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 Unknown Chaos Within (Part IV) (Solo)

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PostSubject: Unknown Chaos Within (Part IV) (Solo)   Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:55 am

Links to part I, II, and III:

"Rupture, Tamashī konton, and may your powers reign terror over all." Anna said, and suddenly an energy pulses from the sword in her hand, the zanpakuto she never knew was hers. The energy pulse, though, caused the dirt at Anna's feet to suddenly dance around spontaneously, and cause smoke to explode around her zanpakuto soon after. Anna smiled as the smoke began to clear, and what would remain behind would be rather surprising... The zanpakuto would seem to be unchanged. This was a surprising view for Anna, but she didn't question it, and instead she accepted it. She felt no change, but the weapon felt like it was full of energy, as though something inside of it was bubbling with potential. Anna lifted the blade towards Tamashī konton, and as she did this Tamashī would be seen wielding the same blade.

"I'm mean, so you're going to have to wait to use my true form. For now, enjoy phasing through to it." said Tamashī, and Anna narrowed her eyes in confusion. Did this mean that this sword she was holding wasn't the true Shikai? Of course, Tamashī did say that she wasn't like a sword... Maybe it was a lie to trick Anna into a confused state so that her confidence in the training was slightly interrupted. Didn't really work. Tamashī was smiling and suddenly disappeared. She was in the process of a spin when she next appeared behind Anna, but Anna was quick enough to spin around and have their swords contact. What Anna wasn't expecting was the strength behind the attack, and Anna had to actually push herself from being knocked away. Her knees bent and she fell to one knee, but her blade stayed perfectly still between the force of Anna pushing back and the attacks energy keeping her from getting up. Anna's eyes lit up and she quickly started to push herself back up. She gained the ability to stand once again, and this was her mistake. The moment she went to push Tamashī back she flew forward due to a trick. Tamashī decided that she wanted to attack from behind, again.

"You get stuck too easily." Tamashī said, and Anna spun around with the blades colliding again, but this time she knew what to do, and let her blade bounce back. She was right, because the moment the blades hit Tamashī was behind her again, and the bouncing back of the blade gave her momentum to swing behind with ease, giving her an advantage. Her blade hit Tamashī's and caught her off guard, a stumble and almost fall from the confusion leading to a spark in the eyes of the zanpakuto. Suddenly the hilts of the blades lengthened, and the Yatagan blade shortened but was still the same shape, give or take. Anna saw this as a form of Naginata, and that is really what it was most like. She swiftly pushed herself back and spun the weapon in her hand as if it were a baton, and she puts her other hand behind her while letting the weapon swing to her back so she can catch it.

"Well what do ya know? The weapon isn't the same." she said as Tamashī stabbed the Naginata towards her, but Anna retaliated by swiftly spinning and letting her own Naginata swing freely towards Tamashī. Her zanpakuto had to react quickly and did so with a quick shunpo to where Anna was most unprotected currently: her front. Tamashī swung the weapon towards Anna's head, but Anna kept in her spin, ducking her head slightly forwards, and lifting the weapon so it could knock Tamashī back slightly. She then stopped the momentum of the weapon using her hand and spinning it so that the blade would be going in a downwards motion behind, towards Tamashī. The reaction was flawless, and Anna had to be quick to counter the attack that came surprisingly from in front of her, and she was. Before her blade could reach her opponent they were gone and spinning the blade like a Baton in front of her. Not a normal tactic to use with any weapon, but stylish nonetheless. Anna had suddenly jabbed forwards the bottom of her zanpakuto towards Tamashī with the hopes of hitting her in the stomach, and she succeeded with knocking the breath out of the little girl, but with the price of taking a cut along her left arm. She let out a gasp of pain and a slight swear under her breath, but other than that she continued her fight.

"You're not going to get anywhere with this!" Tamashī yelled and suddenly Anna felt the weapon she was holding suddenly move, and looked at it with wonder. The weapon was getting even longer, and the Yatagan was fully reformed at one end, but at the other, on the flat side of the Yatagan, lied the blades of a scythe. Anna looked at this new weapon with wonder. It was interesting, to say the least, and she would have quite a bit of fun now. She swiftly grabbed the zanpakuto above the scythe blades, and held the weapon like a sword, and all Tamashī could do was smile, as though she knew something that Anna didn't. Anna quickly swung down with the blade like she would with a sword, and she felt the disappearance of Tamashī with ease. Before her blade hit the ground she stopped that momentum and through herself forward, pushing her zanpakuto back and letting it slide through her fingers. It hits something, and she hears the sound of a little girl swearing. Anna turned after regaining her balance from forcing herself to stumble forward, and she grabbed just before the sword end of her zanpakuto. With a smile, she saw blood flowing from Tamashī. Anna knew that Tamashī wouldn't let this go unpunished, and so she prepared herself for the worst, and heard the crackling of branches to her right. She reacted slowly only due to the fact that Tamashī was still standing before her with an unwavering smile, and she felt the Scythe blade pierce through her back and knock her forwards slightly. There was a scream of pain and then realisation of the situation. Anna looked down crying from the pain of the Scythe having impaled her, but what scared her even more was how little it damaged her when pulled out. Was this an ability of hers? She turned to Tamashī, such a tactic was torture!

"What did you just do?" Anna asked Tamashī but never got a response. Tamashī simply swung the Yatagan blade towards her in an upwards motion, and she also propelled herself forwards and rooted herself in the ground with her left foot, something Anna didn't do as she lifted the zanpakutou in front of her. This causes Anna to suddenly fall backwards and onto the ground. Anna was seriously getting annoyed, and before she knew it she was back up and rushing towards Tamashī, a glow in her eyes as she swung the Scythe blade horizontally at Tamashī but keeping both hands on, the flat of her Yatagan blade hitting her side. The moment she feels the Yatagan blade touch her side she let go of her Scythe and spun around whilst keeping the Scythe flowing towards Tamashī, but then she held out her free hand and caught something.

She caught the true swing that was aimed for her back, and with it she also fractured a few bones in her hand. Anna pulled Tamashī behind her and bent her elbow with the armed hand, thrusting it behind herself. With Tamashī stumbling it added onto the momentum of her being forced through the blade, her throat now impaled and blood pouring from the little girls mouth. Tamashī merely tilted her head, and stared at Anna. The blood flowing from both the wound and from her mouth was a sight Anna hadn't been ready for. Even though a zanpakuto, the image was still a little girl. This caused Anna to suddenly widen her eyes and to retaliate by dropping her weapon, but the moment she did that she felt a blade stab through her back, just shy of vital organs and her spine. Anna coughed up a low mixture of a scream and gasp. The result was strange, but she felt the blade leave her stomach and the blood flow. Putting her hand over the new wound she fell to her knees without thinking. She wanted to not have done such a dramatically stupid thing, but before she could recover from what she did, Tamashī had her Scythe blades held in front of Anna, the blades ready to cut off her head. There was a soft laugh, and before either realised it Anna had grabbed her own zanpakuto that was right next to her and lifted it to bat away Tamashī's. She then forced the yatagan to Tamashī's throat by bending her elbow and shoving it behind her. It slightly pierced the throat as Anna got up anf looked behind her, keeping the blade point at Tamashī's throat still.

"Well, it seems that you're ready to use me..." Tamashī said and her sword disappeared, but she was finished. Anna let her guard down the moment the weapon was gone, and that let Tamashī easily shunpo a punch with enough strength to knock out Anna, and down she fell. Tamashī sighed and the Shikai reverted back to sealed, a blood red yatagan, pure metal. "Well, you're ready, but you still suck. I guess I'll wait until you wake up befo-" suddenly the whole area quaked, and Tamashī knew that there could only be one reason as to why. Anna woke up quickly and saw Tamashī's face; she saw a picture of experiencing horror and confusion at the same time, and then Tamashī turned to Anna.

"Leave..." she said and instantly kicked Anna in between the eyes, and everything went blank. Anna was suddenly moving around, and before she knew it she was back in... Rukongai?! She felt the zanpakuto at her side, and then she looked up to see somebody familiar... Somebody she didn't truly know but she had met from moment to moment.

"Hello Anna, I guess it's time that I truly... Truly told you who I am. Judging by the fact that you have Tamī, I would say that you're knowledgeable about your Shikai." said Eric, the man she met a couple times before. "My name is Eric, and I happen to be your half-brother. I share the same mother." he said dropping right in front of Anna. Anna looked him dead in the eye, and she could tell that he was being serious.

"Mother's name?" Anna asked as she still had doubt. If he could answer this, then she would believe him. Even if he dug up information on her this wouldn't be something anybody could answer. She had her name changed a while ago. Eric laughed and looked towards the ground. Anna hadn't used her real name for a while now, and so if he were to use Anna's last name then... Well she would know that he was lying.

"Isabella McLeod..." Eric said, and Anna suddenly went on the defensive, her blade held ready and her stance strong.

"You... Who are you? How do you...?" Anna asked, and Eric sighed as he stood up. He didn't draw his blade, but he quietly pushed Anna's blade down.

"I told you... My name is Eric Foley. I am son of Finley Ryan Foley, and son of Isabella Jane McLeod. Older brother of Isabella Anne McLeod, Emily Jane McLeod, Blair Leigh McLeod." he said and she heard a third McLeod, another sister. She knew of her, but was never able to meet her... She was so startled by this man... He was Irish too, she could tell from his name that much. She sat back down and looked at her half-brother.

"I don't know Blair... I heard that she was great, and that she went to live with a better family. Do you know anything about it?" Anna asked him. She was sure that he knew which twin she was, but for now she was going to... Soak in as much as she could. She felt the cold hard ground with her hands, and shivered as she thought about when she was alive, about when she was human still. There was a soft sigh from Eric, and she looked up at him. her brother, an older brother at that. It was strange, she thought she'd never be able to have a family to rely on again, but standing right in front of her was such family.

"Blair died at the age of six..." he replied, and Anna was slightly hurt, but she recovered from it quickly. She stood up and started walking away, but Eric kept speaking. "There is this thing called... Hollowfication. I had fought a shinigami that went through it with a few others, he was powerful. Any ways, I would like to say that he was powerful, and dispatching him was a shame... His power may have been of some use." said he, and Anna just kept walking...

She would soon die, so it didn't matter.
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Unknown Chaos Within (Part IV) (Solo)
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