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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Vera Regendolf (NPC)

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PostSubject: Vera Regendolf (NPC)   Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:34 pm

Name: Vera Regendof

Appearance: Short hair usually hides her face from view. Her eyes are light blue and her lips ruby red. Standing just below 6 feet she taller than normal women, but still moderate in the terms of arrancars.


Zanpukto/Weapon: Vera weapon is a simple katana in form. The tsuba is circular with a swirl starting at the weapon's base all the way to the edge of the guard piece.

Release phrase: Defile, Antares Veneno


Vera thrusts her blade forward with one hand grasping the sword's handle. The palm of her other hand is braced against the hilt of the weapon with the fingers spread. The blade of her weapon shines brightly hiding her as the energy shifts here body into the new form.






Grand Ray Cero: Vera quickly draws blood by slashing her index finger across the spiked portion of her mask. From that droplet she summons energy to the tip of her finger to launch her destructive blast.

Custom Cero: ??????

The Mad King

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Vera Regendolf (NPC)
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