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 Free Role Play (trial)

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PostSubject: Free Role Play (trial)   Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:11 am

Alright ladies and gents, for the past week, your mods and admins have been trying to think of new ways to improve the RP experience on our humble site. I have thrown out the idea of have a Free Role Play in which stats are no longer relevant. As far as the other mods are concerned, the consensus is that it is worth a try. The primary reason for this is because the current stats that we use, even as balanced as they are, are also limiting at the same time. With the stats thrown out, I believe that we can get a better sense of how strong a character should be at certain ranks. With the current stats, even a rank 5 has the ability to take on a mid-level captain or other equally strong PC and still be able to pressure them, which for all intended purposes should not be able to. Even though the stat system will be on hiatus for the time being, the current ranking system will still be applicable to the site and strength of characters. At this point with the free role play, strength between Ranks SHOULD be substantially higher and closer to what I believe to be anime/manga levels. That being said, even a rank 0 vs a rank 1 (academy student / Unseated shinigami) would have a decent gap in strength, but not overwhelming as lets say rank 0 vs rank 2 (Student / Seated shinigami), or for that matter, a rank 6 vs a rank 7 (VC/Captain), where the gap has been shown to be of pretty colossal difference. Also the mods have come to an understanding that they would probably have to be more active so as to not have any God Modding or meta gaming. It is highly encouraged that during this trial period either one of those possible situations be reported to a mod/admin for swift actions.

At this time, the length of the trial period as yet to be determined, so enjoy it while it lasts. Also for the sake of covering all our bases, you should still submit all rank up threads and requested stat increases should we end up going back to the stat based system. But otherwise stats should be ignored for now.


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PostSubject: Re: Free Role Play (trial)   Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:14 am

I'm Arawn and I support this message. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Free Role Play (trial)   Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:39 pm

Boo! I don't support. Falcon Punch
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PostSubject: Re: Free Role Play (trial)   

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Free Role Play (trial)
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