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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 hollow (Eleysha Mawu)

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PostSubject: hollow (Eleysha Mawu)   Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:08 pm

Name: (Eleysha Mawu .The Faceless.)

Age: (human 14, Hollow 6.)

Gender: (male)

Race: (Caucasian (White.)

Birthplace: (Kansas, Topeka)

Height: (510)

Weight: (273 pounds)

Appearance: ( With a faceless manikan like mask with curved long white dragon like horns going from forehead to behind the ears and scales that are purple and black with long red hair ending in the middle of his back.)

Personality: (refuses to eat children for unknown reasons at the moment. Calm, inpatient, insensitive, protective, and honest)

Spirit Power: (10)

Speed: (20)

Technique: (20)

Fighting Skill: (10)

Techniques/Abilities: can use his body effectively in battle.

Ability 1: Faster regeneration (still very slow and on small wounds only)

Ability 2: Desire to protect: Allows him to protect others from harm at the cost of taking there wounds and also any incoming injury

Ability 3: Blood thirsty scream: rushes adrenalin thorugh out the body allowing more pain to be ignored still there just ignored also decreasing his mental stability stat wise -5 Technque +5 Spirit Power

P.S. he is 5'10 human life and 9'2 in hollow counting the 3'4 feet that is his tail

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PostSubject: Re: hollow (Eleysha Mawu)   Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:21 pm

1) You posted personality and history twice

2) Is the hollow 5,10 or was that just when human?

3) Hollows generally have a slow regeneration, but nothing on par with Wolverine where they instantly heal. Give a day or three (less with feeding) a hollow can recover most wounds (non critical)

4) Although interesting scare powers aren't that impressive. No guarantee someone will be scared by what they see. Mind powers are always are least effective when faced with various perspectives. Also leans towards controlling another person's actions which isn't fair/allowed.

5)Giving 10 to two stats with one ability. At such a low level we generally allow 5-10 to one parameter with one skill. At best I'd give it a 1 post duration and a 5 for cooldown. Rather than invest in Tech might as well just give those points to something else. Or just have a more useful ability than a buff.

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PostSubject: Re: hollow (Eleysha Mawu)   Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:37 pm

sorry my bad I mad some change I hope is better
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PostSubject: Re: hollow (Eleysha Mawu)   

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hollow (Eleysha Mawu)
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