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 Untimely Unknown!

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PostSubject: Untimely Unknown!   Untimely Unknown! I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 29, 2013 2:15 pm

The night was eerily calm with a full moon over head and not a cloud in the sky. Only the slightest breeze blew through the air to counter the hot and humid atmosphere. Not far from a town, the gates of the Senkaimon appeared and opened. A bright white light silhouetted two tall and slender figures before they stepped out into the moon light, walking to the seemingly empty town. "Awww! When they said we were being sent to a tropical setting, I thought there would at least be a beach nearby." One whined as she placed her hand above her eyes and tried to see in the distance around her. "You should have known better. They probably figured you would do exactly what your are thinking right now, and forget what we came here for." The other responded insensitively as she walked, keeping her gaze on the town. "Oh come on! Give me a little more credit. I know exactly why we're here, but it doesn't mean we couldn't have a little down time afterwards and enjoy ourselves." She jumped in front of her partner and put her hands on her shoulders, walking backwards as she spoke.

Her partner sighed out loud before responding. "That's precisely my point, you are already looking ahead when we are not even sure what's over there." "Grrr. I know exactly what we are facing, and it's overkill to send us both here for a few hollows." She responded as a matter of fact as they were entering the town. "But lets forget that and move onto my hair!" She said, grabbing a handful of her long golden yellow hair and held it up. "Your hair?" Her partner responded with a raised eyebrow. "Yes! This humidity is doing a number on it. I mean look at it!" She held up in front of her partner's face. "We've been here for less then ten minutes and it already has split ends. By the time we finish here, I'm gonna need to take a weed whacker to it before I get it back to its original look!" She whined, but her partner ignored her and walked on. "Mizuki!" She stretched out her partner's name to get her attention. "You know your logic makes no sense, Miyuki. We have the same hair and use the same conditioner, and this is nothing a quick bathe wont fix." She replied and held up her own long red hair briefly to show the same results. "Yeah...well...Hmph! You're no fun, do you know that?" She pouted and crossed her arms. "Only when I have work to do. Now why don't you be quiet and keep your eyes peeled for those hollow." She gently patted Miyuki on her shoulder.

A collective roar from all directions could be heard as the pair entered what seemed to be the center of the town. "I don't think we are going to have to look to hard to find them." She stated as her hands quickly went to her zanpakuto. "Well at least I know who to thank for that." She said sarcastically reaching for her own zanpakuto. "You're welcome!" Miyuki said with a sincere and innocent smile. Mizuki was about to respond when movement caught her attention. Along the roof tops and around the corners of the buidlings numerous hollow begun to emerge, looking for those who had trespassed upon their recently claimed domain. "Um, Mizuki. That doesn't look like a few hollow." She said with a nervous laughter. "You're right and they've surrounded us too." Mizuki calmly pointed out and inadvertently incited a snicker from Miyuki. "What's so funny?" Mizuki inquired. "I just thought of how Dad would have reacted if he saw us right now." She smiled deviously as she drew her sword. "Heh. He would have reduced this whole place to ash, then scold us for getting surrounded in the first place." She smiled at Miyuki while she unsheathed her own sword. "Good thing he could never stay mad at us for more then a few seconds. Besides when he told us to never allow ourselves to get surrounded, I believe he meant to not get surrounded by strong opponents." She said as she pressed her back against Mizuki's. "You may have a point there." Mizuki stated before a winged hollow lept from one of the roof tops and charged her.

The dog-like winged hollow quickly closed the distance between the females and swiped one of its large claws at Mizuki only to hit nothing but air as the pair jumped opposite of each other. The hollow had no time to react as the girls quickly sliced through its body, the blades running parallel to each other in the opposite direction. The hollow disintegrated without a sound and the pair quickly got to their previous position, backs together, facing the other's direction. "I wonder how many will test us before they..." Miyuki was cut short by the collective roar and charge from the hollow. "OH! Okay then!" She cheerful exclaimed and charged forward at the hollow directly in front of her. She jumped into the air when she got within striking distance. The hollow looked up, maintaining its gaze and drawing back its claw, ready to strike at her only to be cut down by Mizuki while being distracted. "Two down." She stated out loud. A humanoid hollow punched at Mizuki's back, but its arm was quickly severed from its body by Miyuki. Both girls twisted around each other and dispatched two more hollow; Mizuki finishing off what Miyuki left behind and Miyuki attacking a newcomer. "Dozens to go." She continued on Mizuki's remark. The pair jumped into the air meeting with their backs touching as they rose. All of a sudden the clear skies were covered by black clouds that appeared from nowhere. "Strafe the skies, Sanda Ba Do!"""Cut through the night, Kagennotsuki!" The twin shinigami released their zanpakuto in unison. Mizuki wielded a large red and black scythe and without warning a bright explosion of energy shot out of the top end, propelling her straight down. Not a split second afterwards, a bolt of lightning directly hit Miyuki, with explosive force. Miyuki stood tall, completely unfazed by nature's attack. With her lightning infused golden gauntlets upon her hands and forearms she shot forward with as much force as Mizuki.

The last hollow disintegrated after being split in two as it tried to run away from Mizuki's blood covered cleaving scythe. "HEY! That one was mine! Miyuki balked, landing next to Mizuki. "You were too slow, Sis." Mizuki responded making Miyuki growl. "Don't be mad." Mizuki sealed and sheathed her zanpakuto. "Tell you what. Next time you get the last one." She said, placing her hand on Miyuki's shoulder. "You promise?" Miyuki asked with hesitation. "I promise." She assured her sister. "YAY!! Thank you thank you thank you!" Miyuki cheered and praised, hugging Mizuki tightly.  "Okay okay. That's enough." Mizuki said, pushing Miyuki away with a smile. "Come on, let's get back to Seireitei. We've been out here all night and I good use some sleep in the comforts of the estate." She stated looking towards the east, where the sun was just peeking over the horizon. "Kay!" Miyuki quickly expressed, sealing her zanpakuto and piercing it straight through the open air, the blade disappearing through the dimensions. "Unlock!" She shouted as she turned the blade counter clockwise.  A Senkaimon appeared in front of the pair from out of nowhere.

The moment the twins made it to the other side of the Senkaimon and into Seireitei, they were greeted by two rows of Omnitsukido on either side of the gate and a lone member in the center gazing at them. "Miyuki-sama, Mizuki-sama. Welcome back." The lone male spoke with an elegant tone and bowed respectfully. "Hello Yuu-san. What brings you so far away from the estate?" Mizuki asked rhetorically but with a sly grin, knowing that he would be there, waiting for their return. "You should have gone to get me before you left." He spoke softly with a hint of disappointment as he stood up straight. He looked to be in his late twenties, early thirties and barely reached just above their chest, standing at 5'8". He had long black hair that dropped past his waist and had only one eye, where his right eye would have been was a black eye-patch. He carried a pair of zanpakuto, a standard sized katana and a wakizashi covered by a white sheathe and black handle with a two spoke swirl tsuba."Well, you know Yuu-san, we wanted too, but we thought it was a little late and that you would be asleep." Miyuki giggled as she came out with the obvious lie.


Yuu just let out a soft sigh. "Even if I had believed that for a second, you both know I wouldn't let a minor inconvenience such as sleep get in the way of my duties. I've been..." "Watching over us since before we could walk." Mizuki rolled her eyes as she completed what Yuu was about to say. Yuu looked at her with his eyebrow raised but did not say a word. "Sorry." She blushed and quickly apologized nervously. "With that being the case, try not to let it turn into a habit." Yuu continued as if he wasn't interrupted. "Fair enough." Mizuki responded and started to walk past Yuu. "We won't be going back that way, Mizuki-sama." Yuu tried to stop her. "We could really use some sleep, Yuu-san." She said and kept walking. "Understandable, but he finished last night and figured you wouldn't want to wait any longer. I assume that is why you volunteered and went off last night, on your own. So that you could distract yourselves." Yuu concluded with a serious stare.

Mizuki tried to respond, but her face said more then anything she could say out loud. "Forgive me, Mizuki-sama... I... It's been..." Yuu was cut off when Mizuki gently waved her hand. "It's okay, Yuu-san. That's why we are going through with this. So we don't have to feel this way." She responded softly. "Ofcourse." Yuu stated solemnly. He didn't completely agree with their intentions, but there was nothing he could do or say to dissuade them for what they have planned. All he could do was insure that they remain safe. Yuu looked to the rows of Omnitsukido before quickly dismissing them. They left without any objections. Their only duty there was to tend to the pair is they were injured. The Omnitsukido knew the twins were safe with their benefactor. "Shall we?" Yuu began walking in front of the twins.

Before long they passed through the gates of the Research and Development Institute. Mostly no one paid them any particular attention as they made their ways through the paths. Those that did merely wished them a good morning. As they approached the main building, the door opened just as Yuu was about to knock. A young teen boy appeared in a white lab coat to greet the trio. "This way. The Captain is in his office." The young man said as he let the trio through and closed the door behind them. The trio went on ahead, knowing where to find the office. Once there Yuu knocked on the door, but there was no answer. "He probably fell asleep at his desk again." Miyuki stated before opening the door and sticking her head in. "Yup. He's asleep." She giggled and stepped in, followed closely by the others. "HEY CAPTAIN!!" She yelled causing the sleepy captain to jump up. "SOKATSUI!" He shouted sending a large blue wave of fire in the trio's direction. "DANKU!" Yuu exclaimed creating a clear barrier infront of of the trio that absorbed the blast. "What the hell! Cap..." Miyuki was quickly stopped when Mizuki slapped her on the back of her head. "That was your fault, Miyuki. You shouldn't have scared him." Mizuki scolded her sister. "OW, did you have to hit me so hard?!" Miyuki cried out as she rubbed her head. "Yes! Or else you won't learn." She stated insensitively.

Yuu let the twins continue to bicker while he went over to the captain. The captain was an average looking person, thin but fit, standing at 5'10" with unkempt red hair falling just past his ears. "Sorry about that Captain. It was completely unintended I assure you. We were told you were expecting us." Yuu stated with a bow. "I'm the one who should be apologizing, Yuu." The captain stated. "Nonsense. Right, Miyuki?" Yuu looked over to the arguing twins who quickly stopped at the mention of Miyuki's name. Mizuki "nudged" Miyuki forward. "Uh, yeah, right. Sorry, Captain." She said with as much humility as she could muster for the moment. The captain only chuckled, as he wanted to accept some of the responsibility as well. "Well, no one was hurt. No harm, no foul." He added and quickly grabbed a key card from his desk. "I suppose you don't want to waste anymore time." He stated holding the card up. "Not if it can be helped, Captain." Mizuki responded. "Come this way then." He quickly made his way to the door.

"I can't help but repeat how dangerous this is." The captain stated as they walked through the building. "We know, Captain, but we've already made up our mind." Mizuki responded without hesitation. "I realize that. But know that if you go through with this, you are just as likely to make things worse." He stopped and turned with a serious look as they entered into a large empty room. "That's a chance we are willing to take." Miyuki stated seriously just before a spike of heavy reiatsu hit the group. "Then you are the only ones." A low voice spoke loudly from the doorway the group had just entered from. The group quickly turned to see the interloper and were shocked to see three captains walking towards them. "Did you really think Central 46 would let you go through with your plan? The dark man in the middle asked. He was a muscular man with a goatee on hi chin, reaching no more then six feet with no hair on his head, and dark sunglasses covering his eyes. His Haori bore the insignia of the 5th Division. "This is not a decision for those 46 idiotic judges to make, Captain Urameshi." Mizuki spoke boldly.

Captain Urameshi:

"You would do well to remember your place, Mizuki. And know that you face charges of Treason if you wish to continue." The female captain to the left of Urameshi stated. She was the smallest of the three, at 5'4" with short green hair and black eyes. Her haori showed the 3rd Division's insignia. "Treason?! Captain Kamiya you can't be serious! We are trying to save Soul Society!" Miyuki contested against the proposed charges. "Don't try to cloak your selfish endeavor under the veil of Soul society's salvation. You are merely trying to cheat fate as a means to deny the inevitability of the death of a loved one, or in your case the death of two loved ones." Captain Kamiya spoke without remorse. A fire ignited in Miyuki's eyes, not seen by many, the only reason she did not attack was because Mizuki held her back. "You're wrong! He can help! He can end this before it even starts!" Mizuki shouted her objection.

Captain Kamiya:

"You over estimate that man's strength. You forget what happened in his last encounter." The last captain spoke. He was 5'8" with short spiky white hair and crimson eyes. The 11th division insignia was clearly visible on his haori."That was his last encounter, Captain Kenpachi. YOU forget that he fought to a stalemate against that monster during their first encounter, long before either of you even held a seat in the Gotei. After that, that monster disappeared for a long time and returned here a hundred times more powerful, taking out 5 captains in just over a month's time. Our security measures cannot keep it out, and none of you stand a chance of defeating it. HE is our only chance." Mizuki affirmed with all the captains' eyes narrowing in on her. "A plan has already been formulated to take care of the situation. Be that as it may, we'll not let you go through with it." Captain Kenpachi responded.

Captain Kenpachi:

"This is your only chance. Central 46 has taken into account your service and your family's contributions to the Gotei 13. If you discontinue your actions right now, no charges will be brought up. But if you continue, nothing will be able to help you." Captain Urameshi gave them one last chance. Yuu gave the ally captain a quick look before charging in, drawing both his swords and slicing at Captain Urameshi. "YUU!" Miyuki called out. "GO! Captain DanShir! Get them out of here!" Yuu ordered as he clashed with two of the captains' blades that stopped his attack. "Hurry!" Captain DanShir grabbed the twin's shoulders and started pulling them away. "NO! We can't leave him. He is supposed to come with us! YUU!" She pleaded and tried to get back to Yuu as she was practically dragged away by the captain and Mizuki.

Captain Urameshi looked down at Yuu, disappointingly. "I figured you would have tried to persuade them to reconsider. To think that you would defy your duties to the family. They will bring nothing but dishonor." He let out a sigh. "You see that's where you were mistaken. I haven't served the family since I was hand picked by their father to watch over them. I am fulfilling my duties precisely as he would want me too." Yuu responded with a pleased grin. "So be it. Kamiya." Captain Urameshi called out the captain's name without looking at her. "Sing, Kanaria." She called out her zanpakuto, at which time it started to hum. Yuu jumped back quickly, but Captain Kamiya followed him and launched a powerful blast of piercing sound at him with a swing of her sword, sending him to his knees. "Give up now, before you lose more then just your voice." She offered him one last chance.

He looked up confused by her words and mouthed "What do you mean?" but not a sound escaped his lips. He reached for his throat as she began to speak. "The sound is just a byproduct of my Kanaria's ability. It's true purpose, well, other then pain, is focus vibrations to disrupt or destroy the opponents body on the inside. My blade never has to touch you. I just stimulated your vocal cords so much that they no longer work. Only temporary for now, but given that you won't be able to release your zanpakuto without the invocation, this fight is already over." She explained to Yuu who was shocked to hear of such an ability. "Well? She asked as he dropped his head and slumped over in defeat. Then his shoulders started to bounce and he threw his head back, his mouth wide open, but no sound came out. "I think he's laughing." Captain Kenpachi took a step forward. Yuu slowly got to his feet, still laughing silently, so much so that tears were rolling down his cheeks. "You think this is funny?!" Captain Kamiya shouted. Yuu shook his head to say no and at the same time his spiritual pressure began to rise. He crossed his swords in front of him and drew them outwards. The once silver-toned blades turned jet black in color and the width from the blade to flat edge doubled. "Impossible! Unless?!" Before she could think Yuu charged forward  swinging his dual jet black blades.

Captain DanShir led the girls through the halls and down a stair case. "No wait. We have to go help him." Miyuki stopped running. "No we can't. This is your only chance left. Captain DanShir grabbed her arm and pulled her along. "Yuu's attack on the other captains sealed your fate here. Your only hope now is to get to your father." He urged and kept moving. "Be warned. You will be unknown. You have to let events certain events unfold without any interference or you risk changing more than originally planned for. He won't be the same man you knew. If my calculations are correct you should be arriving not long before the encounter." He continued as they entered into another large room, this one filled with strange equipment and a team of researchers. "Are we ready? Is it set to go?" He asked urgently. "Two more minutes Captain." An older looking female. "We don't have two minutes. Miyuki, Mizuki, you two get on the platform over there." The captain ordered the twins and pushed them. "No matter what, you stay there. You got that?" He asserted. "But.." Mizuki tried to speak. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" He shouted at them. "Y-yes sir." Mizuki and Miyuki agreed at the same time. "I believe in you two. I believe in that man, because I know first hand just what he is capable of. That is why I agreed to help you. There may be other options, but this is the best one. Good luck." He turned around and ran to a computer console where another member was standing and frantically punching in commands.

"NO MATTER WHAT, SENDING THEM OFF IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OBJECTIVE! YOU DO NOT STOP FOR ANYTHING, NOT EVEN ME, UNTIL THEY ARE GONE!" Captain Danshir ordered his underlings. "YES SIR!" the members shouted in unison. Just then one of the walls exploded into the room sending dust and debris everywhere. Yuu landed on top of one of the large machines in a bloody mess and was not moving. "YUU!" The twins shouted in unison and took a small step forward trying desperately not to go to his aid. "SEND THEM OFF...NOW!" Captain Danshir commanded and rushed the three emerging captains. "BANKAI!! He invoked his zanpakuto's most powerful from charging in head first, completely uncharacteristically. "CAPTAIN!" Mizuki yelled. Captain DanShir was using every once of power he had to hold off the captains and give the twins the time they needed. The structure buckled under the tremendous power unleashed by the clashing captains. It was a wonder how it was even still standing. "TEN SECONDS!" One of the research members shouted. "KENPACHI! THE MACHINE, DESTROY IT!!" Captain Urameshi ordered. Kenpachi didn't respond and quickly left Captain Danshir to the other two captains. Captain Kenpachi got with ten feet of the machine when Yuu suddenly appeared in front of him in a destroyed, bloody mess. Captain Kenpachi stared in shock as Yuu confronted him, unable to comprehend how he was still alive. "5...4...3" The member began the short count down. Captain Kenpachi sliced through what was left of Yuu "2...1" The member was cut down by Kenpachi, but the member running the real controls was on the otherside of the room. "Good luck." The older female wished the twin crying twins who had to witness there friends dying before there eyes. The female quickly threw a large switch. Lightning flew throughout the structure in magnificient fashion. The two captains engaged with Captain DanShir cut him down and raced to the main controls to try and stop the twins, but it was too late. By the time they made it the twins had already disappeared. "DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU DID!" Captain Urameshi yelled out rhetorically. "We followed our orders." The female stated. Captain Kenpachi quickly ran her thru with his sword. "Stupid bitch." He pulled his sword back and watched her drop to the floor instantly. "Nothing we can do about it now." Captain Kamiya stated and sheathed her sword and started to walk away. As she walked off she made note of the lifeless bodies of Yuu and Captain DanShir, both of which had smiles on their faces. A loud "hmph" escaped her lips as she passed.

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