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 A Brother’s Return (Solo)

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Usagi Ozaki

Usagi Ozaki

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PostSubject: A Brother’s Return (Solo)   A Brother’s Return (Solo) I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 2:55 am

Usagi could feel a cool breeze brush against her face as she tried to take a cat nap under a tree in her family’s garden.  Her lazy afternoons were going to be over here soon, for two big reasons.  Soon she was heading off to the academy.  And for two Atsushi the oldest of the Ozaki children was coming home for the weekend.  It had been nearly a year since any of them had seen him last and it was going to be a big event for the family.  

Usagi knew that she should be getting ready for her brother’s arrival.  However, she wanted to take advantage of this lovely afternoon.  And try to sleep as much of it away as possible.  

The warmth of the sun was slowly rocking her into a dreamland, though a sudden presence blocked the warm of the sunlight.  She opened her eyes, just to find a cute face looking back at her.  

Usagi felt a sudden twinge of annoyance by this interruption.  Even if she should have expected it in the long run.  

“Suyomi, what are you doing?” Usagi found herself blurting out.  (Saying something without though wasn’t unusual for her.  And it’ll get worse now that Atsushi is returning.)

Suyomi was the youngest child of the Ozaki family.  But she could also be the feistiest.  She was adorable with her long brown hair that she had tied up into two pigtails.  She was clothed in a cute pink kimono, which was nicer then most things she wore on a regular basis.  


Suyomi crossed her arms over her chest.  She demanded, “Usagi, you know Atsushi will be here soon!  And you look like a wreck.  Why aren‘t you ready yet?”

Usagi glanced down at her artier.  It was simple, yes, but even in these mundane old rags it was much better then anything you would find in the lower districts.  She knew that this wasn’t usual attire for that of a member of a noble family, especially a female member of a noble family, but this is what she felt most comfortable in.  In the end she took little stock in her appearance.  She wasn’t entirely interested in finding a husband, unlike most young women her age.  And she didn’t care about fashion when all she did was train most days to become a shinigami.

Usagi said, “Syuomi, look it doesn’t matter.  Atsushi is our brother, anyways.  So it really don’t matter what I’m wearing.  Besides we’re just going to end up competing in something and that would be difficult in a kimono.”  “Mother, cares.  And you can go one day without getting it to a compition.”

“Of course she does.”  Sarcasm filled the tone of Usagi’s usual charm like voice.  She knew that her sister would have caught that, but would continue on with her reasons for her to dress appropriately.  She also knew that her sister would know that she was no longer listing to her go on and on about fashion.  And it’s importance in society.

“Usagi, are you listing?”

“To be honest, no I’m not.”

Usagi watched her little sister start to pout.  It wouldn’t be long before there would be tears and yelling.  Then fallowed shortly by a threat to go to their mother Miyuki about the lack of corporation.  Before it could go any further Usagi sighted, “Fine, you win, Suyomi.  I’ll change.”

Suyomi squealed, “Yeah!  Come on big sister, let’s get you changed.”

Usagi wasn’t sure how this happened, but they had gone from the garden to her bedroom in the matter of seconds.  Suyomi was so excited that she had just towed her sister through the entire house before they stopped in her room.  As Usagi starred, dazed at her closet, the youngest sister was ram sacking it.  

Suyomi was picking and choosing what she thought was best for the day. Including several kimonos of a variety of diffent colors.  Once Syuomi liked what she had found she laid it out for Usagi to see.  Even if she didn’t care in the end.

Once Suyomi was satisfied with her choices she swung around to face her sister.  “So which one do you like?”

“Well at one point I had to have liked them all.  And if we go by that logic I like them all.”

Suyomi crossed her arms over her chest.  “Usagi, stop being a pain.  You know what I mean.  Now choose one.”

Usagi sighed knowing that she wasn’t about to get anywhere with that. “Alright how about the black one?”

“What?  Are you going to a funeral?  Come on choose something with some color.  I like the pink one.”

Usagi raised an eyebrow.  “The pink one?  Really?  You’re wearing pink already.”  


“So, nothing.  We’re not dressing like twins.”

Suyomi pouted once more for a second.  She didn’t like losing this argument.  Nonetheless, she knew her sister had a good point.  Their mother would find it adorable.  Yet they would never hear the end of it form their oldest brother.  She then pointed out a yellow one hoping it would be a good alternative.  “How about yellow?”

“How about no…”

Suyomi dropped the yellow kimono on to the floor.  “Oh come on Usagi!  Make a choice!  What one do you want then?!”

Usagi sighed, she knew that her little sister wasn’t about to give up on her.  “Look, I’ll pick out my own color.  How about that?”

“Agreed, as long as I like it as well.”


Usagi was relieved that they had agree on something.  Even if it hadn’t really accomplished anything.  So it was back to square one for the sisters.

Usagi stepped closer to her closet.  It was up to her to choose the right color to wear.  Though all she had left were just a few choices.  At least she didn’t have the choices that Syuomi had.  She swore every couple of weeks they youngest was out shopping for something new.  

“Um, how about the purple one?”

Suyomi shrugged, she didn’t seem to have a problem with that one.  “That one will work.”

“Good because I was going to stick with this one no matter what.  Now get out of my room so I can change.”

Usagi wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having to change just for her brother.  But in the end the revolt was averted.  And in return for Usagi changing her cloths Suyomi didn’t bother her about her hair.  Even if Usagi had fussed with her hair it wouldn’t matter much, for now she was being towed down the hall of her home.  Then with an abrupt stop her hair flung forward.  

A beautiful female voice filled the empty air in the room.  “Oh my!  Don’t you two look lovely?”

Fallowed quickly by a harsher voice, “What took the two of you so long?”

Suyomi bowed quickly.  “Sorry mother, father, Usagi was being difficult.”

Eiji, Usagi’s father, waved his hand towards Hiroki.  “Sit you two.  Atsushi should be here soon.”

Miyuki, Usagi’s mother, was sitting next to her husband.  “Not soon enough.”

Hiroki smirked as Usagi tried to take her seat, but instead she felt something tapping on her shoulder.  Hiroki said, “This wont end well.”

Usagi swung around not sure of what to expect.  The first thing she focused on was a big goofy grin.  A head of messy brown hair and solid dark eyes.  “Atsushi?”  

“Hay, little sister, I didn’t recognize you all dressed like a proper lady and all.”

Usagi felt a sudden wave of anger rush through her core.  “ATSUSHI YOU JERK!  I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN ALMOST A YEAR AND THAT’S WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY TO ME!?”  

Hiroki sighed, “And there you have it.”

Atsushi chuckled, “Yeah something’s don’t change.”
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A Brother’s Return (Solo)
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