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 Ezoroth S. Roze (NPC)

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PostSubject: Ezoroth S. Roze (NPC)   Ezoroth S. Roze (NPC) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 10:55 pm

Name: Ezoroth S. Roze

Age: 83 (Looks about 20-23)

Gender: Male

Race: Mixture of many.

Birthplace: London.

Occupation: Nope.

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 319 lbs.

Appearance: Ezoroth is tall, but he's excessively muscular too. His shinigami robes have no sleeves, only because he finds that having them is rather useless due to his shikai and bankai releases. Besides his mass, he has black hair that strangely spikes without a problem of any kind. His haori isn't really being worn, rather it's wrapped around his left fist so that it doesn't get ripped up during his releases. Ezoroth has some dark eyes; the eyes are black like his hair. His zanpakuto is dragged behind him, the ribbon extending from the hilt tied around his right hand at all times. Ezoroth also has a tattoo on the back right shoulder which says Flower and Lucy in an artistic writing.

Personality: Ezoroth tends to always be calm, and he tends to always try and be defensive rather than offensive. If he encounters a battle with the enemy, he'd rather pin them and take them prisoner than kill them, but he will do what he has to in order to protect those in which he needs to, no matter who or what he's fighting. However, he does tend to keep himself high on the list of priorities. He makes sure that if a certain decision is going to harm him it is worth it. Ezoroth also has a tendency to very, very rarely speak. If he does speak, it can either be a short phrase or a mildly long, intelligent paragraph, but usually if he speaks it is only to answer a question quickly, if even. The long, intelligent paragraphs aren't found often except when explaining something. Most of the time, he refers to silence when talked to.

Special Characteristics: N/A

Spirit Power: 60 (70) [85]
Speed: 5 (15) [30]
Technique: 30
Fighting Skill: 50 (60) [75]

Sealed Zanpakuto: Sealed zanpakuto is a normal No-dachi, but a ribbon extending from the hilt that is rather long..

Shikai Name: Masuku-sa hakai (Masked destruction)

Description of Shikai Release:
When Ezoroth releases his shikai, the Zanpakuto quickly starts to tear itself a part, the chunks floating in the air and melting into bubbles of molten steel. As the blade is being destroyed the melted metal pushes onto his face, and creates a perfect mold of a blank face. This happens rather quickly, and flows without a flaw. Ezoroth then holds out his right hand, and puts it on the mask. Two circles cut themselves out of the mask for his eyes, and they enter his hands. The moment he closes his hands around it, the flesh on his arm is slightly cut apart and is covered by metal, which is rather flexible and shows definition along the muscles of his arm. The tips of his fingers suddenly become claws, and the metal surrounding his arm starts to become thicker.

Shikai Abilities:
The first Shikai ability causes Ezoroth's mask to slightly crack with each use, but never fall off or break from the masks original form. The moment the mask cracks darkness surrounds his claw, and the darkness forms into a staff that fades quickly, but it can be used as much as needed. Depending on how much energy put into the ability determines the durability and longevity of the staff.

Using ability two makes a white tally mark appear on the mask with each use, and then a sudden darkness surrounds Ezoroth, and he disappears from the spot. It brings him to any shadow within 25 feet of his choice, but this ability has a cooldown of three posts.

The last ability makes the mask fall off, but even if it looks like it'd fall apart from cracking, it doesn't. Ezoroth holds it in his normal hand, and suddenly darkness forms a handle in which he grabs, and then a blade forms for him to use. The mask would then be used as a shield, and the durability of this blade would be excellent, with the also fact that it can be manipulated to move through an object. However, this ability can't be used until after five posts of being released.

Description of Bankai Release:
Ezoroth's arms are both covered in metal and the tips of his fingers become claws, the right hand finger nail length, but the left hand has claws in which each have five joints, and in which are razor sharp with their length. In his right hand is a Flammenschwert with a blade length that's about twice the average size, and the edge is sharpened to perfection. Along with his arms, his back is also covered in metal; his spine is pointed out by ridges going down the back, and the metal continues up the neck. It leaves his front completely unprotected, but his face is covered in metal, and his teeth were razor sharp metal. The teeth were almost spikes.

Bankai Abilities:
The first Bankai ability is used whenever Ezoroth decides that he needs an extra damage variable in his swings, and upon using this ability darkness spirals around the blade or claws, and then becomes a solid blade of its own that flings off of the blade and at the target he's swinging at. If the blade is stationary, it flys off the tip as though it were a spear. This ability can only be used once per post.

The second Bankai ability allows Ezoroth to mimic the other person, like a shadow. Whatever ability was used against him last, except for an ability in which is too strong for him to handle, can be mimicked with this ability, but instead it's pure darkness put into a solidified form to replace whatever may be needed for the use of the attack. This ability has a cool-down of two posts in-between each use.

Ezoroth was born to a rather rich family in London, but moved to America at the age of six. That same year he asked his mother for a name change, and even though at first she said no, about two days later she and Ezoroth's father agreed that he was going to have a change in name. "Nothing a little money can't fix." they would say. At the age of 11 Ezoroth had a baby sister with the name of Amelia that was three years old that passed away due to an illness. Three years later, Ezoroth met a girl named Lilly Love, whom, due to stupid decisions, he had a child with. His parents were furious, and had kicked him out without hesitation, but luckily Lilly's parents were understanding of what he said, and they said that if he could pay for himself that he could stay to help Lilly take care of the child. He agreed. At the age of 18 he married Lilly, whom was 19, and they both moved into their own house together, Lucy was only almost 3 years old. Fortunately his parents were nice enough to have left him money for when he became 18, and he was able to have a decent life with Lilly and his daughter. For years he mainly worked heavy lifting in factories before one day, when he was 24, somebody broke into his house and held a gun to his daughters head. They said that if he didn't get the money he wanted, the little girl would have a very unpleasant experience. Lucy, having been with a very good friend of hers for quite a while, knew many things about harming a person. Quickly she grabbed the gun and pushed it forwards, along with biting his hand. The man quickly yelled in agony and flung the girl to the right. This caused a distraction along with even more anger for Ezoroth. He picked up the nearest object to him and walked towards the armed robber, and there were then five gunshots as he made his way. He lifted his arms and then it fell down, a loud thud being heard as the lamp hit. Ezoroth picked up the gun, and then put it in his back pocket while he got duct-tape to tie the man up as he called the police. Before he could finish his call though, the five bullets that had hit him caught up to him, and he fainted from blood loss, and died soon after. Ezoroth later woke up in his house to find his family crying at a body. He was confused but upon closer observation he saw himself... Dead. Before he could figure out the rest, a person with a sword exited from the corner, and performed a strange ritual. A whole new world he was thrown in, but after about three years, he knew exactly how the new world worked, and before he knew it he was a shinigami graduated from the academy. Of course, he made constant visits to the world of the living to see how his family was doing, and was glad to see them healthy and living a good life, but, of course, Lilly died after a while. Ezoroth continued training. He hoped that one day he would see his daughter again, whom was still alive...

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Ezoroth S. Roze (NPC)
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