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 Akihiko Ryukyu (NPC)

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PostSubject: Akihiko Ryukyu (NPC)   Akihiko Ryukyu (NPC) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 10:53 pm

Name: Akihiko Ryukyu ďKaiserĒ From the noble Ryukyu Family.
Ryukyu family crest: Hidari Mitsudomoe
(If the pic doesn't show: )

Age: 95 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Japanese with a hint of Caucasian.

Birthplace: Born in Japan in his earlier life. Found having crashed into the noble distract of the Sereitei.

Occupation: Captain in the soul society.

Height: 6Feet 4 inches

Weight: 90 kg



Personality: Akihiko is very collected and calm many would put him out to be cold, and distant. Yet this is all a faÁade he puts on during duty. He does it for the best heís not sure why he thinks its best but he just knows it comes with the leadership. He wasnít always like that, heís kind and carring and will mostly throw himself in harmís way if it meant during what was right. He protects his subordinates more than a captain should in most eyes. He doesnít care though for the sake of the young ones to grow up is the best reward there is to him. He doesnít think highly of himself, that said he isnít arrogant at all, he knows his limits and his powers and that surely brings him into trouble whenever its let up for him to decide who takes on the hard challenges. He doesnít fear death, as he knows itís just the circle being completed, though he hopes for a worthy death.

Special Characteristics: Leadership, Sword art, Tactician.


Spirit Power: 40

Speed: 35

Technique: 25

Fighting Skill: 45

Sealed Zanpakto: Itís a rather simple Zan, shaped just like a Katana hilt is Red and the Tsuba is a Dragon swirling around the blade. On the blade it in scripted the word Kaiser, This is why he has the title Kaiser himself. Its size it a size fit for a man his height.
Call out phrase: Roar, Doragon Hanbun (Half Dragon)

Description of released form:


It looks as in the picture, except the colors go from a blue to dark black instead of the red to black. Along with the blade, he receives a pair of blue and black dragon wings.


Ability 1: Dragon Slash (Active, Passive)
Itís a simple ability that is active when he puts his pressure into the sword, so he can switch it on and off as he sees fit. While it doesnít do much other than increase the range, versatility and damage of the attacks. As the sword is swung around a fiery blue Chinese fire dragon swarm along the swings, scorching and damaging anything that comes near it. It is not only very useful for actual fighting; itís also very frightening in its looks.

Ability 2: Pressure Chain
The sword shines for a split second and changes form into a long snake sword, same colors as the actual shikai, the weapon only maintain that form for one piecing strike, but the point isnít to damage itís to pull whoever it hit by the strike towards him. And then it returns to its original form.

Ability 3: Wing Beat.
Akihiko would bash his wing creating a strong torrent, which then ignites in front of him. And with that a strong fiery tornado is created which is send straight forward only changing direction if bashing into something as solid as a wall or similar.

Call out phrase for Bankai: BANKAI! Doragon KoohanÖ (Second Half Dragon)

Description of the Bankai:


Sword and wings remain the same, as Akihiko receives an armor and grows 2 feet in hight proportionally. Armor shares the colors of his shikai.


Ability 1: Gigas Wave
Akihiko swings his sword at a rapid speed, creating several waves of slashing blue waves, away from his swings. Its intense blades first slashed, and then scorched the wound. Within the blue wave you can see the hint of a dragons head.

Ability 2: Blade Storm
Akihiko creates replicas of his own sword for a temporary time only, most likely used for ranged attacks as he can send them away without having to throw it himself. Max of 3 blades at the same time. When the blades time expires it will explode. A blade can either expire in time of me dispelled by Akihiko himself resulting in a explosion.

Life on Earth:
Akihiko lived during the Great War in Japan the clash of the samuraiís and he was a great leader back then leading his army into great victory and honor. Of course this didnít come without gaining enemies; he was feared in his life, just as much as he was feared for. The sake of his wellbeing was in constant danger, both due to his enemies and due to the way he fought, most leader held themselves back yet he continued to join in on the battlefield it was rumored that was why he won each time. It was rumored that was why he won. Is enemies went to different measures in an attempt to fight him, not on the battlefield but in assassination. But alas his skill made him the victor both in single combat and against multiple.
Until one dayÖ
Akihiko had put a halt into wars, and now was focusing on keeping the land he had safe. And just that led him away from the capital, as it was attacked; he made quick process of them though they were many. He had his trusted guards with him, though a messenger came and told him the capital was under attack. He was quick at dismissing it as he thought the capital would be near impossible to breach; the messenger shook his head and reported it had already been breached. Now the question was to how, Akihiko left his knights, to hold the rest, while he hurried to the capital he was encouraged not to though he couldnít let the villages unprotected, his plan was to give them a chance of escaping. He reached there, and found a guy he quickly narrowed down to be his former commander, one which he had exiled long ago. He was by far the most skilled man he had ever trained but he knew he could easily take him on, even with his little army. And so he did, though in the combat Akihiko was poisoned, and then the exiled commander simply let the soldiers attack him in order to let the poison do its work. This wasnít a normal poison, it worked fast and unlike anything he had ever tried before. Else he shouldíve been resistant. No the commander had gotten help, but who couldíve helped him? Akihiko brought his final breath, to face the commander, who stood there where a smug, holding his sword ready, to deliver the final clash, and then Akihiko charged up his might to deliver the final clash. They rushed towards each other; Akihiko knew this would be the end drawing out his last remaining power into this clash, literally, all he wanted was to bring this guy down with him. The Clash ended in an explosion. And that was the day, Akihiko the ancient superhuman died, not knowing whether he had succeeded or not.
Between Life and the After Life:
As Akihiko drifted away, he was filled with a sudden urge of peace and serenity ready face whatever lied bare on the side of afterlife, he was joined by his comrades on the journey, those who had fallen that same day. They greeted him, with smiles on their faces, but for some reason they were raveling faster than him, no not faster he had actually stopped. But why suddenly he felt a spike in pain within him. His soul twisted and turned about, trying to figure out what was going on. His eyes widened as a black fluid seemed to seep out of him, and into a black figure slowly, it was the poison, this was why he had so much trouble resisting it, it was a poison that affected the inflicted soul. The exiled did not only want him to die, he wanted to conflict eternal torture.
The Dark substance melded into a completely dark figure, looking just like him, only completely black. Akihiko stood, shocked looking around him, peaceful souls drifting into the afterlife, something heíd want to join, he then tried to drift around; he was only met by a punch to the face. It would seem the only way to get through this was to fight, but he felt weaker and he seemed as strong as he had been in his life. But he couldnít just stay here anyway. So he started fighting, it was tough and long fight, the days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. After a while Akihiko didnít know how long has passed , only that thousands of days had passed. He had grown stronger but the poison hadnít and after a long fight, he had surpassed the soul and finally he was going to deliver the final blow. But then the soul brought forward a sword, charging it up as he had done a millennium ago. And then they clashed Akihiko taking his time trying to outmatch it, the last thing he could remember, were a bright light, and then he passed out.
Akihiko opened his eyes, his body feeling sore. As he looked around he found something he didnít expect, dirt a lot of it and a sword, not sure how it had gotten there or where he was, he was wearing a white kimono who knows why but as he walked up he noticed he was in a crater and that crater was in some sort of garden. He soon found people running to the place, wearing black kimonos and wearing swords or so Daisuke put it out to be later he would learn the name of these swords, Zanpakuto was the same as the one he had, and he just didnít know that yet. They all held the weapon pointed at him, saying something about Ryoka or something. Was this really the afterlife, more fights? He readied himself, for a fight, as a person, seemingly noble rushed out from the building the garden was leading to. Akihiko werenít really able to catch much, as he passed out.
Next thing he knew was waking up in a bed, to his surprise, not some sort of cell bed, but a very comfortable bed. He slowly sat up noticing his bruises had healed a he felt a sudden urge of hunger in his stomach. To his surprise and joy, he found a table filled with food, which he was quick to jump into, eating pretty quickly, his hunger felt inhuman and so did the amount he ate. When he was finished his got up on his feet, stretched and saw the weapon he had reached here with he went over grabbed hold of it, and as he looked up his eyes crossed a mirror where to his surprise he saw himself only now he had grown horns. It made him jump in surprise at first but then he grew fascinated. His moment of surprise was quickly seen as a sign of him being awake. Soon he found himself in the midst of nobles of a family, a family where the head of this family had no heir but, the family was in the belief that everything happens for a reason, and they had taken him crashing down into their garden of all as a sign. Akihiko was shocked to say the least, but hardly at a place where he could dismiss what was happening. They spent an hour explaining where he was and how things worked here and at the end they held a proposal for him, one he didnít have much choice but to accept. As it was he was seen as a thing called a Ryoka, an intruder so to speak. The familyís influence kept him safe for now, but as soon he left the place he would be ceased and locked up, unless he had accepted to become a member of the family and adoptive son of the head of the family. Of course after the dreadful realization, that this was the only way, he accepted.
The first month he spend in doors, not sure weather is was the fright of how people would treat him in this world or just that he didnít know what he could do out there. He used most of his times reading learning proper etiquette in this place. But that reading soon led to one question, who was those people in the in the dark ropes, and why did he have this sword with him. He didnít recognize it from his previous life after all.
These ventures of reading led him to some facts, some he would soon come to realize collapsed as he was to be taught into the arts of a shinigami. The family knew what the weapon was and knew from the moment he was accepted into their family, that he was going to be a good way to represent the family among the shinigami, as it was only a very few select people that would have discovered their Zan before even entering the academy. In their years he was newly born, so that promised greatness. But he knew he was hundreds of years old already, and those hundreds of years were spent training sort of. So he was sent off to become a shinigami, having to go through the academy as anyone else, and while his power was great, his knowledge about this world was greatly appreciated. So he didnít show off, if he had he couldíve graduated pretty quickly, but he took his time, and the years to learn everything thoroughly before showing his might. He didnít know why he choose the day he did, it was just as if something told him it was just the right time just the right fight. And it was, as a vice captain of one of the divisions where watching. And as he saw the might Akihiko fought with he immediately worked for his recruitment.
Akihiko was granted a seat, which brought back honor to the noble family where he was greatly admired by his adoptive parents, who seemed so proud of him. To Akihiko all the members of the family seemed to praise him for the accomplishment.
The days went by and he did his all in the division bonded well, and proceeded to grow, as if this place had become second nature to him. He just inspired others. And before long his Zan finally found him worthy to receive the knowledge of its name. Doragon Hanbun which meant Half Dragon he would soon come to find out as the name is was the female dragon, he found it weird at first, but the voice was rather feminine after all, it always had sort of soothing to him.
His name rose through the ranks, and he soon gained the title Kaiser, he didnít know why it just seemed to fit to him. He knew it was on the blade, but he also knew it had something to do with his past life, perhaps his name or title back then. IT didnít matter much to him, he took it too him as a measure of pride as much as responsibility he would fight to preserve others, and that drive made him progress rapidly. That progress led his Zan to reveal its true name within matter of moments, and as she did she also informed him of what had happened between his two lives. He soon realized his power wasnít brought down upon him, but earned. It made him feel at ease, he didnít want to be that wonder kid that arrived once in a millennium, he was just a guy who had to fight a lot to even get here. Not that he was going to reveal that secret to anyone, as being thought of as a prodigy made people look up to him, and count on him that much more.
After having attained Bankai he took a leave from the divisionís duty for soul searching, well in all he was going out to train in the mastery of his Ban. Which he was completely devoted to; his vice-captain didnít trust him though. He didnít believe Akihiko would just suddenly take a leave and to go soul searching. So he had a sent a scout to keep watch, it surprised him as much as anyone to know he had achieved Bankai that knowledge set things into motion, all while Akihiko was unknowingly training on by himself. He was gone for months, in hardcore training. He returned battered feeling sated, but was met by a political ambush. First from his family having been in negations the past weeks about the role of captain being possible, all in all their word wouldnít matter. All that mattered was getting those captains approval to become captain, of course he accepted the chance to prove himself. IT was a rough challenge but he came out with a barely passing grade, he was strong but so was needed of a captain, it hadnít been a flawless approval but it was a good enough approval. Now Akihiko was looking forward to a life full of responsibilities of his division, of course he would still need to represent ďhisĒ family.

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Akihiko Ryukyu (NPC)
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