knee level, extending his foot towards Tatsu's knee because he knew what was coming. On his side Tatsu had predicted his teacher to drop to his knee's and his foot that was now in the correct standing stance lifted up onces again to quickly crush down on the teacher in an hammer drop kick but the teacher's kick was too fast for him and made his knee bend to the side, which sent Tatsu to the floor violently.

"You're more and more aggressive lately son" The teacher said nicely in the closed dojo. "Is something making you mad?" Tatsu stood up slowly, he had been hit somewhere that was crippling him and he knew the fight was over. "Rah, you know typical house problems, I'm glad you had me over Sensei, I needed this" The young man said with a half smile on his face, obviously something wasn't going well and it bothered the old teacher. "Martial art isn't the solution to house problem's boy, I know you've been practicing far more than most people who ever came here, but that does not mean you have the right to try and kill me" The old man said laughing a little patting the boys back. "Comon up I'll make you tea and you can sleep over on the couch like always." The offer had already been accepted in Tatsu's head when he heard that, the condition at home of both parents yelling and wanting to kill each other with words wasn't very pleasant, and on the other hand, the dojo was the place to be for him, he absolutely loved being there and his teacher was like a second dad for him, just as irreplaceable as the real one that was always working.

The both of them started walking towards a curtain that was laying against a wall, they both knew that behind it was a door that led to the apartment that the master lived in, opening the door, Tatsu removed his practicing shoes and left them at the bottom of the stairway. A few moments later the both of them were up the stairs and the old master turned around with a smile "Would you like a cup of tea son?" a dittoing smile on his face the young man briefly nodded "mhm, I'd love one for sure" Tatsu said working his way towards the couch he knew he would be sleeping on, a large black leather lazy boy. Heavy sigh drawing from the boy he wiped the sweat on his face. "I've been progressing alot lately" the old man didn't answer but turned around with two cups of tea after a short chuckle he gave the cup to Tatsu and said "Sometimes its the mind that needs to grow up son, your body is matured, and well for our martial art but your mind is still young and inexperienced." Tatsu nearly choked himself with the tea he was drinking. "Hey! I'm not young" Would he say with a tad of anger in his eyes. "I'm merely taking the opportunities to make the other's do my share of the work."  another sigh escaped the young man's mouth and he preferred not answering his sensei was the one person that was able to knock some smart sense into the boys mind and Tatsu didn't like it at all. "I'll think about it, never know what lady luck has in her bag for me"

For more RP sample, just check the forum, its littered with my stuff !

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Tatsu Chirako 2.0
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