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 Just your average walk in the woods (solo)

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Arashi Akuma

Arashi Akuma

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Just your average walk in the woods (solo) Empty
PostSubject: Just your average walk in the woods (solo)   Just your average walk in the woods (solo) I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2013 7:46 pm

Arashi was taking a walk through the woods around his house to cool of, him sanity was fading faster just sitting in the house. He knew that walking in the woods would help him find himself. He passed his favorite trees, a HUGE oak tree. As he passed it he could feel what felt like a spiritual pressure coming from the tree. That’s odd, I may be new to this stuff, but I am pretty sure trees don’t have spiritual pressures this strong. Up above Arashi, about twenty meters, there was a Quincy sitting on a branch. The Quincy watched Arashi has he looked around for what the spiritual pressure was coming from, he looked every direction but up. The Quincy sat there, thinking Why does this human have such a large spiritual pressure, is he a bount? Or worse, a fullbringer? The Quincy decided not to wait and find out, he flared his spiritual pressure and launched himself from the tree, straight towards Arashi.

Arashi felt the flare and was able to dodge the attack of the Quincy, by doing a back flip. He reached into his pocket to grab the pill; however, to his surprise the pill wasn’t in his pocket. ”Crap!” Arashi turned to run back to his house, when an energy arrow flew by his head, only cutting his check. He dive-rolled over to a tree; and hid behind it. ”You can’t hide, I can sense your spiritual pressure,” He proceeded to shoot off another arrow, destroying the top of the tree Arashi was hiding behind. Arashi preformed another roll, taking him to different tree. He knew these forests, every tree and every creature, the most confusing route back to his house popped into his head. This route would confuse the Quincy enough so Arashi would be able to get into his house a retrieve his pill. He sprinted through the woods, ducking and weaving himself through the brush. Unable to keep track of the random turns Arashi made, the Quincy shot randomly where he thought Arashi would go next.

Arashi made it back to his house with only some scratches from the weeds and bushes he ran through. He could fell the Quincy only a few hundred yards away, and he was closing in fast. Where is it? Ah! My pants from yesterday. He quickly found the pants he wore the day before and checked the pockets. There it was! The pill sitting there in the pocket, cool from just sitting there all day. He pulled out the pill, and threw it into his mouth. The pill went down, and he could feel his body and soul separate. ”So, you are a substitute soul reaper… and you haven’t even achieved shikai yet. This should be easy.” The Quincy grinned manically, forming his bow and pulling back his arrow. He shot the arrow straight for Arashi’s heart. Acting quickly, Arashi drew his sword destroying the arrow, then launching himself at the Quincy. He landed next to the Quincy, with his sword above his head. Bringing the sword down, with a path that would cut him in half.

The Quincy rolled to the left and did a back flip, thinking he dodged the attack, but was actually cut just barely on his left arm. This was good for Arashi because that was the arm he used to pull back his bow. He stood back up and looked at his arm, he tried to move it, but nothing happened, Arashi had cut a vital tendon making his arm useless. He made his bow disappear and reached behind his back and pulled out a Seele Schneider. The blade grew and, the Quincy lunged at Arashi.

Arashi had been taught what a Seele Schneider was by his master, so he knew not to touch the blade at all. He did a backwards roll, dodging the blow from the Quincy. Next he knew the world was shrouded in darkness, and everything was frozen in place but him. He stood up and felt another spiritual pressure behind him. Arashi turned ready to strike, but to his amazement it was the shinigami that gave him his powers. ”what are you doing here? I thought you were dead after you had given me soul reaper powers.” ”is that any way you should treat a person trying to give power that will allow you to fight from a distance? I think you need to work on your people skills Arashi. I have been able to recover some of my shinigami powers and this is the power of my shikai, it freezes everything in time, besides people and objects that I choose not to be frozen. We only have until my spiritual powers run low, and I don’t know how long that will be. So lets hurry and teach you the simplest of kido.”

A week had passed in the darkness of the old mans shikai, and the light of the real world was starting to return. In that week Arashi learned how to do both hado and bakudo 1-10. The world returned to normal and the quincy finished his attack surprised not to see Arashi where he was last. From behind, the quincy hears, ”The fires of hell, a scrap of your power, another damned soul, hado number 5: Frieball!” The quincy turns his head to see Arashi pointing his finger at him, and gathering at the tip was black reiatsu. Quickly after the incantation was finished the energy grew large and took the form of a black fire ball. Arashi launched the ball from his finger, aiming for the head of the quincy. The quicny dodged just in time only suffering a small burn on his right eye rendering it useless. He looked up at Arashi asking, ”What when did you move? Your spiritual pressure is strong enough yet for you to be able to flash step, how did you get behind me?” ”Hado number 4: white lighning.” The lightning was to fast and the quicny was too flustered to dodge. The lightning passed through his chest, puncturing both his right lung and heart.

The quincy feel down, dead before he hit the ground. ”well that made things easy, now I just have to find my body.”
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Just your average walk in the woods (solo)
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