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 Alexander|5th Espada|Arrancer|NPC

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PostSubject: Alexander|5th Espada|Arrancer|NPC   Alexander|5th Espada|Arrancer|NPC I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2013 12:25 pm


Rank 9, 5th Espada/Arrancer




Twenty years as a human.
Three years as a hollow.




Caucasian - English








"What, do I have something on my face?"
Alexander is a somewhat imposing man, standing relatively tall for his age. While others might be taller or otherwise more menacing than him, he has a certain aura that makes him stand out. He is a lanky man, his arms and legs unusually long. His large feet give him good stability and his big hands can palm a basketball with ease. His espada garb is much larger than others, but besides that it is pretty average. The upper portion of the garb is a little loose around his body, the collar reaches all the way up his neck and hangs loosely around it, two long sleeves run down his arms, stopping at his wrists. One black line on each side of the fabric runs down his body from his collar to his wrists. A black sash is tied around his waist, below he wears a normal hakama. Oddly enough he walks around bare foot, stating that footwear screws with his balance. His tanned skin contrasts with his murky dark green hair, it's kept short and somewhat groomed. His dark eyes are ever watchful, his expression usually one of amusement, on his forehead there are two large bone horns that protrude outwards before curving upwards. There is one metal ring embedded in the palm of each of his hands, red spiritual power swirls around in them, sometimes sending sparks into the air, similar to electricity. A few inches of chain hangs at the back of his shirt, at the end a small sphere is attached.


"I'll impale you on my fuckin' horns, punk."
Alexander has a pretty straight-forward personality, he's blunt and rude, he has a superiority complex and doesn't take any crap. He's quick to start a fight, though he doesn't actually enjoy fighting itself. Violence is magnificent in his eyes, blood and gore is like art to him. He prefers to kill his enemies by impaling them on his horns, this has shaped his fighting style over the years so much that he uses his horns like a weapon during fights. Alexander is an englishman, thus he doesn't speak much of the japanese language. What little he does speak allows him to form broken sentences, only enough to convey simple thoughts. He can speak fluent english and spanish. While he isn't afraid to speak his mind and always willing to fight a powerful opponent, he doesn't flaunt his power or taunt his enemies in excess, he prefers to keep his true capability hidden unless he absolutely must use his abilities to their fullest. The philosophy that he lives by is that words are meaningless, that actions define the world, thus ones value is based on their capability. Weaklings are worthless, only the strong matter.

Alexander is rebellious to a certain degree, though he follows orders and understands that his superiors are indeed more powerful than himself. He more or less bides his time for a chance to surpass his superiors, by any means. Alexander loathes it when his enemies or 'allies' look down upon him, almost enough to enrage him. Despite his aggressive nature he has a soft-spot for women and children, he's not quite sure why though, he makes the excuse that women and children are the epitome of weakness, and thus they aren't worth his time (meaning if he can avoid it, he will never fight a woman or a child.) This can lead to some bad situations for him, understandably. Alexander has an interesting perspective on hollows, he sees underdeveloped hollows as his distant kin, and tries to refrain from harming them. He sees other vasto lorde and arrancar as rivals and possible threats. Alexander secretly envies humanity, he longs to be a human for an unspecified reason. He will often spend time in the human world and watch people do their daily activities. In particular he likes to roam around high schools. Alexander refrains from consuming spiritual entities unless they are powerful, and even then he is a bit reluctant. He is often hungry because of this. His reasoning behind not eating many spiritual entities, is that consuming a spiritual entity is like getting an injection of nutrients, he wants to taste his food. When he's hungry he usually complains, saying something like "I wanna' go eat some ramen.."


"I don't need this lump of metal to kick your ass."
Alexander's zanpakuto takes the form of a giant 5'0" double headed axe. It's mainly used for hacking cleaving, Alexander himself doesn't really know how to use this thing, and his fighting style really shows it. The weapon itself is just used to wear the enemy down, rarely does he actually try to kill people with it. It's immense size and weight allows Alexander to easily break through all but the stoutest of parries. Two white symbols adorn the head of the axe, a small gold colored cross resides at the top of the axe. From there the head connects to a strong wooden shaft that then connects to a steel handle. At the butt of the handle there is a sharp metallic point.


Spirit Power
Arrancar 75 + 15 = 85
Resurrección 75 + 25 = 100

+5 Resistance/Bonus to using/resisting spells/abilities/cero.

Arrancar 40
Resurrección 40 + 25 = 65

Arrancar 20
Resurrección 20

Cero Mejorar & Gran Inciendo

Fighting Skill

Arrancar 25 + 15 = 40
Resurrección 40 + 25 = 65

Hollow Abilities

Cero (Charge time reduced 1 post.)
Caja Negaction

Custom Cero
Name: Caos Cero.
Color: Blood red.
Size: Size of a steam train.
Speed: About as fast as a bullet.

Special Effects
The Caos Cero was created by Alexander as a sort of defiance against the standard cero for espada, he is confident that his original cero is much more powerful than the Gran Rey Cero. The Caos Cero is extremely innacurate, but it's size helps compensate for it. The cero makes a deafening bellow as it's fired, the surface of the cero usually sparks, small tangents of reiryoku can sometimes stray from the main portion of the cero causing major collateral damage. If one tries to block the Caos Cero or try to deflect it, the main body will divert from the obstacle and circle around the individual, then closing in, that is the special ability of the Caos Cero.

Due to the enormous amount of energy that the Caos Cero contains, when charging/firing the user must brace the firing arm, lest they have the cero become extremely inaccurate. The charge time for the Caos Cero is one post.

The Caos Cero is unique to Alexander in that only his reiryoku can create the effect that the Caos Cero has, his spiritual energy is just chaotic enough to be able to fuel the Caos Cero's strange attributes and keep it accurate enough to be practical.


Name: Cero Mejorar.
Invention Type: Equipment.

Description of Invention
Cero Mejorar is two circular steel rings embedded in Alexander's palms. The rings are made up of super condensed reiryoku and are thus nearly unbreakable. They are always saturated with large amounts of energy, sometimes sparks shoot out from the rings, similar to electricity.
Invention Effect

Cero Mejorar essentially allows Alexander to create faster, stronger, and more accurate ceros. Using the ring as a sort of boundry he can better focus his energy into the middle of his hand, as you can imagine this helps immensely with creating more potent ceros. With the help of this device Alexander's ceros gain 1/2 Spirit in power on top of it's original power, as well as being faster and more accurate. If the need arises Alexander can quicken the charging time it takes to fire off a cero by one post by using the reiryoku within the steel ring itself. Once the steel rings are drained of energy it takes three posts before they can be used again.

Name: Gran Inciendo.
Invention Type: Item.

Decription of Invention
This device takes the shape of a metal ball about the size of an average hand. The spherical object looks and feels like steel, however it is made up of extremely dense reiryoku. On the top and bottom of the sphere is a small depression, inside of these depressions is one small circular patch of glass which a bright red light shines through. One black line runs down two sides of the sphere, connecting the top and bottom depression. The item itself is extremely heavy, Alexander is forced to keep it chained to his back via a leather harness strapped to his torso just under his clothing. The device is connected to the harness via a short chain that pokes through the upper portion of Alexander's shirt, there is a few inches of slack before the chain connects to the device. The chain is completely attached to the sphere, the only thing that can detach the ball is Alexander's reiryoku signature, which he can give off whenever he wants to remove the device.

Invention Effect
The Gran Incendio is essentially a bomb, an extremely dense and compact container that holds vasts amount of raw chaotic reiryoku within, over many days Alexander fills these bombs with mind boggling amounts of energy, and when it leaves Alexander's aura it loses stability and quickly explodes. The destructive capability of this bomb is not to be underestimated, it could easily level a district of a city, or even an entire small town if placed in the right spot. The Gran Incendio isn't really a weapon to be used in combat, it's mainly utilized as a way to quickly eliminate a group of threats, for instance if it was hurled into a group of shinigami it could probably anihilate them unless they were captains. The power of this weapon is 1 & 1/2 Spiritual Power. This bomb takes quite a bit of energy to create, thus Alexander only carries one at a time. The time it takes for him to create a new bomb is approximately five threads.



Name: Baphomet.
Release Word: Impale.
Alexander breaks his zanpakuto in half, speaking the release word. A thick black smog shoots out from the axe, hiding Alexander from sight. Once the smog clears one would see the changes immediatly. Alexander's horns are positioned near the middle of his head, they are angled backwards slightly. Alexander's head now looks like the skull of a goat, his white eyes looking very unnatural. His entire body is covered in a thick black robe, underneath this is a smooth body made up entirely of bone, Alexander's anatomy is much more proportioned, his slender legs and arms look very much like a humans with the exception that they are made of bone.

Ability 1

Alexander focus' his energy into his core for one post, the next post he release this build up of reiryoku in a large explosion, the explosion travels a hundred meters in every direction before fading away. Alexander's reiryoku is strange, it holds similar properties to electricity, it is very energetic and 'chaotic', it can also damage nerves if it touches a foreign entity. This explosion of reiryoku travels fast, thus if anyone was hit it would be the equivalent of being hit by a small meteor. But the sheer power of the explosion isn't the real purpose of Pasmar, if one is engulfed by the explosion, Alexander's reiryoku would enter their body, not only causing severe pain but also damaging their nerves. Usually moderately powerful entities can withstand one of these explosions, but after that they will experience severe nerve/muscle damage, their body might go numb, or move on it's own, or simply go limp. There is a one post cool down on this ability, but the real flaw with this ability is the charge time for it, unless the enemy is distracted or slow they will usually be able to escape the blast zone during the charge time.

Ability 2

(Aguja Luz)
Similar to bala, Alexander focus' his reiryoku into a certain point on his body, he then fires thousands of small needles made of condensed reiryoku. He can fire these needles anywhere on his body. These needles are extremely fast, even powerful captains will find it troublesome to evade these needles. Besides piercing the enemy and causing pain, these needles also do nerve/muscle damage to the spot that they pierce, unlike Pasmar, the needles will continually do more damage as time passes on, they do not simply dissipate. They have no cool down, the real flaw with this ability is that the more needles Alexander shoots the more his reiryoku is drained, and due to the large amount of reiryoku needed it doesn't take long for this ability to seriously drain his energy supply.

Ability 3

A simple shield that Alexander can manifest at will, the larger the shield the less strong it will be, the smaller the more dense and therefore strong it will be. At normal size it can protect the front of Alexander, in this state it's as powerful as Alexander's spiritual power. Alexander can create as many shields as necessary, but they must be near him at all times. The shield moves with Alexander. Understandably this shield helps to keep himself on equal footing with faster opponents.

Ability 4

(Alma Trago)
Many of Alexander's abilities are tiring, realistically he wouldn't be able to keep up in a prolonged battle with an opponent that is his equal. To combat this major flaw Alexander has developed the ability to absorb reiryoku simply by touching it. This means if an enemy were to shoot an energy-based attack at Alexander he could simply asborb it, and if he were to touch the opponents body he could sap reiryoku directly from their body. Anything that is made from reiryoku can be asborbed, this means Alexander can absorb the reiryoku in SS and Hueco Mundo. The major flaw of this ability is that only a percentage of reiryoku is actually put to use, only about 1/3, the rest goes to waste. On top of that Alexander can only slowly absorb reiryoku from his environment.

Ability 5

(Final Trueno)
This is Alexander's ultimate attack, and it is his most powerful. Alexander feeds reiryoku to a single point high in the sky, after a small amount of time passes a small ball of reiatsu will hover high in the air, the red orb will begin to convert raw matter in the environment into reiryoku and feed off of it. This reiryoku is converted into a special kind of energy. Alexander's unique reiryoku, as mentioned before, is similar to electricity. This ball of energy is not simply reiryoku, it is 2/3 electricity, so it is very similar to actual lightning. The ball of energy will continue to consume energy in the environment, the raw power of the orb will nearly double every post it is allowed to absorb energy. The minimum amount of time it must absorb matter is three posts. Even in this state the orb is immensely powerful. Once Alexander speaks the word "Obliterate" the orb will fire down at the specified enemy. The orbs shape will change into what one would see as a lightning bolt. The bolt is etremely fast, only the fastest of opponents can evade this attack. If the attack hits, it will travel into the entities body, destroying nerves and severely damaging muscles, one would have to be exceptionally durable to withstand this ability. Once over, it takes twelve posts before this ability can be used again. Additionally this ability really tires Alexander, at full strength it would approximately consume 1/3 of his total reiryoku.


Alexander was born in Bristol, he had a poor family, thus his chidhood was understandably rough, he was born weaker than other children so he was picked on a lot. Despite being poor he was pretty smart, he excelled in academics (although he absolutely hated school.) He tried to get into a decent college, but he was shut down. He ended up working away his days as an adult were spent spent in a crappy apartment, working a dead-end job, spending his free time getting drunk off his ass and causing trouble. He was a womanizer, and more than a few times he was sent to jail for a few days for doing some inappropriate things, thankfully he had a silver tounge and was a able to get off on a warning every time. He wasn't happy with his life in the slightest, he desperately wanted change. While under the influence of a six-pack of beer, he decided to rob a gas station. It didn't go well. He ended up going to prison for several years, he didn't do very well for the first few months. Getting violated in multiple ways, it changed his psyche. The hell he lived in every day hardened him and destroyed his conscience. After that, he started to become a master of his domain. It wasn't too hard, he found that he was exceptionally good at fighting, and after his first murder in the prison his sentence only increased. It was depressing, but he didn't mind too much, he began to enjoy this life, it had more meaning than the last. After several murders he began to grow a reputation. More and more died, he had lost all sense of morality at this point. He was feared by the inmates, so much so that he began to form a sort of 'gang' inside the prison. However it wasn't too long until he was murdered himself by one of the braver inmates, and with a sharpened piece of plastic no less.

When he came to his senses, he was born anew, a hollow. His instincts kicked in immediately, living in prison for so long sharpened his senses, he already so used to killing, it must've carried over to his life as a hollow. Through blood and sweat he excelled in his new life. However it didn't take long before weaker hollows came to him, grouping up to take him down, but it was all meaningless on their part, Alexander couldn't be beaten so easily. It only took a week before he advanced to a Menos, in that state he excelled even more, he didn't need to hunt for his food anymore, the menos grande were everywhere, all that was needed was for Alexander to kill them. Once he was an adjuchas, things began to change. No longer could he find substantial meals easily, other hollows like him were few and far between. After about a year of frustration, he gave up on killing other adjuchas, instead he offered partnership, promising them a long life and more power. Those who accepted formed his ring. He found that grouping up with other hollows was effective, they could hunt better and kill more menos grande using hunting tactics. They were like cattle, it was almost sad. But after many more months, Alexander had grown tired of his current form, he knew deep inside that there was more, more to gain, he could still advance, still evolve. Over the months of working with his ring of adjuchas, they had formed somewhat of a friendship with him, but Alexander wasn't so weak. To them they were merely pawns, stepping stones that would lead to his eventual evolution, no better than tools to be discarded after their usefulness had been used up. The ring had become quite large, around thirty or fourty hollows in all. Alexander consumed his companions, all of them, it was quicker than hunting down other adjuchas or consuming the pitiful meals that were the menos grande. It was easy to consume his companions, they were too caught up in confusion to retaliate much. In the end he evolved, his clique had served him well, but only one could advance to the next level, and that wsould be Alexander.

In his new form he wreaked havoc, his new power was intoxicating. He went on rampages regularly, sometimes he wouldn't even consume the fallen, they weren't worth it. After many weeks he found that nothing could sate his thirst or quell his hunger, even adjuchas. Each bite was like chewing air, it was so pitiful. Then he was found by the espada, he was taken in and told to rip off his mask. He was reluctant, but he saw that the espada were something called 'arrancars' and their source of power was indeed their mask being torn off. So he did it, it was excruciating, but he wouldn't give up, he was told that if he gave up half-way through he would be killed. Finally, he did it, his new form was strange, he looked so very similar to a human now, it almost made him sick. He was told he could join, if he managed to kill their weakest member, the 10th espada. And so he did, it wasn't too hard, the 10th was fast, but had very little stamina, the fight lasted for multiple days, but in his eyes the fight was boring. Alexander gained a small amount of respect among the espada, and soon he ascended to the 5th spot among the espada. He killed and consumed the 5th, this time it was a challenge, the 5th had a furious tenacity that made it difficult to focus, his attacks were quick and strong, and they never stopped coming. Tenacity is a good thing to have during a fight, but being so careless was the cause of his demise, Alexander simply lead the 5th around, playing him like a deck of cards. Since he's become the 5th none have challenged him, over the brief time he has the 5th he has mastered the majority of his power and abilities, he had even created a new form of cero. Now he simply trains, consuming the occasional hollow, waiting for an opportune time to ascend to the next level. In all honesty, he only joined the espada because it looked like a buffet waiting to be used. All of the espada, all of them, they are simply ripe fruits waiting to be picked and eaten.
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Alexander|5th Espada|Arrancer|NPC
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