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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 A New Mask, and an Old Name. (solo)

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PostSubject: A New Mask, and an Old Name. (solo)   Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:04 am

Seis had awoken to the desert sky once again, yet this time it was a little different. After all, he did have a little friend attached to his thigh. It had been a week, since Seis and the little girl had met, but it seemed like only yesterday that they had met. Maybe it was because Seis had not learned the child’s name yet, or since it is impossible to tell how much time has passed in Hueco Mundo since it was always night time. The dark sky, and shifting sands reminded Seis slightly about his old life, and he remembered what it was like to be human for just a couple minutes, or at least his life as a human. Seis remembered his days in the Sahara desert, and he remembered the night sky of the Sahara. One of the few differences of the Sahara was that its sky actually had stars to make the night time even more special and of course…one more thing. His loving family; His mother’s beautiful face…how her warm gaze could always put Seis to sleep in an instant, and how whenever he was afraid her sweet voice simply singed to his ears, bringing peace to his soul, and who knows what else? Maybe even that one song could cure his pain, his new body, and all of the hunger that comes from it, but that voice was gone now.
It gave itself up, to keep Seis alive, and it all ended in vain It was not a happy ending, and Seis could never forget it. No matter how much he ate to ease his pain it would always remained burned into what little brains he had in this state, but now…with the little girl tugging onto his body made the hollow feel more like he was back to his old life again. It reminded of him of his sisters, and how much they would hold onto him, never letting go, for themselves and for Seis. Although… Seis knew he was the one who ate his sisters, and after doing so the pain only intensified onto a level beyond hell would even allow. Finally, Seis’s agony had begun to ease after what seemed hundreds, and hundreds of years. Seis finally felt that he had a family again, and this girl was almost like a new little sister. No, not a new sister because Seis knew deep inside that this was destined to happen. Perhaps this was a sign of the gods that man and hollow were supposed to walk this world and the afterlife together. Seis began to think that maybe this could mean that the Shinigami and the hollows could stop causing each other such bloodshed, but Seis snorted at the idea. Partly, because in his opinion Shinigami were vile, and didn’t even deserve the chance to have mercy, and also because it seemed as likely that hollows would stop eating each other as the chance of those dreaded Soul Reapers knowing what the word “Peace” Even meant. Seis stirred slightly at the thought, but stopped as soon as he heard a small and gentle sigh from his thigh signaling the little girl had woken up.
She slowly opened her eyes, and rubbed them out to remove the fragments of sleep, and sat up. She was still thin, but had put some meat back onto her small body since she always took a small chunk of whatever Seis killed. At first, she thought the idea absolutely wretched, and nearly vomited at the thought on the first day of them traveling together, but soon by the second day her growling stomach had been convincing enough for her to eat the disgusting meat, and by the fifth day she was used to the taste. Seis had no idea what the girl was complaining about, hollows tasted fine in his opinion. Sure, some of them could use some salt or something like that, but usually they tasted alright if not delicious. The little girl stretched and yawned and slowly stood up looking at the hollow. She greeted him with that adorable smile of hers. The little girl smiling was everything you’d expect on a child: Innocence, Happiness, Peace, Kindness, and most important of all, Pure. A smile like that could easily soften any heart, and it definitely had for Seis. The little girl smiled and greeted the hollow with a cheerful voice. “Good morning Mr. Sleepy Head!” she then giggled, and once again hugged the hollows knee and she then looked up and spoke again. “Tehehe, sorry about being asleep for so long; it was because I was having a really good dream! “ This slightly perked the interest of the beast. Normally when the girl was asleep she would toss and turn, and every now and then she would whimper and start to cry.
The fact that she was having a good dream made the big lug start to form a smile, but he then asked just a simple question that he had no idea would immediately change the girl’s mood. “Oh is that so then? Hehe what was the dream about?” The second he asked the question the girl’s smile quickly went from a smile to a blank face, and in just a couple of seconds had turned into quite the frown. She slowly let go of his leg and turned away from him. She didn’t face him to give her reluctant one word response. “Nothing…” Seis had difficulty telling, but he could have sworn he started to he hear her cry, and he immediately felt horrible. The smile that cheered him up every morning…he had hurt such an angelic thing making him feel even more like the devil his soul inhabited. He slowly reached for her, and began to gently pet the girl’s head. Not like some pet or something like an animal. No it was more like…the gentle stroke of a father reaching out for his child being there to comfort the most precious part of them to ever exist, but it wasn’t entirely that…it felt more like that of…of an older brother. The thought made Seis hesitate for a moment, as a certain pain returned to him. The pain of losing his little sisters who he cared so much for…the pain was so strong, and he had no way to cure it, but he started to feel…hungry…”NO!” he screamed into his mind. He wouldn’t let it happen again…never again to someone so important to him.
He continued with rubbing the girl’s hair, and slowly she stopped crying. Soon, she looked Seis in the eyes again and gave him the smile that always warmed his heart. She then spoke again as she noticed that safe was sad and lightly poked his mask. “Come on you big lug we got to keep smiling right?” Seis smirked and hoisted the girl unto his back once again. She always sat there when they began to travel, and even though Seis was a hollow who was supposed to be standing on two legs, but he never seemed to care about it anyways since it was never a big deal. As they moved forward through the shifting sands memories once again flooded back into his mind of when the two companions had first met. It seemed like only yesterday Seis had found her in that large tree crying for her mother all by herself. Seis was curious about what had happened to the girl’s mother, but Seis knew what the pain of not having a mother was like, and figured that a question like that was better left unasked. Sometimes he came close to asking about the tree he found her in, but for some strange reason it felt just as wrong if not even worse to ask about that then about the girl’s mother. Seis had no idea why since it was just a tree, but he did somehow know that asking a question even as close to as painful as asking about her mother it would make the little girl frown again…wait a second!
“Her mother!” he realized. It explained everything. The happiness of the dream must have been one of her reuniting with her mother…and the fact Seis had asked her about it…he felt like such a fool. Causing her that much pain was never the hollow’s intention, and now it was impossible to take it back, and soon Seis had begun to mentally punish himself with his next thoughts directly against himself. “Stupid, Ignorant, Careless, Not empathetic, Horrible, Emotionless BEAST!!!” He continued to spite insults towards himself, and some began to even start as words under the breath, but increased in volume to whispers, to mumbling, to saying and yelling at himself. All the while as he continued to yell the little girl just sat there, and began to feel ill with herself knowing she had caused her friend to behave like this. She slowly began to think to herself of a solution. At first she thought that maybe she could try to kill a hollow and bring him a snack, but then she decided against it. She knew she couldn’t do it for reasons best kept a secret, and then she began to realize that Seis obviously thought that It was about her mother, but… it wasn’t. She did not want to tell him about how she stopped dreaming about her mother, or at least not until a while later. Although, she decided that even if it caused her pain to say what her dream was it didn’t matter as long as it got her large friend back to normal.
She slowly spoke out with a slight pain to her tone, but did her best to say it strong, firm and reassuring. “Please…stop treating yourself like this…I…should have told you what my dream was, and…I’m sorry…” The second Seis had heard her voice he came to a full halt and listened, and when he heard her say it was her fault…he couldn’t believe it. He gently picked her up with one hand and set her down gently in front of him. The hollow then sat down crossing both of his legs and faced her with a mixture of a blank face, and one with that of sympathy. For minutes they stared at each other in silence, one face looking down to that of a crying little girl, and the other face looking up to a mask of a kind and gentle beast. After a little bit longer of the unbearable silence Seis finally had asked.
“What…was the dream about anyways?” The girl held her head down for a couple seconds, but then slowly raised her head back up and nodded. She then opened her mouth and all the words came out slowly; not because she thought Seis wasn’t smart enough to catch on with how fast she was talking; it was because if she knew one thing it was this. She and Seis were beyond delicate when it came to things like this, and like glass they both shatter; except when Seis shatters the shards of glass will always cut somebody.
“The reason I was sad was because my mother wasn’t in the dream…even though when I do dream of her it gives me nightmares…” Seis took in one she had said for a moment. “So it wasn’t my fault...?” Seis tried to make sense of it. If the dream was not about the girl’s mother…then why did it make her smile? He could already get why it upset her since it made her feel like she was forgetting about her mother, but then…what did she dream about? As is the girl was reading her mind, she said aloud to him in a voice slightly stronger than before.
“The dream was us… as a family like we have been for the past few nights…” She began to cry with a smile at the thought and Seis simply watched the entire time. After what seemed like hours the girl had stopped crying, and slowly Seis put his hand forward and began to wipe off her tears. They looked at each other for a moment, and simply smiled. Seis reached forward to lift her up, but the girl stood up and put her hands to push his hand away and giggled. “Before we go any further, I realized we don’t know each other’s names!” Seis put forward his large green hand and chuckled. “Seis Kira.” The little girl then grabbed his hand with both of hers and began to shake and cheerfully said her name, a name thought to be long extinct that not even Seis knew, but to some still brought fear to their hearts. “Seis, you such a nice name. My name is Lily. Lily Aizen”
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A New Mask, and an Old Name. (solo)
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