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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Blood feud (solo?)

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PostSubject: Blood feud (solo?)   Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:44 pm

The mark of a good hunter was patience, or that's what Stratus told himself. He enjoyed hunting humans, he loved the thrill of the chase. There was no greater joy than eviscerating a human before the scream could bring help. Then there was the cries of horror of those that found the mutilated corpse. It was all part of the game, all part of the hunt, and he savored every moment of it. Being hollow hadn't increased his sadistic nature it had merely released it. No longer restrained by the laws of man he had now followed the law of the jungle; might makes right. The weak are cattle to be fed upon. He liked things simple, but that didn't mean he was a stupid creature. His black form sat hunched over side of the building. He was watching the people down below in the alley. There was very little light, but the hollow's eyes could easily pierce the shadows that hid them from view. He had nearly consumed by true darkness. Compared to that all other shadows paled in comparison. He snickered at the thought, as his eyes followed the people. There were no more than four of them of various heights. While he couldn't tell their ages he could sense that they were not full adults. The hollow could feel their spiritual energies. After consuming so many he had a nose for it. Not all humans had large quantities, but after a fashion there was a base average. Most regular people's energy peaked a little after adulthood. These boys, had to barely be in their late teens at best. He could eat them in a heartbeat, but it would not be a very filling meal. So why was he watching them? Stratus gave another snicker to himself. The reason was simple; he had a plan. For awhile now he had been watching them. Not just them the entire city. He was always looking for prey and a lot of times he went without. Of late he had started to consume more and more hollows. Something he wasn't allowed to do back in the stronghold. Still it was human souls that were more tasty. In his observing he noticed that some people grouped up; a gang. A small army at times other times nothing more than a simple gathering. These gangs fought and during their battles lives were lost. It was convenient for the hollow all he had to do was swoop in and collect fresh kills. While less satisfying that killing them himself he still got some measure of excitement from chasing the new pluses.

So Stratus had become a vulture of sorts. Safely he fed off the humans while hiding his own spiritual power. At the same time it kept the shinigami suspicion low since the deaths were all caused by guns rather than claws. And so Stratus waited. It was while he waited when he devised his plan. He wanted more souls more humans dead. How could he increase the volume of deaths? The clashes between groups only occurred at rather random intervals. Sometimes people from the red group would wander closer to where the blue group lived. They were very territorial. But nothing aggressive like an all out war, much to his disappointment. High up on the ledge Stratus held up his hand in front of his face. He extended his index finger forward. On the very tip of his finger a small blob of slime grew. It only took a sliver of power from Stratus to transform it into crystal. Hopefully not enough to get the attention of any shinigami. The hollow slid the rough emerald onto the bottom of his thumb. He brought the index finger back around and took aim. The next second the jade stone was flicked from his hand at the group below. Stratus had enough strength to compress a car into a pancake. It was more than enough to send the sharp stone down through the chest of one of the boys and out the other side. The strike happened so fast he didn't even feel it hit him. He coughed as blood filled his lung and started to pour out the small hole the bullet had taken. His friends looked at him a he staggered then fell forward. A pool of blood started to grow beneath his body. The other three began to freak out, at first they thought he was joking, but when they saw the blood they knew it wasn't some elaborate prank. Now they panicked. They saw the hole in the back of his shirt and assumed he had been shot. Worried they were next they ran from the scene. Stratus laughed again as he jumped down from the ledge. The boy's soul had already departed his body just as his friends too flight. Now he was alone and bewildered by the sight of his own body at his feet. But that was okay, Stratus would take away that fear. He didn't have much time to waste, he needed to get to the other side of town. This would be a nice snack for what would come later. When he landed his hand grabbed the poor kid by his throat. Stratus' mask opened to reveal his mouth. A nice snack indeed.
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Blood feud (solo?)
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