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 Ranking System Ideas

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PostSubject: Ranking System Ideas   Ranking System Ideas I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 24, 2015 1:57 pm

As I've mentioned previously, I believe the rank system should stay as is. That is: a progression from rank 0 all the way to 11. That being said, I've some ideas for how we should handle rank ups.

Idea 1: Points/Experience towards next rank.

This would be a system in which grading is required. This is very similar to what is already being done, but there are a few differences.

Number 1: There absolutely needs to be an agreed upon rubric that is available to the entire board. This will help cut down on favoritism/subjectivity. This rubric should have multiple ways of reaching 10 points, with no single method being able to reach 10 points on its own.

Number 2: Create an appeal system. If a member feels they have been grading unfairly, they are to submit an appeal either by PM to a higher power or in a special board designed for appeals.

Number 3 and I argued with Shin about this for a while: Something I'd like to call the spotlight incentive. Essentially, ceding the spotlight of the thread in order for another character to shine in their chosen theme. This will allow for 1 bonus point being awarded in grading, and is the only way to go past the cap.

Number 4: If we decide that there should be certain requirements outside of points, they should be clearly and explicitly listed. There should be a thread with very clear and easy to understand examples.

Idea 2: Post System

This one is simple. Your post count is what counts towards your rank, and we simple establish post numbers for achieving certain rank. ONLY in-character posts will count towards post number; I'm sure there's a way to set it so that only posts in certain forums or boards counts towards post count. Furthermore, winning battles and/or participating in events will yield bonus posts/other rewards.

Finally, we implement a system in which people can apply for a character of certain strength. Biographies that possess great quality and are a joy to read may be granted a higher starting rank. Again, we must establish clear guidelines and examples for what we expect out of bios. This is the ONLY part of this system that would require grading, and biographies of this type require 3 staff or 2 admin approval.
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Ranking System Ideas
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