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 It would have worked if i were a Jedi *SOLO*

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PostSubject: It would have worked if i were a Jedi *SOLO*   Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:42 pm

She stared intensely at her own reflection, lifting her arms up and down as if it would help. She could've sworn she shrinking. Her spine didn't look curved or anything though she she assumed it was just her mind playing tricks on her; it had been doing that a lot recently. Especially the headaches, they were quite severe now. Kaiyo had mentioned it to a few people, but apparently they were just migraines. She'd had migraines...These were not migraines. Her dreams had become paradoxes of times and places she'd never known. They were stretching beyond her dreams as well. Deep down, Kaiyo could feel the worry tingling along her skin as she buried the negative thoughts deeper and deeper. Her eyes glared back at her, their blue haze swirling for a more vibrant colour. She blinked, rushing towards her reflection as her breath stuck to the mirror. A flash of light across her eyes. She staggered backwards, it hadn't been the first time that had happened either. She shut her eyed, inhaling slowly as she imagined a cool breeze sweeping away her doubts. Her shoulder relaxed to her slightly slouched stance. She smiled at herself, nodding to confirm the happiness as she set out.

It didn't take long to reach her destination. On a morning so crisp and early it had seemed a little cautious to even book the training room, but with such important manners, she didn't feel like sharing. More to the point, she didn't want to feel silly for her efforts. She slipped off her white socks and bundled them together, shoving them inside one of her shoes as she walked slowly across her training room. The sprung floors reacting perfectly to her bouncing as she began to stretch her body. She didn't exactly plan on physically exerting herself, she was still a bit delicate from recent escapades for something like that. No, today was a mind exercise.

Her shoulders clicked uncomfortably as she swung her arms around her torso, tensing and relaxing her muscles just to amuse herself. Her feet pressed lightly against the ground as she stepped towards the centre of the room. She moved thoughtfully, minding her body and trying to be aware of it. A slow exhale of air. She sat down, crossing her legs as she pushed her palms along her thighs to her knees. She rested them there as loosely as she could manage.

She'd decided to try this is in the morning. She was a morning person so there was no risk of being tired, and it would be before the stress and angst of day to day life kicked in; so she might even be more centred. That was maybe wishful thinking. One last steady breath and Kaiyo adjusted her spine, trying to sit up straight but remain comfortable. The task she'd set herself was quite simple, she wanted to manifest her reiatsu into a physical barrier around herself, then put it outwards. She'd seen little kids managing the feat; forming orbs of their own spiritual energy or pushing their spiritual image forwards. She'd witnessed it from Shinigami as well, a steady increase of reiatsu that affected the area around them. She hoped to emulate that.

Her eyes shut, she just tried to relax. Her hands twitching at the feel of her own soft skin. As the sound of her breathing seemed to reach across the whole room, there were no birds this morning but a light breeze was blowing along the white sky. Her torso rose and fell with her breathing, steady and constant, she felt her beating; pattering away of its own accord. She moved on to her breath, She inhaled deeply, but slowly, her lungs soaking in the rich cool air as she exhaled. Her concentration remarkably unwavering this morning, she tried to imagine her breath circulating through her body like her reiatsu. She moved her minds eyes to the centre of her power. A bright white light that seemed to full of colour and yet stark and cold; it wasn't as comforting as she'd hoped. Previously it had worried her as well, when other described the colour of their reiatsu and she was certain hers was white; she'd accepted it to be normal now though, but that flickering after-thought was the first crack in her mirage.

She forced the apprehension down. Pulling at threads of her spiritual energy as she tried first to simply rise it, her power source bubbled and boiled as the light grew bigger. Her reiatsu rose, her awareness stretching out beyond the room as she continued to regulate her breathing. 'Come on' she whispered, not realising she began to hold her breath as she tried to force out more and more energy. She gritted her teeth when she reached her barrier, already feeling her energy swirling around her. Her hands balled into fists as her knuckles turned white as she clenched her hands tighter and tighter. Eyes still shut she could feel it, brushing around her body in a protective swirl. She couldn't move it though, no matter how hard she tried it remained a protective shell. She opened her eyes and it dropped. Back into silence. Heat boiled at her face as sweat began to form along her now furrowed brow. She panted slightly, releasing her tensed muscles.

She groaned in annoyance, trying to quell her rage as she fell flat on her back. Noticing the heat of her body against the cool wooden floor of the training room. Jedi's could move stuff with their minds, she couldn't even move her mind power itself. She sighed, rolling her eyes as a familiar pain began to sting around her head. She pulled her body forwards as she sat up. Returning to her focus position as she lifted her hands this time, trying for an orb.

Eyes open, she calmed herself, reigning in the pain in her head. It coursed so strongly and vividly that it took a while. She ignored it with all her might, pushing it aside so it began white noise- a dull and constant ache. She could work with that. She flicked her wrists out with a flourish, rolling her fingers in and out of her palms as she tried to flow her reaistu with force around her body and towards her hands, she clasped them together. Squeezing tightly as the cool white light flowed through her body. Even now, it felt so empty, her own power so unknown and alien. She would have to save that thought for later. She could feel beads of sweat rolling down her glistening face as she tried harder. Her jaw clenched tightly with extra effort as her head began to pound. It pulsed through the girl's reiatsu in uncertain waves, she thought she was seeing things. Kaiyo slowly pulled her hands apart, her eyes wide with pride as the encircling ball of energy held space between her palms. It grew bigger and bigger right in front of her eyes.

It cracked. Splintered even, her vision twitched with black and white surges; like a flickering tv screen. Kaiyo held the orb still, determined to do this despite herself. She grimmaced as the pain multiplied. The beating of her mind shook her body, the light wavering and stuttering as she forced herself still. Pulling her hands apart as the orb groped at the air around it. When she'd reached exhaustion it happened, so fast that she couldn't explain it. Kaiyo was throwing every life force and speck of energy she hand between her hands. Her face red and flushed as a blur shocked her vision. A single spark of a glorious lightning shot through her orb. Then it exploded.

Beeping woke her, a face spoke to her paralysed body. She couldn't hear, the last thing she remembered was being completely engulfed in a perfect yellow and gold light, sparking around her body so strong and agile. The face continued to talk, it was drowned by a ringing that played through her ears. It faded. 'Are you Kaiyo? We're from the 12th squad, we'll be taking you in for some tests' . It didn't sound much like a question, but Kaiyo couldn't move, let alone speak so she just looked at the man.

Her small frame was burnt and broken, large chunks of the building had fallen on to her body. She was lifted on to a stretcher, her head still pounding but the rest of her body hurt in equal measure now. She was so confused, so lost on what was happening to her. Between blurry blinks of unconscious, she got a vague look at the area around her. Filled with shinigami, and official looking people, people writing things and holding scanning and beeping machines against the air, and her and the place where her training ground stood. It was gone now, no more than rubble and ash and scorched earth. She was being moved, but the struggle of staying awake was too much. She tried to speak, to explain herself to ask questions but she was silenced before for dry throat could attempt sound.

A hand, a warm hand rested on her shoulder. It was a kindness she could feel from the soothing voice that managed to seep through the mayhem. 'Just relax kaiyo, we're going to help you we're going to fix everything' It was good enough for her, she shut her eyes, smiling as she welcomed the darkness once again.
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It would have worked if i were a Jedi *SOLO*
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