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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Sal Norongachi - Shinigami -WIP

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Sal Norongachi

Sal Norongachi

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PostSubject: Sal Norongachi - Shinigami -WIP   Sal Norongachi - Shinigami -WIP I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2015 11:27 pm

Name: Sal Norongachi

Age: 129 (Appears 32)

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland.

Occupation: Nope.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 185lbs


Sal Norongachi - Shinigami -WIP Latest?cb=20130205011017&path-prefix=protagonist

Sal has an athletic build, more a swimmer of long distance runner than a body builder. His hair is dark brown, short and scruffy. His eyes are also brown. His face is thin and long, with a prominent chin, chiseled cheek bones and a straight nose that would look massive on anyone else.

Personality: Tenacious, persistent, stubborn and dauntless are some of the words to describe Sal. He also has the habit of taking it all on himself, a messiah complex I think you could call it. Then again he knows that there is a bigger picture and isn't above doing what must be done, even if it means walking on the darker path to achieve that goal.

Special Characteristics:



Sal Norongachi - Shinigami -WIP 2604809-spawn_comic_cover_182_cl


Attack: 140

Speed: 90

Defense: 140

Sealed Zanpakto:

Just an ordinary Katana, black cloth grip. Utterly unremarkable.



Sal grew up in Glasgow, Scotland in the run down East End of the city. His father had left when he was two leaving his teenage mother to take care of him on her own. He was a hyper child, full of energy and mischief that often found him on the wrong side of the law. He attended London Road Primary School where his lack of concentration and high energy proved a problem although his teachers commented that if he was tied down to his chair he was actually very bright. He moved on to Whitehill Secondary School at the age of 12 but he'd lost interest in learning and arrogantly believed he knew it all, as most teens do, and left school in 3rd year.

He took a job in a call center for a leading mobile phone provider and worked there for several years. Twenty three now he is trainer and one of the longest serving members with the call center. It was shortly after his twenty third birthday that a job opening arose in Japan, a new call centre being opened and he was offered the task of training the recruits in the Capital Tokyo.


Sal was killed by a hollow, falling gracefully to meet his death from 4 stories up creating a lovely blood splatter pattern when he kissed the side walk. He went from here to Rukongai where he was brutally assaulted by the residents of Zaraki. This didn;t sit well with the Glaswegian and as he began to notice his new found strength found himself a bloody big stick and went back and kicked some arse.

He then met a man called Rab, a former Lieutenant in the 13 court guardians, hiding out in Rukongai. The former shinigami took Sal under his wing and showed him the basics of swordplay which he grasped quickly. It was then he was to face his harshest challenge, obtaining a Zanpakuto. They traveled deep into the woods around Rukongai and there they found a cave, where according to legend a Shinigami once perished.

The truth was however that this shinigami had succumb to the Hollow within. Sal fought the beast and using the ancient katana he found waged a long battle. The katana in his hands awoke with the song of war and unleashed its power slaying the abomination.

Seireitei and the Betrayal

Squad 11 called and the young shinigami lapped up his surroundings. He fought many battles, along side many allies but it was one occasion. One mission, that changed everything. While on a routine 'guard detail' on Earth, England specifically, he and his long time rival Jin along with several other shinigami were sent to a small village in the English countryside. Things seemed normal at first, in fact with the presence of so many shinigami they felt that it was a tad over kill. Things changed rapidly however and they came face to face with new terrors.

Hybrids they dubbed them, creatures that had the ferocious appetite of a hollow but who could take human form and spread their curse to others with a bite. The pair later realized that this new threat had in fact stemmed from the scientists of Seireitei and after the brutal slaughter of so many of their fellow Shinigami, Sal forswore his oath to the Court Guardians and left for Earth.


It took years, moving from city to city, to hunt down and curtail the spread of the infection. No help, no one to turn to, it was perhaps the darkest point in his life. A hollow is a hollow, but when the monster can take on the face of a child it haunts you. The bloody swathe he carved across the planet only barely kept the monsters in check. Throughout this crusade he always had the suspicion that the creatures were coordinated, their attacks and outbreaks timed for maximum effect.

Someone or something was controlling these creatures.

The Twelve

The puppet masters, the shadow lords. From all races, from all across time. They pulled the strings. The world spun by their good graces, life continued because they wished it.

No one knew.

Hubris was their betrayer. So sure were they that no one would believe that they existed or that anyone would get close to proving their existence that they didn't think anything of a lone Shinigami circling toward them.

Until it was too late. Blood lay in his wake, a crimson path toward the silent masters. From the twelfth to the first he dispatched them. A destructive force that ripped away at a centuries old cancer that had eaten away at the world.

Worlds Collide


Role Playing Sample:

Sal Norongachi - Shinigami -WIP Saltwb10
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Sal Norongachi - Shinigami -WIP
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