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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Don't Get In My Way [ Solo Training Thread]

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PostSubject: Don't Get In My Way [ Solo Training Thread]   Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:58 pm

Kitsu had been enjoying his time at the Soul Academy, it was different to sleeping on the streets most nights, even after all this time he still felt like he was being spoiled by having such luxuries of food every day and a warm bed to sleep in! He sighed as he headed to his next class and by far his favorite. Zanjutsu. He smirked to himself as he had kept out of the spotlight for the majority of the time but when he had been asked to step up he had accepted and wiped the floor with his opponent, he was a member of a righteous and high ranked family but he Kitsu had lived on the streets of Hanging Dog trying not to die, fighting every single day of his life just to survive!

He walked across a small stone cobbled courtyard as he reached the training area where the instructor looked out at everyone; "Alright you lot, get your Asauchi and form a circle!" His deep, gruff voice boomed as everyone pulled free their Asauchi and got into a circle as he began calling names Kitsu watched as pairs battled gingerly with one another. To him this was nothing but child's play! It was almost painful to watch as some of the weaker males and females very feebly fought  each other trying hard not to lay any hard blows, it was infuriating just to watch! "Not one of those one would survive an attack from a Hollow. Not one." He thought to himself coldly as a sense of pity washed over him. He had seen first hand what a Hollow was willing to do to get a meal and he sure as hell knew that it would devour anything that it concieved as edible or cruel.

"Kitsu, Get in there!" The instructor shouted as Kitsu snapped back to reality with a stern look he stepped out onto the field, his Asauchi in hand as he took a deep breath, watching his opponent step out onto the field in front of him, he was a strong looking guy by the name of Ishiro, he was pretty well build and clearly very cocky! His friends grinned and smirked at him as they took their stances. "Begin!" The instructor called as Ishiro charged forward, no grace, no abilty, just a bull in a china shop. Kitsu thought to himself as he focused his breath,  gripped his Asauchi tight and dived forward as Ishiro swung down, Kitsu dodged before bringing his own weapon hard into his opponent's stomach followed by another strike across his back before standing still for a second. Ishiro seemed to be gasping hard for air before falling down to his knees as the group stood in horror and surprise at what had just happened! Two hits, that was all it had taken to bring this chump to his knees and it angered Kitsu, if he were a Hollow he would have eaten this pathetic excuse by now. He growled to himself clenching his teeth and his Asauchi tight, he wanted a challenge! Why couldn't these weaklings give him a challenge!; "Sir! I'd like to make a request!" He called out as he stood straight. The Instructor blinked for a moment before crossing his arms; "Go ahead..." He mused; "Sir! I'd like to request two members of the group come at me  at once, sir." His voice was cold and determined.

The Instructor stood in shock for a moment unsure of what he had just been asked; "Urr... If anyone wants to... Step forward?" Many of the students actually took a few reluctant steps back but of course Ishiro's friends wanted revenge for their buddies defeat so they smugly stepped forward with not much decorum before snarling at Kitsu; "You're going down!" One chided; "You think you're so damn good don't ya!" The other called as they attacked simultaneously. Kitsu smirked as he charged forward; "Now I'm starting to like these odds!" He whispered to himself as he clashed blades with the first before having to change his stance with a spin to deflect the second.

The trio were in a clash and although their size dwarfed Kitsu he was holding his own against the pair, he continued to parry as they relentlessly volleyed strike after strike upon his Asauchi. He began to grow irritated but with this he noted the repetitive nature of their attacks; As one striked the other prepared, they were acting like some clockwork mechanism and now it was all going to fall apart! He waited for the moment that one finished his attack and the other prepared and with one quick move he drove his hilt hard into one of the opponent's jaws and the other got a hard crack across the ribs as they both went to their knees gripping their new found aches and pains.

"Well... Kitsu, you're done for the day. Alright you lot the show's over so who's next?!"  The Instructor called with a surprised expression on his face as two very jittery and shaky members took positions as the three goons were lifted away to be dealt with by the medical trainees. Kitsu went back to his place in the circle and continued to watch, he had felt exhilaration for the first time in ages, being able to let loose and feel his Asauchi in his hands striking the foe. It was like ecstasy  and he knew that one day his blade would feel the same. He began to wonder when he would get to meet his true blade, his true Zanpakuto, the one that would fight against the monster s that plagued the world of the living! He felt a sudden burst of pride for being on the path that he had been set upon within the Shinigami Academy and couldn't wait to prove his metal to the 13 Court Guard Squads.
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Don't Get In My Way [ Solo Training Thread]
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