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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 [CB] Lost and found (open)

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PostSubject: [CB] Lost and found (open)   Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:56 am

District 4 West Rukongai

The mid day sun had an subtle warmth to it. Earlier that day a brisk wind had sent chills into the residents. The sun had been hidden by clouds during that time. Everyone had thought that it would be a dreary and moody day. Soul Society was just like Earth in some respects. There were days of rain and days of sunshine. Rare thought it was there was also snow from time to time. A full display of seasons came to this place. Still no one thought much of it more than the fact it occurred. For the townfolk this was normal. With the sunshine and warmth they began to fell that things were looking up. The wind died down and the streets became more active. Those that had put things off for later, suddenly found themselves trying to salvage what little they could of the remaining daylight. They were an industrious district. Being close to to Seireitei afforded them some level of security from the frequent shinigami visits. There was a host of goods they created from the markets that existed in and around the area. Small farms dotted the lands. They had even made special dyes and fragrances that many woman shingami favored. It was a simple lifestyle that they lived. Not a perfect one, but better than those in the outer districts.

But it wasn't all about work for the district. There were children that took this time to play while their family's were busy. It wasn't that they were too young, but the adults felt they didn't need the extra pair of small hands. It was nice to allow the children to be children from time to time. At this time the kids were playing a game of "Foxes in the hen house" The game was similar to kick the can. Instead of a can they had a ball that the person that was it had to protect. The little blonde girl was having a time of it finding the foxes before they found their way to her precious egg. Still it was all fun and games. Not a care in the world as the sun finished it's trip across the sky. Together then raced through the streets laughing and joking. The girl gave a squeal of surprise as the boy jumped down from the rooftop and ran down the alley. "Come back her!" she shouted after him as she followed. The brown haired boy looked back to see if he was being followed, he could barely make out the form of his pursuer. Before he could look in front of him he ran into something. The young boy was knocked backwards onto his butt and his head rattled. When he looked up nothing was in front of him only the end of the alley. Already the girl caught up with the stunned boy.
"Found Rylan!" she shouted and tapped him on the head. The next second she had turned around and headed the other way. She didn't way to get too far from the egg. The boy sat there groaning. As he stood up his foot kicked something. There was enough light in the alley for him to see it was box; it looked wooden. He looked back and forth several times before bending over to pick it up. Rylan tuned the box over in his hands several times examining it. Finally he gave it a shake and listened as something rattled inside. There looked to be a lock on the box. It hadn't been there a moment ago. Had he bumped into someone and they had dropped it? He wasn't sure. With the box under his arm he ran down alley back into the street.

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[CB] Lost and found (open)
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