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 The Birth of Seis Kira

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PostSubject: The Birth of Seis Kira   The Birth of Seis Kira I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 02, 2013 9:38 pm

A young man of Iraqi descent stood outside of a moderately sized stone house, among many others of a similar build among the sand filled pathway. Hi skin seemed that of a light milk chocolate tone, and his hair was as black as a raven’s plumage, yet it was as messy as if he had been wrestling cats, or in his case younger siblings. He looked up to the sky, and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Today was even hotter than usual, but what do you expect when you live in the Sahara Desert? The sands shifted slowly along the ground, and few people moved around the street. The boy walked down the right of the path in the direction of the nearby market street since it was his day to get the food for his family today. The boy lived with a family of four, His loving and beautiful mother along with his two younger sisters. As he walked he past near the much richer houses, and gave the houses a vile look. They had everything. The richer families had money…they had food brought to them, and they even had blasted cars! If there was any negative emotion that this boy had ever felt in his life it was jealousy, yet it did not control him like most others. There was the occasional urge to do something, but really what would he do, and what could he even do? Plus, there was always the consequences that would come out of it…
Anyways, the boy let the thought leave his mind as he remembered that he already had a job to do, so really he shouldn’t be wasting time brooding over something so immaturely and it was completely unnecessary. The boy merely walked on down to the market street, and began to count the money in his pocket making sure he had enough. He walked as he counted not taking his eyes off the currency and did not look for a second. It would be a shame if he had bumped into someone, but there was one problem with that today, because there was no one. He continued walking towards the usual market stand he got food from, and continued to count his money without looking up and simply called the market owner’s name with reluctance and began to speak off his shopping list.
“Ivan we’d like the usual once again: twenty five strawberries, six pounds of beef, three full water skins…” The boy continued to read down the list not lifting his head once as he simply talked to an empty food stand, and after he had finished he spoke again as he slowly looked up. “So you got that all Iv-…Ivan?” The young man was shocked to see the regular shop keeper was not there. Normally just bring out a bit of money and he would be there faster than you could turn on a light bulb, but not today. This was definitely unsettling as the boy looked over the counter thinking that Ivan may be playing a joke, and after the boy had gotten a good look inside it was obvious that this was no joke. As the boy backed away from the shop stand he tripped backwards and began to fall, but caught himself on his hands and pushed himself up facing the opposite direction he was before, and what he saw quickly put fear into his mind. Nobody was there. Not a single soul, nor living person in the entire area. As he the boy watched he noticed one thing that scared him the most…the sands…had stopped shifting.
He couldn’t believe what was happening. Time had seemed to stop, and from the looks of it the flow of time really had stopped. The mere thought horrified the boy, and just the thought of time not flowing anymore seemed to bring out horrible possibilities of what could happen in his mind, but what bothered him the most was one question in his mind. "Why am I still able to move?” As if he had said the question out loud he soon got an immediate response from a sly feminine voice that spoke with contempt. “Only because I chose to let you keep moving, Matthew; you silly little boy.” Immediately, Matthew looked back to the voice, and was surprised to see a woman standing there.
Like most young boys at Matthew’s age their first thought was always. “Whoa she’s hot…” Believe this when you hear it, that saying that she was hot was the wrong estimate. It was and under estimate. She stood tall at six feet and three inches. She looked about average weight, and had a slightly athletic body build. She wore a dress that seemed to be made of fine garments like silk with many small trinkets looking as if they were made out of bone. Her eyes were a dark blue, and her hair reached down to her waist and was as white as snow. Her face was delicate, yet fierce and she had a couple of black stripes across her face in the formation of what looked like the letter T.
As soon as Matthew snapped out of day dream land and realized two very important details. Detail number one was that the woman knew his name, but the even more terrifying detail was that the time stop had not affected her either. Matthew was beginning to speculate ideas trying to find out, but then felt stupid as he remembered what she had said just a few minutes ago. She’s letting him still move meaning only one thing. This was her doing. Slowly and cautiously the young teen asked the woman while looking to the sides to see if time was restored yet, which sadly it was not. “You’re the one…who did all of this…?”
The woman chuckled at the boy, as if he were a toddler trying to take his first steps since he had caught on so slowly, and she replied with a coy chuckle and spoke with content. “Ahh so you finally caught on huh? Well that’s good because you’d be no fun if you were that stupid.” That last remark insulted the Iraqi boy and he began to grunt with anger. Though it was hard to believe, Matthew was a lot of things, but stupid was definitely not one of them, and that began to tick him off. He soon yelled at the older woman and threw his hands up in the air as he did so. “Shut up! Who do you think you are anyways calling me stupid, and doing something like this?! Turn everyone back to normal now!” The woman just merely glared silently at the boy as if she was the queen and she would be treated with respect. Slowly her death stare slowly turned into a chuckle, and began going into a maniacal laugh of that belonging to an evil villain. Her laugh slowly died down to a sinister giggle and she began to speak once again. “My, my quite a feisty one you are, so I’m sure you’ll provide great entertainment tonight.” As she said this she gave a sinister wink and yet another chuckle.
The boy seemed surprised with this, and began to question as he began to move towards the woman. “Wait…what are you talking abo-“In a mere flash of black the woman was gone. It was strange and mystifying how she simply disappeared, but there was a trace left of her. Matthew could taste it in the air…he breathed from his mouth and the horrible taste seeped in, yet he didn’t exactly know the taste…yet it seemed familiar. Like he had been near this flavor, or whatever it was before. He then tried breathing through his nose, and the horrid stench immediately rose into his nostrils. He knew this stench… it was such a rare thing to smell for him…, but he knew it because this was the scent of something you could never forget smelling. The scent was none other than the smell of fresh blood.
The instant the boy began to calm down the sands slowly began to shift again to his surprise. At first he started hearing things. It sounded like static at first, but slowly got more and more clear and easy to find out what it was. The sounds were voices. The boy blinked and instantly not only were the sands shifting once again, but people were moving, yet he seemed to be standing in a different position then he just was. A greedy remark snapped him out of his trance and the boy found himself facing Ivan. The overweight merchant with the face of a pig seemed slightly annoyed. “Are youou going to pay me or what little boy?” Matthew gave one last final look at where the woman had been and turned back to the greedy shop keeper, and put forth his currency. “Yes…” An hour later the sun was starting to come down, so Matthew began to go on his way home carrying multiple bags containing his purchases. As he walked past the home of the rich once again he stopped to look at the window. For a second it looked as if the curtains had moved, and this was to be expected because normally the rich liked to mock the poor from their windows, but what the boy thought he saw wasn’t exactly the usual thing. It looked as if he had saw a mask…of a beast, it looked like it had ram horns and its eyes were black with yellow circles in the middle. At first Matthew began to think the mask was moving, but then heard a familiar voice that immediately filled him with sweet relief.
“Honey come on home already, I need to start making dinner you silly goat. Haha.” Matthew turned to face his mother. Her smile warmed the boy inside as he chuckled along with her. Silly goat was always the nick name she used for him and his sisters, it was such an adorable name that sometimes it reminded the boy of when he was small and snuggled with his mother, and unlike most boys he was not embarrassed of those wonderful times. He loved his mother very much. For a split second he looked back to where the mask had been, and saw it was no longer there. Matthew had begun to wonder if it was his imagination, but he decided to just forget about since his mother was calling for him. He quickly walked to his mother and followed her back inside their small home.
Later that night, Matthew was tucking his younger sisters Hailey and Paige in. Hailey was around ten, and Paige was about six, but they acted as if their ages were reversed all the time, and Hailey was barely taller than page, so people had easily made the mistake that Paige was older. Matthew gently kissed both of their foreheads like his mother used to do when he was little, and smiled as he watched them sleep. He soon felt a hand on his shoulder, and slightly jumped, but relaxed when he turned around to face his mother once again. “Looks like they fell asleep huh my silly little goat?” She asked playfully. Matthew felt slightly embarrassed at the word little and said back. “Mom! I’m not that little I’m taller than you now…” Her mother simply smiled at her child’s words, and then slowly wrapped her arms around him and spoke. “You’ll always be my little silly goat to me. “ At these words the boy argued no longer, and simply embraced his mother. He clung to her as she did the same, and took in the sweet smell of her and began to relax. “Goodnight mom…”. “Goodnight sweetie.” At their last words they separated and parted ways to their rooms. Matthew turned back to look at his mother once more before heading to bed, and then went into his room. Little did he know though, that this was the last night of his mother being with him.
There was a howl. Matthew immediately woke up and looked around. It was still dark, and everything seemed to be quiet. He wasn’t sure and slowly laid backed down looking to the ceiling, but immediately flinched as he saw a familiar face looking back down at him. It was the mask from before merely feet above him, but this time it was more than just the mask this time. There was a thick dark green neck attached to the mask, and down the mask a large naked body of the same color with many muscles and was easily more than three times the boy’s size. The masked beast opened its jaws and let forth another roar, and instantly one of its arms had turned into a long scythe. With hunger in its eyes, the beast slashed down with its scythed arm aiming straight at Matthew.
Matthew quickly rolled out of his bed and dodged the blade by mere inches. The beast roared again and attempted to move, but its scythe was stuck in the bed and it could not pry itself loose. Matthew wasn’t sure why, but he knew the beast was after him and him alone, so he knew what he had to do. He quickly ran out his room out onto the open streets knowing the beast would follow, and sadly he was right. The beast had almost immediately came out from the roof over the boy’s room and landed in front of him, but this time with a passenger on its back. “My oh my, you are doing exceptionally well, and even better than I thought you would.” Matthews’s emotions quickly changed from fear to anger as he recognized the voice that mocked him. “You…you’re that woman from before!” The familiar woman chuckled and then spoke again. “Oh what’s the matter you didn’t miss me…?” “Like hell! You just sicked that beast on me to kill me!”
The woman’s eyes showed the similar annoyance they had the previous day, but just like last time turned to a look of malice and she then petted the beast’s head. “Now, kill him!” As the monster raised its scythe, Matthew shut his eyes preparing for the worst and had his life flash before his eyes. The last thing he saw was his mothers’ smile…until he felt something wet spray onto him. The smell was blood like before but…he didn’t feel cuts on his body. He slowly opened his eyes to find a horrific sight. “Mom!” There she was. The scythe was impaled through her stomach, and somehow it seemed that she had the strength to keep the blade inside her and keep the beast from budging. She then looked back to her son and smiled weakly.” Take care of your sisters…okay…?” “Mom…no moms don’t!” His mother then took her final stand to protect him, her child, and grabbed onto the blade pulling it deeper into herself.
Matthew didn’t know what to do…if this kept up…he then looked back over to the rich house just across from then and saw their car. The door was open, and since Matthew was good at trouble making he would know how to hot wire it. He ran over to the car not looking back once. He tripped once, but landed on his hands and managed to somehow do a front flip, but didn’t take the time to stop and wonder how he did it. His mother was in danger. As soon as he was a mere four feet from the car he dove in with all his force, and landed in the driver’s seat, and to his luck the keys were still in the car. As he was about to turn on the ignition he made sure he looked back to the creature, and his jaw dropped in horror.
The beast had impaled a second scythe into his mother’s throat, and in just a couple of minutes she had gone limp. Then, as fast as the beast could it began to pull her body apart, ravaging her corpse. Time froze for the boy once again, but not because of some mystical power. It was pure hate. Everything was in a red haze, and he yelled loud enough the creature actually looked to the side trying to figure out what it was. Matthew stomped his foot on the gas pedal, and had his hands on the horn to make it loud as the three sounds mixed together the beast could not tell which was the loudest: the screech of wheels coming towards him, the annoying blast of the horn, or the surprisingly ferocious yell from the boy. The woman on top of the beast seemed surprise, and in a small flash of black she was no longer on the monster’s head, but the car was still coming, and hit the beast straight in his torso tearing it off from his lower half as the car drove on into a nearby wall and a crash was made. The best was pushed up against a wall bleeding profusely as one of its arms was dangling from its shoulder barely still attached. The beast looked back inside the car and saw the boy was missing, but heard him yelling once again and looked to the side.
Matthew wasn’t sure when he picked it up, but he knew he had a metal piece of the car in his hands, and since it had broken off it was sharp, and that was all he needed to keep attacking the beast. He rushed over and stabbed the beast in its chest, and kept stabbing all over wildly at random making it bleed more and more as it wailed in pure agony . It seemed that even the beast was begging him to stop, but it only infuriated the boy further as he stabbed harder and faster and kept stabbing until its wails had subsided. Matthew slowly panted, and then fell upon his knees his eyes blank, and stared at the ground. The beast was bleeding all over its body, and had a stab mark on it every inch you could look. No, more like every centimeter you could count. A strange whistling noise came from the beast, and Matthew looked up. The mask had separated from the body. The neck seemed more of a stump now, and Matthew slowly inched closer, but soon everything felt dark as he felt something clamp onto his face.

The boy clutched his face as he fell on the ground, feeling whatever had attached itself to him, and felt it was kind of like a face, and as he reached up to the upper part of his head he felt…horns…”This…this mask belongs to that monster! Wh-what’s up with my voice…?” His voice slightly had an echo to it, and sounded slightly monstrous. It was as if somebody and mashed up his own voice with that monster’s…if it even had a voice. Soon he was able to see out of the eye holes as the mask had finally stopped tightening, but he could no longer get it off all he tried. As he continued to tug, he soon stopped as he felt a weird sensation through his body. He looked down at his fingers, and saw they began to evaporate spreading to the rest of his hands. He began to stop breathing and grabbed his throat, but it felt like a clump was missing, and he felt a hole starting to form inside his neck as he gasped for air. His body evaporated faster and faster and everything suddenly went black. In just a few minutes all that was left was the mask sitting upon a pile of red sand.
Slowly, the sand began to clump together, and form inside the mask, and its color began to change a strange shade of green, and it rose taller and taller raising the mask with it. Arms and legs began to form along with a torso, and in a matter of minutes the beast was reformed exactly the same as before, but now a blue X had formed on the mask crossing between the eyes.
The beast saw everything in a red haze and roared. It jumped back to the house of his original target and smelled children. He snuck into the room with the two little girls, and grinned as the two were still asleep. It turned both of its arms into scythes and slashed down at the girls. They died silently, but the beast didn’t care. It kept stabbing, mutilating their bodies as blood pooled onto the floor, but soon…the beast saw it’s reflection in the blood. His eyes…they weren’t yellow like they were before…they were blue. The beast soon retracted its arms, and felt…strange. Something else was inside of him…directing it, and soon had took over, well mostly it had.
Matthew did his best at a blink in his new form. He didn’t know what happened…he felt strange. He looked at his arms and saw how much larger they were then just a couple of minutes ago. He wildly looked around breathing hastily as if he were about to hyperventilate. “Where am I…what am I doing here?” He thought. “It’s okay, keep it together Ma…ma who…? Who am I…? What’s my name?!” the boy, or at least used to be boy looked into the blood on the floor and saw his reflection…and slowly his eyes traveled up the blood towards the mutilated bodies of his sisters. Tears welled into the beast’s eyes, and agony filled inside him. He couldn’t remember his name, but…he remembered his sisters, and someone else…a woman…a beautiful woman that was his…mother. He did this…he killed them. The used to be human roared, and then turned his arms back into scythes, and in a blind fury kept slashing at nothing, destroying anything he could see in his pained rage while just about forty yards away a familiar woman chuckled to herself as she watched. “Hehe, just as planned…no even better…looks like my plans are starting to finally begin.” She chuckled softly, and then simply walked away, letting the beast do its destruction. “Seis Kira, a name that will suit this pawn well indeed.”
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The Birth of Seis Kira
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