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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Unknown Chaos Within (Part III) (Solo)

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PostSubject: Unknown Chaos Within (Part III) (Solo)   Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:18 am

Links to part I and II:

Anna looked at the blade in her hand, and she smiled as the idea of winning this battle came into her mind. She lifted her blade to chest height and let her body become loose, as though she were ready to win every battle that was put forth to her. Anna looked towards her zanpakuto with a tinge of eagerness, and the zanpakuto starts to swing her blade around, but the strange thing is that it didn't seem to be careless swinging, it seemed to form the infinity sign as Anna studied the pattern. Anna looked confused as she watched this. What was this? Some sort of ability activation? A trick? Anna looked back at the zanpakuto's eyes, and saw what looked to be herself in the reflection... It was strange; she wasn't herself, but she was still herself. That was when the zanpakuto started to speak, but still it created the pattern with swinging its sword.

"Now, I have to say you have one hell of a time using momentum against an opponent, and using the change in your own momentum to successfully hit something... Nah, what am I saying? You sucked! I'm glad I went easy on you else you'd have died... However you have gotten the basics of the first step, and I guess it's time to move on to the next part. Use your own strength to instantly change momentum, don't let yourself just flow loose like water too much, or you'll be easily knocked around and you'll have to die and do something else... If that is how it works, I dunno. Can't remember. Also you may want to make sure that you're being more defensive this time, and not letting yourself rely the momentum of an object hitting you to increase your momentum. This time our swords will never touch in battle, and if they do... Well let me just say you'll have a few broken bones to deal with afterwards." she said, and before starting with the next training she said one last thing. "Oh, and this time I'll be actually fighting..."

"W-what?" Anna said as she had though there wasn't any-more strength that this zanpakuto could pull out. She thought that the zanpakuto was only as strong as the wielder... Now she understood though, the wielder is only as powerful as their zanpakuto will let them be. If the zanpakuto thinks that they don't need the power or that they don't deserve it, then they won't be able to get it.

Suddenly Anna saw that the blade in which her zanpakuto was holding suddenly broke off from the pattern when swinging in a downwards motion, and directly before it hit the ground the zanpakuto disappeared and reappeared with an upwards swing directly in front of Anna. All Anna could tell was that at one moment the zanpakuto was swinging her blade to the ground and the next the blade was instantly being swung at Anna. Anna quickly stumbled back. The blade hit her arm and lightly cut her, but for some reason it felt as though the length of her arm was torn off. She screamed in pain before looking back at the zanpakuto, and then dropped the blade from her right hand. She hesitated for a second, but soon after she picked it up with her left, and started to spin the blade in her hand.

"Damn... That hurts." Anna says without a second glance at her zanpakuto. "Who the hell are you to hurt me like that?" she asked with a smile on her face. Her face was covered by her hair, and so she could easily hide her emotions. The zanpakuto rushed towards her, swinging directly down at her, but Anna acted quickly and her sword lifted into the air to block. Through the gaps in her hair Anna saw what was rather amazing: the sword wasn't able to make contact. As the swing started to make its way towards Anna it stopped directly before hitting the blade. Anna was confused, and then she looked past both of the blades and into the zanpakuto's eyes. There was... A glare in them. Then Anna remembered that the blades weren't to touch, and figured that the zanpakuto purposely stopped the blade so that they wouldn't touch. Anna pushed her blade forwards and the zanpakuto pulled hers back... What is the zanpakuto trying to point out? Suddenly the zanpakuto was behind Anna, the blade almost hitting her again but Anna was quick enough to spin around and directly out of the way of a stab to her shoulder. It was strange, but she kept herself at a steady momentum that she gained from this one spin. Anna was going to try and hit the zanpakuto's blade, but suddenly right before the blade hit the zanpakuto was gone. Anna relied quickly on sound, and heard that the zanpakuto had appeared to the opposite side of her spin. Anna had to continue with the spin, but she wouldn't have enough time. Sometimes, a flow just wasn't something that could be kept, and it had to be broken... Or shifted. Anna suddenly went into a duck and dug her feet into the ground so that she could slow her spin to a stop, and it was a good thing that she ducked. The sword had just been swung over her head, and the zanpakuto then went to the trickery stage by trying to kick Anna. Luckily Anna was able to react quickly enough and her blade raised to stab directly through her leg at about half a foot deep, but the zanpakuto hadn't expected this and she suddenly swung her blade with incredible force and speed. Anna was unable to react fully, and before she knew it the sword she was holding exploded in her hands and Anna was thrown in the direction of the swing. Anna heard several cracks, but when she pushed herself up she had more than just broken bones to worry about. She looked down to see many pieces of metal had ripped straight through her body, blood pouring out of her wounds quickly. Anna was so confused, and her vision was starting to become a bit fuzzy. She pushed herself up, finding herself with a broken wrist on her right, and a useless shredded figure that was her hand on the left. Anna couldn't stay awake for much longer if she kept losing blood, but suddenly the zanpakuto sighed and Anna gladly put her hand on the ground, another sword appearing for her use. She took off part of her shinigami robes, having always worn a shirt under it, and using it to cover her wounds and wrap up her left arm which is damaged the most. Her vision was still going fuzzy, but she kept herself standing tall. The zanpakuto was impressed, but was having thoughts of stopping the training.

"You shouldn't fight, you only have about twenty minutes to stay conscious... That's a rough estimate, too." said the zanpakuto, but Anna didn't speak. She just rose her sword that she just got. The zanpakuto sighed and held her blade ready. Anna rushed at her, and then swung up. The zanpakuto held her blade up, knowing that if Anna hit the blade again then she'd give up. Anna, however, expected this. She suddenly stopped her blade about an inch before the weapons touched, and then pushed forwards with force, stabbing directly through the stomach of the zanpakuto. There was a sudden gasp of pain and a struggle to comprehend what had happened, but the zanpakuto quickly backed off and looked down to see how much damage was done. Not much, but it was still a hit nonetheless. There was a smile on both of their faces, and the zanpakuto knew that she would be fighting somebody whom was ready. She swung her blade sidewards at Anna, and Anna held her blade ready for it to be hit, but before they touched she ducked backwards and tilted her blade so that it'd roll under the zanpakuto's sword. After bouncing back up Anna had her blade stabbed out towards the zanpakuto, but it was quick. The zanpakuto suddenly disappeared and reappeared right behind her, swinging directly down at her. Anna hadn't stopped her swing and instead made herself continue it into a spin with one of her legs lifting up into a kick, the force of it stopping the zanpakuto from continuing the attack due to surprise, and the blade dropped out of her hands.

"Ahah. If I could, I'd kill you for that kick alone." said the zanpakuto, and she coughed a little more as she regained from the kick. She then disappeared, and a sudden cracking sound came from behind Anna; a large piece of sharp metal was thrown at Anna. Anna lifted her blade and the metal hit her zanpakuto. There was a distinct noise as she was confused as to what had happened, but before she could see where it came from another was thrown at her. Anna quickly ducked backwards under it, and she had to put her hand behind her in order to keep herself from falling to the ground. She heard another cracking sound from her left, and so she quickly kicked off the ground and balanced herself on one arm before flipping herself back into place. The piece of thrown metal seemed to have been aimed for her stomach, but she moved fast enough so that it just barely missed. She heard another sound, and also felt that a weight in her hand... Suddenly she lifted the blade and swung upwards, hitting the objects flung at her. The object parted to the side her head and knocked her sword at an angle which Anna would be able to use. She heard another sound from behind her, and with the current momentum of her arm going to the right of her she suddenly added onto it and spun around, hitting the object with the flat of her blade.

"These petty tricks won't work on me, zanpakuto. Why don't you just admit that I am ready to wield you and get this training over with already?" Anna asked and suddenly she started to cough. The damage from earlier was taking its toll, and then she noticed the weapon that was in her hands. It was of Turkish origin. The blade was a Yatagan of pure metal, nothing to protect the hands from blistering. She noted the colour as being blood red, but for some reason it looked as though the item was stained that colour instead of being naturally that colour. She spun it in her hand quickly, and her the sound of movement to her left. Quickly she turned and swung the blade, but it didn't go far. The blades edge was now being held in between two fingers... Yet something seemed different about this. She looked at her zanpakuto, and saw a slight gleam in the eyes. There was something being hidden from her, and suddenly the idea of training didn't seem too bad.

"What are you doing? Why aren't we continuing the training? I have to practise, don't I?" Anna asked, but the zanpakuto just sighed, its hair flowing softly. It looked at the area around it, and its arms suddenly transformed again. It put its hand onto Anna's shoulder, and cut right about the mark it made earlier with the weapon it was wielding. When Anna looked down she saw that the mark had grown bigger and that there was some kind of poison around it, but now it was quickly fading. The zanpakuto then reverted back to a normal little girl before looking back at Anna. For some reason, this was the first time Anna herself thought of the zanpakuto as a female. The zanpakuto tip-toed up and pulled Anna's ear close, and then whispered into Anna couple of words, but Anna didn't understand them at all. It wasn't like where you don't understand something because it makes no sense, but instead you don't understand it because it was surprising or unexpected. Anna felt like the latter, and she looked around too, expecting some form of trick to happen.

"How would I know?" she asked in retaliation of what she heard, but there wasn't a reply. "How would I know what it is? You haven't even hinted to me! You can't just expect me to know it!" Anna started yelling, and she swung her sword to the right of her. She couldn't make sense out of what the zanpakuto suddenly saw in her, and she didn't know what the zanpakuto saw that made Anna instantly know such information. However, Anna looked again at her surroundings, and for some reason she believed that it had to do with something in that... A soul of pure chaos. Anna looked back at the zanpakuto with a questioning look, but the zanpakuto just nodded and waited for any kind of response...

"How would I be able to get it right?" Anna asked as she started to cough some more, the wounds starting to get worse and worse. The zanpakuto knew that she wouldn't have as much time as predicted, but they still had enough.

"Think of yourself. It's within you; it's within your mind and mine too. You know it, but you just can't grasp it. I've told you many times already, but you were never able to truly understand or to truly figure it out, but now I believe that you can..." was the reply, and Anna shook her head. "Look to your soul... Look through all of the chaos, and you will find what you are looking for. Just because you aren't acknowledging it doesn't mean you don't know it..."

Anna closed her eyes and concentrated, and suddenly everything was dark in her mind. There was clutter everywhere, and she had to figure out where and what she was looking for. She started to throw everything that she didn't need at the moment to the back of her mind. It was somewhere in there, but where would she find it amongst the massive clutter in her brain? Look through all of the chaos... Suddenly she started to focus entirely on key sections of her brain. She fumbled in her mind with everything she knew, and threw most of it to the side as currently useless. She knew that she was close, but exactly how close isn't a thing that she could estimate. She kept searching and searching, but finally, she found it. It was really quite obvious, too, due to the fact that when she found it she gasped and had a sudden smile on her face... She looked at the zanpakuto.

"Now say it! I want you to say it loudly and clearly. Say... My... Name..." said she, and Anna just held the blade out in front of her; the smile was now fading away as she prepared.

There was a new air about this moment, it was rather interesting actually. Anna had no idea what was happening in truth, but she still knew what was to happen.

It was as though she was being told what to do, and she knew that she had to follow these commands in order to succeed.

As though she were a...

A puppet.
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Unknown Chaos Within (Part III) (Solo)
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