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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Kuroi Sora - Shinigami

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PostSubject: Kuroi Sora - Shinigami   Kuroi Sora - Shinigami I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2015 6:06 pm

Shinigami Template

Name: Kuroi Sora

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Occupation: Medic!

Height: 3 feet tall

Weight: 25 lbs


Personality: He his a cat, not completely, but for the most all feline. The manipulation did leave him with a few advantages to other cats. His hip bones and shoulders are adapted to upright walking, similar to humans, He can run, jump, and crouch bipedally, but can do it much faster on all fours. His knees bend backward, not forward, like a cats, and the broader shoulders allow him to wear clothes.

His underbelly and underchin fur is a light brown and the top fur is a darker brown. There are thin black stripes going to his brow to his tail, and he has amber eyes.

Special Characteristics: He's a motha flipping cat!

Stats: á(Rank 7)

Attack: 105

Speed: 145

Defense: 120

Sealed Zanpakto: A plain katana, that just happens to be cat sized, it ends up being about 6 inches long, with a 3 inch hilt.

Shikai: Hakai Shinasai, Mudashu (破壊しなさい無駄の主 Destroy, Lord of the Wastes)


Mudashu in its released form is a 2 foot long staff, the glowing tubes are filled with a surprising amount of sand. When they are emptied they no longer glow, the entire staff with exception of the tubes are made of a lightweight metal compound similar to titanium. As for the tubes they are made out of a metal infused glass, which has the strength of steelů

Ability 1: The sand inside the zanpaktou is useless while in there but can be siphoned out of the two ends rather quickly. It can be subsequently controlled by the movements of the staff. The amount of sand controlled at one time is dependent on Reiykuro used. Using all of the sand at once would be incredibly draining. Also other sand may be controlled and focused around similar to his regular stored sand, although it will be less efficient and but it would be easier to use.

Ability 2: Garasu Kyouko: This ability allows the creation of the Material that makes up the glass tubes at either end of the staff, this can only be used with sand from the staff and prevents any other sand coming out other than in glass formů the Glass Form must be pulled back into the chamber to become sand again. Foreign sand may be controlled while this ability is in use as well.

Bankai: Eien Mudashu (Eternal Wasteland)

Kuroi's bankai scatters sand a hundred feet in every direction from Kuroi, just enough to cover a few inches of the ground. The sand is the same type as Garasu Kyouko, and can be turned into 'glass'.

Ability 1: Garasu Kyouko (Modified): Kuroi can now harden his sand remotely from his zanpakotu, and can control it while it is in its glass form the same as if it were not.

History: (Quality of Writing isn't here I know that... Copy pasted)Previously a gifted student in the real world he retained much of his knowledge from there although not that it is all that relevant. He died in a mugging after taking a 10 inch knife to the head after disabling 2 of the 3 attackers. This was because of the years of self defense classes which he also retained making him adequate at Hand to Hand combat.

Although he did die in that fateful confrontation. He was soon sent to soul society by the local stationed shinigami. He then unluckily ended up in south rukoganai district 76. There he noticed that he had to find a way out so he hid and headed to Seireitei. To attempt and become a Shinigami to escape his poverty.

He was accepted in to the shinigami academy on his second try and passed the six year course with strength in kido and a strange sword style that the teachers dismissed as ineffective. He was sent as a low level unseated officer. Although that is only because his test scores and evaluations he is just waiting for an opportunity to arise to grant him a promotion.


After joining 4th squad, he learned healing kido and participated on many missions, rising up to the 7th seat of Squad four. but tragedy struck, a certain kind of tragedy that is near irreversible. He was kidnapped after a fight with a hollow in the world of the living, why he was there is unknown, as he was given no authorization to be there. after a boatride to an island prison, he was experimented on by a 'superhuman', which changed his form and his mind. His mind was wiped, an technique meant to dissolve the soul, make it more maleable, which was not mastered. The changes take affect as the target sleeps, and when Kuroi passed out, after escaping to Soul Society, he had no idea of who he was or what he was doing.

Role Playing Sample:
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Kuroi Sora - Shinigami
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