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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 its in my head 1 (finished)

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PostSubject: its in my head 1 (finished)   Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:31 pm

Like most every day is I am just enjoying the beautiful day as the sun is shining through a barely cloudy sky with the ground wet from a few days ago, grass a bright lively green with dew drops still fresh on the little patch of green scattered throughout the grounds still standing there enjoying the sun I take a long slow and deep breath loving the good smell of the rain on a good sunny day yet oddly enough that I love the smell of rain a don’t like the rain; deciding can’t just stand here all day and just do nothing I then move going to go home which is not very far from my current location I get a massive cold chill going down my spine then a slight head ace meaning it won’t be very long till insanity takes my mind at most 20 minutes from now and know that squad 4 is about 15 minutes away from where I am on foot I just hope I get there on time for them to get my medicine and help me control my insanity and just as I get their someone gets in my way with a pissed of look on his face “ you little piece of crap I thought of you as a brother and then you betray me like I mean nothing to you.” And as he is saying this I can’t help but feel sorry for him knowing I did something wrong to him but at the same time I know I must get to the barricade of squad 4 or things will get very bad for the both of us deciding to deal with him later I pushing the man aside as I run to the door of the squad 4 barricade and as I get there I feel my mind slipping away from me so I start knock at the door in hopes they get tome before my mind is lost and as the man starts running at my with a handmade club as his weapon my mind goes  into darkness as my eyes grow cold and my heart fuelled by a unending thirst for a murder and bloodshed forgetting the man was there I feel his presence running at me with anger in his heart so I turn around but not before he hits me in my left shoulder and brakes my collar bone screaming out in pain I quickly take my Asauchi blade and use the blade on the blunt and try to slice his chest as his arm goes up to protect himself and rip open his arm just as a high seated female officer comes out so I stop the fight just as remember why I came here and I regain my true state of mind but know it won’t last long before I slip back into insanity so I must try and be as quick as a can “ sorry that I must be in a rush but without my medicine from your squad I’ll go back to being insane also without those he may not live thought the night so please I don’t want to hurt him. ”  After I descried what medicine it is I take and what they look like she goes back in and two and a halve minutes too three she back with the proper medication so I take them and thank her for them then pay for both the man’s injury and my medication and as I am walking away she sees my shoulder “you can’t leave your injured please let me take a look at it” and as she was treating my wounds I was thinking I need better control over my mind and better abilities to evade attacks so I started thinking of a devise I could build myself to help my control both “ o.k. you should be better”  for a second there I forgot she was there “thank for treatment”  as I was leaving it looked as if it was noon yet I know someday I’ll have to join  a squad so it may as well be this one for the main reason it’ll help control my insanity problem until I find a way to control it without medicine from them thinking there is nothing left here I and the fact I was getting hungry I decide to home and eat.
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its in my head 1 (finished)
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