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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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PostSubject: Backlash   Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:40 am

It took nearly ten minutes for the hot water to work. Koleri mentally told himself to complain to the managment about that after he got out of the shower. There was nothing like a hot shower in the morning to wake you up. Some people liked coffee or a morning jog. He liked to start the day fresh. A cold shower was just as effective, but not as plesant. One the smoke started coming from the water he was more than happy to strip and jump in. As the water washed over him he scrub and rub away the worries of the other day. Being in Karakura wasn't that bad. He'd found some interesting food shops since he arrived. The hotel he was in wasn't exactly the highest of quality but it had it's own charm that he enjoyed. The thing the puzzled him was the abundance of people with powers. The day before he had run into nearly four people with special abilities within second of each other. Such a thing was odd anywhere else in the world. When he had reported it to his handlers they were less than surprised. His efforts in being covert were wasted. "You can toss a penny in Karakura and I'm sure it would land near someone with superpowers." The man hand said to him over the phone. "I guess it makes this a perfect place for someone like me to hide then." He said as he reached for the shampoo. The heat got his blood pumping and is thought returned to the strange meeitng. The man was by far the oddest one. There was little doubt in Koleri's mind that he was someone to watch out for. In his expierence the males with superpowers were often more aggressive than women. The young women he met were calm in comparison. He wasn't about to go hunt any of them down, but he would be on the look out for them. Just because they seemed nice didn't mean a thing. Koleri put all this out of his head as the shampoo ran into his eyes nearly blinding him. He gave a yelp, and quickly dipped his head into the running stream of hot water. Yes, hot showers were the best. He thought of nothing but trying to relax as he finished washing himself.

It wasn't long before he felt his skin start to prune up so he used his foot to turn off the water and stepped out of the small glass box that made up the shower. The water still ran down his body as he reach for the white towel hanging on the rack. Steam filled the bathroom, but it was colder than it had been inside the shower. He wasted no time in getting the rapidly cooling water off his body. This was probably the best part. The feeling of warmth that clung with to him as the cold came at him. Most of the water was gone. He wrapped the half wet towel around his waist and left the bathroom. Rather than finish drying his hair he slicked it backwards away from his face. His morning ritual complete he figured he should think about something for breakfast. It felt good to step off the cold tile of the bathroom on the fuzzy white carpet. He wiggled his toes and made his way to the kitchen. From fuzzy carpet to hard cold tile once again. This time he was ready for it. The small kitchen was better than most found in a small apartment. The sink and stove were side by side. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out a pot. It was clean, but he still poured water into it and swirled it around. After dumping that water out he filled it up halfway and put it on the stove. A simple click and the fire came on under it. It would take long for it to boil so he returned the living room and the TV on the wall. "Where the hell is that remote?" he asked as he started to look about the room. He thought he spotted something under the sofa's cushion when the sliding door shattered. In the corner of his eye he could see the hole in the opposite wall. Someone was shooting at him. He quickly ducked behind the sofa.

There was a loud bang on the door. The sound of metal hinges breaking. Someone had just broke in. There was no mistake someone was trying to kill him. Koleri moved from behind the sofa and slide into the kitchen. His head banged into the cabnet He needed his badge if he wanted any chance to fight back. He peeked his head over the counter just as a man with a shotgun came into the living room. He ducked back down just as the turned to shoot at him. The wood was cut to shreds by the man's weapon. The man continued to unload his gun.Shot after shot broke the counter to piesce. Although the top half was made of wood the lower portion was plaster and stone like a wall. The man didn't notice this as he began firing. Most of the wood was gone, but Koleri was safe. The firing had stopped. Koleri could hear the man reloading and reached over to the stove. He grabbed the now bubbling pot and dashed around the counter. The man was suprised to see him and even more suprised when he got a face full of hot water. He dropped his gun and grabbed his face. The man was still screaming as Koleri ran to the bedroom. His towel tore free as he leaped over the sofa. Inside the bedroom he say his clothes and badge laying out on the bed. There was a window in the room, but it faced a different direction than the living room. He could only hope that the sniper hadn't moved. With the gunshots fired police were probably on their way. Koleri could still hear the man screaming in the other room. He dressed quickly and grabbed his badge and his phone. The Illuminati could handled the situation, but Koleri wanted the first crack at the man. He exited the bedroom, but stayed low just in case the sniper would take another shot. He got to the wounded man. "Who sent you!?" Koleri said as he shook the man violently."Tell me and I'll take you to a hospital." The man was sobbing. His face was scarred from the boiling water. "My eyes!" he mumbled there wasn't a thing he was going to get out of the man. Digusted he tossed the man to the ground. He was about to leave when a phone rang. At first he thought it was his own, but his had a different tone. He searched the still whimpering man and found his phone.

"Jospeh!" the voice on the other end said. "Get the hell out of there, the cops are on the way!" Koleri smiled as he heard this. "Sorry Jospeh can't come to phone right now, but if you leave your name and number I'll be there to kill you as soon as possible." There was a gasp from the other end of the phone and the line went dead. Koleri smiled again. The man's phone wasn't some throw away, it was probably his personal phone. "bunch of amateurs" He snickered. He tucked the phone into his pocket and pulled out his own phone. Koleri pressed the speed dial button. It only took three rings for his handler to pick up. "Someone just tried to kill me." He said simply. There was silence. "Well that's not good." was the reply. "I'm guessing you have no idea who." Koleri shook his head even though the man couldn't see him. "How bad was it?" the other man asked. "Shots through the window, and one guy with a shotgun. I'm going to need a new room. Should I stay for the police?" The handler sighed. "We don't know who's trying to kill you. Not many knew you where you were or who you are. I'm guessing one of your jobs might have gotten you some friends." "I guess that narrows it down "Leave. I'm sending the location of one of our safehouses to your phone. Go there." "Fine." He gave the curled up man a kick. "I'll be seeing you later." he said and hung up. Sure enough the phone lit up with a text message. Koleri took one more look at the trashed room before walking out the door.
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