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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Usagi Ozaki (Shinigami)

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Usagi Ozaki

Usagi Ozaki

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PostSubject: Usagi Ozaki (Shinigami)   Usagi Ozaki (Shinigami) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 7:16 am

Soul Reaper Template

Name: Black, Usagi (Later Ozaki, Usagi)
Age:100 but looks like she is 17
Gender: female

Race: Japanese, German, Italian among other things

Birthplace: Portland, OR

Occupation: academy student

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 125lbs


Usagi had long brown hair that reached about mid way down her back.  Lose wavy locks hung around her frame.  She was about average height for a young woman her age.  Thought if you ask her, she thinks she’s awfully short.  She knew her eyes were one of the most distinguishing fetcher about her.  They were this golden brown color.  There was something said for her general, simple elegance that she possessed.  However, if she were to tell you herself she isn’t that attractive.  

Usagi gravitated towards dark colored clothing, mostly wearing dark colored jeans and black tee shirts when she went out.  She wore almost nothing that made her stand out in a crowd.  



Usagi tends to remain quite most of the time.  Not really interested in making to much noise being heard wasn’t always important to her.  However when she chose to talk, she was heard by everyone around her.  

With that said she could be blunt and cynical, which was the result of her personal history.  Even if you talked to her thinking she was quiet and timid, you’re more likely to get a sarcastic remark out of her.  As a result it makes her vary unsuspecting.

Though, it is mostly her fault for keeping so much of herself.  Trying to keep as much of herself from the rest of the world, often holding in her emotions.  And when she did let them out, she often let it show as anger.  

Special Characteristics:
Do to all of the reading that she has done over the years; Usagi’s reading comprehension level is extraordinary.  She can read almost anything and understand what it was telling her.  With that said she won’t go out of her way to read a collage level textbook of laughs and giggles.  

She also has a good memory, being able to remember most things that she has read over the years.  Though it goes further then just reading, she can also remember certain details fairly easily.  (Though this doesn’t do her much good after her death, seeing that she can’t remember her life from before.)

Lastly, she is also a quick study.  She often found it easy to pick up new tasks on her own, or after being just shown once.  Some times it took practice to perfect whatever the task may be, but she at least understood the overall outcome of said task.  

Spirit Power: 25
Speed: 20
Technique: 15
Fighting Skill: 20

Sealed Zanpakto:

Usagi’s sealed Zanpakto represented that of a traditional katana. Its overall length was close to 26in.  It was simple and elegant in design with its rounded guard that had carved moons and stars in it.  The blade itself was a pale silver color that was incredibly similar to the moon itself.  A moon and star pattern was mimicked at least part way up the blade.  The lacing on the handle was cress cross of deep rich purple and a pale silver color.  To finish to decorative portion there was a simple purple tassel hanging for its handle.  



Usagi was born to Rin Black in Portland, OR.  Her mother was single when she was born and was that way through out Usagi’s life. The only thing that Usagi ever knew about her father was that he just simply walked out on her and her mother before she was born.  Thus Usagi doesn’t even know who her father was.  

Her mother never really said anything bad about her father, but she always had the since that her mother hated him.  Resenting him to the point that Usagi, herself never really wanted to look for him.  Though, even though Usagi never had the desire to look for her father, she still loved him in a since, she thought that her mother ultimately felt the same way.    

She lived modestly with her mother.  Often moving form apartment to apartment as her mother changed jobs.  And it wasn’t unusual for them to end up living from pay check to pay check.  And with the constant moving Usagi just found it easier to do thing alone.  To avoid making too many friends, she found it too painful when she and her mother ended up moving.  And the only real escape she ever had was in books.  Though she and her mother were tight on money, she spent much of her free time in the library.  Reading, checking out books was all she could really do with her time.  It was probably one of the only places she felt as if she could be herself.  The only place she can really be at peace.  The only place she could escape reality.    

Usagi got the whole reading passion from her mother.  Her mother was constantly reading as well.  It often ended up being one of the only things her mother could indulge in.  But even that was a rare thing.  

That is the way her life more or less went.  Quiet, it had almost been an uneventful life, until two months after her 17 birthday that is.  She was walking home from the library one day.  As she was crossing the street a drunk driver missed the stop light at an intersection that Usagi was standing at waiting to cross the street on her way home.  The driver swerved to miss a car at the last second but instead jumped the curb, hitting Usagi instead of the other car. The driver had been going at rather high speeds for the city. It is sad to report, yet she was killed on sight.  

(Soul Society)

Usagi’s soul unfortunately suffered a lot of damage throughout her relatively short life.  Thus when she made it to the soul society she had to be reborn.  She got lucky in that manner do to the little fact that she was reborn in to a noble family.  Do to the whole rebirth she no longer remembers any of herself as Usagi Black.  Not that she would have wanted to remember the lonely existence that she had lived among the living.  With her new identity she has a new name, Usagi Ozaki, a new family, and a since of completeness.  

Growing up in this new family she knew she had high expectations of her.  This was okay with her, because it made her feel complete.  The training, the discipline, everything about this life it all contributed to this since of completeness. She had a mother, father, two older brothers, and a little sister.  These people were all a part of her new family.  Her mother’s name was Miyuki, father’s would be Eiji.  Both of her brother’s names were Atsushi and Hiroki.  The youngest which was Usagi’s little sister’s name is Suyomi.  

She finally had this since of belonging that seemed to have been missing from before.  She doesn’t realize it however.  Though for the soul society she had a normal life there.  Her parents made sure she got any education she could ever want, all of the books that she could ever desire all of the clothing she could ever want.  In the end she got anything and everything she ever needed and wanted.  But she always was challenged at the same time, keeping her from getting board and from getting to lax in her mind and body.  So in the end they all kept each other vary challenged.  

It wasn’t unusual for Usagi and Atsushi to compete against each other.  They were contently trying to beach each other in everything that they did, such as training, playing games, and just so much more brother and sister sort of things that they did.  

Hiroki was the calm one of the four.  He was always the one to help and encourage Usagi in everything that she did.  He would often go as far as helping her with all of her studies and even with training when Atsushi wasn’t challenging her to a pointless match.  Though Usagi would have to admit to herself was, that the most precious thing that her brother taught her was astrology.  It was something that he held dear to his heart and she always found comfort from it when he wasn’t around.        

However before she knew it both of her brother’s had gone off to school and both had ultimately passed.  Atsushi being the oldest graduated first and had already started his career.  Hiroki is a more recent graduate and had chosen to stay home for a short while before he dives head first in to constant work.  Nonetheless, it is vary rare for her or Suyomi to see ether of their brothers.  

Suyomi had always been the sweet one in the family, at least in Usagi’s opinion.  Thus Usagi and her brother’s have always found themselves protecting her.  Even to go as far as to going out of their way to play with her and to teach her everything that they knew or can.  And since she is the youngest it makes all of the older siblings almost adore her all the more. However, Usagi has tried to do much of that on her own when both of the boys had gone off to school.  They all knew that Suyomi had loved them all for in nonetheless.  

In the end the siblings ended up being rather close, even when the boys were out of the house. They all saw each other as often as they could, trying to spend as much time as they could together.  

In the end, even with this loving, peaceful existence Usagi knew that her family expected her to become a soul reaper.  And their greatest wish for her was to become a great one as well.  She knew that this existence will not be easy.  

Role Playing Sample:

The Ozaki family had a large estate, but it wasn’t so large that they had too much room, even with such a large family Usagi always found a good way to have some alone time. She had often wondered in to the garden for some of it.  

The garden there had always been her favorite place to hide and think since she was a child.  It was peaceful, filled with all sorts of flowers that were white, pink, purple, blue and yellow. The trees often changed with the seasons and with a small pond there it was more then tranquil.  

She had just found out that her older brother Hiroki had just completed the academy and was waiting on word about a position in one of the 13 court guard squads.  So he was back, home for the time being.  

She didn’t’ want to admit it to the rest of her family, but she could feel the pressure, the pressure to be successful and the pressure to be great.  But she could fell it.  Some times it was smothering to her. She had felt that way when she had seen Hiroki for the first time in a long time.  

She loved both of her brothers.  Yet every time that she saw one of them she felt that way.  As if she could never live up to their expectations and she hated herself for it.  

Being lost in thought as she was, she didn’t realize that she had an observer.  A smooth voice said, “Usagi, what are you doing out her all alone?”  Usagi, found herself jumping out of her skin.  She hadn’t expected anything to break the calm of the garden.  

She turned her head to find her older brother Hiroki standing behind her.  He looked just as he did before he had left for the academy.  “Hiroki, hi.  I just needed to think.”

She knew he could read the expression on her face, he always could.  Atsushi and Suyomi may both know her.  But it had always been Hiroki who could read her.  She blushed knowing that she had been caught.  He smiled at her.  He knew that all too well that he was going to see right through her.

“You know, Usagi, the sun isn’t the only thing that shines brightly.  And neither are the stars.  The moon has its own light, which shines as brightly as both.”

His words were a sort of code for her, but she knew what they had meant.  Just as she knew that she had been foolish.  A sigh excepted form her lips.  “Thank you, bother.  You always know what to say.”

“No not always, only when it comes to you little sister.”
She knew that he was smiling at her, thinking that she was just over reacting again.  But she needed this warm, caring exchange from someone, to at least know that some one was proud of her no matter what happens in the future.
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PostSubject: Re: Usagi Ozaki (Shinigami)   Usagi Ozaki (Shinigami) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 11:08 am

Over all a really good app ^_^ I can't wait to see what you do here on the forum...

Approved. Rank - 3

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Usagi Ozaki (Shinigami)
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