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 Squad Transfer and First Assignment. (Solo)

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PostSubject: Squad Transfer and First Assignment. (Solo)   Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:20 pm

“Castiel, hmmm this kid has potential.” Said a white haired man as he looked over the application for squad transfer, “His speed and fighting skill seem to be on par with that of others with the same experience...” The man was talking to himself lightly as he sipped on a cup of tea in his office.

“However his kido skills are terrible, but that is what is to be expected for someone who didn't have the academy's guidance to teach them.” He took another sip as he silently weighed the facts in his mind. If this young man joined his squad he would have much catching up to do, however from the rumors he had dug up on this boy he was no stranger to hard work.

“Welcome to squad six Castiel.” The white haired man took the seal from his desk and stamped the transfer request with the captain's seal.

Two Days Later

Cass stood nervously outside the door of his new captain's office nervous, he had only been here for two days and already he was being personally summoned to the office of the captain. He stood there for somewhere between 5 minutes and an hour, time seemed to be standing still for him. As he turned to leave a voice called from inside. “You might as well come in.”

Cass opened the door to see a white haired man sitting behind a desk with two even stacks of paperwork on either side of it. Quickly he bowed to the man, “Captain Shiorai, you summoned me?” the young shinigami kept his eyes to the floor afraid to death he was about to be told it was all a mistake.

“I did indeed, I have your first assignment as a member of squad six right here.” He held up a packet with the emblem of the sixth squad on it. “Normally, I wouldn't handle these matters personally but, yours is a very special case.” He slid the packet across his desk and smiled, “You will be reporting to the Shino Academy every day to undergo remedial Kido training.”

Cass frowned, “What!?” Cass took the packet and ripped it open reading it for himself, “Sir this has to be some mistake, I am more than capable of handling myself.”

“As you are you are the weakest link in our squad, you have the potential and the mind to excel at Kido but you lack the arsenal of a full shinigami. I have read about the fight you had before you 'left' the academy to pursue your own path, not many students would of thought to combine their limited arsenal the way you did.” The Captain smiled, “This is not a punishment, think of it as me simply giving you more tools for your personal arsenal, I want to see what you are able to become when we full arm you.” The captain smiled as he got up and walked around his desk to place a hand on Cass' shoulder.

“Don't worry about anything else Catiel...”

“Cass.” he corrected with out thinking

“Don't worry about anything else right now, Cass, this is your assignment.” The captain's mood shifted becoming darker just for a moment, “If you don't like it though I guess you could always go back to that hole in the wall bar you were working at. What did you do there work as a cook or maybe you were the janitor.” and just like that the darkness was gone from his eyes. “Anyway I will expect to see you here once a week for a full report of your progress, is that understood?

“Yes...Captain.” Cass spoke quietly still not sure that sending him to learn spells was the best course of action, but he didn't dare voice his concerns, he didn't want to go back to where he had been. Not now...not ever.

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Squad Transfer and First Assignment. (Solo)
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