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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Training of the Mind(solo)

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PostSubject: Training of the Mind(solo)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:39 pm

A lot has happen to Drac that made him doubt his own strength and so he decided to do something about it. Deep with in the Seireitai, Drac awoke to rays of sunlight that pierced his room in Squad 2 barracks "Sigh.........Well its a brand new day. Hmm....what to do today?.......Guess I can train while I'm down in the Rukongai. Drac got up out of bed and began the day by doing his daily morning rituals like showering, brushing his teeth, putting on his clothing, then fixing breakfast. While he was sitting down at the table eating breakfast his mind began to wonder on about some of things that happen recently and the one that keeps popping into his mind the most is the mission that he did with Arawn Shi'ar of Squad 12. In the beginning of the mission everything was going smoothly until the leader disappeared on them in the middle of the night, and after searching for him we decided he was probably kidnapped by a gang that's been harassing the people of the Rukongai and it was best to attack their base we found early that day. Everything going smoothly as Drac and Arawn fights off the bandits, until they get this huge opening in the cave and meets this mysterious man. They consider him a member of gang and fought against him, but little to no damage was done to him even their kido was useless against him. The man then began to beat two without around like child's play. Drac's mind replayed every brutal beating they received from that fight, down to the last detail. Drac shook his head and slammed his hand down in anger "I must become matter the cost." Drac got up out of the table and walked toward his bookself and began searching for a scroll. "Aww.....Well the hell is it.........Ah found it?" Drac found the scroll he was looking for, it was a scroll on advance kido's with this Drac knew that this would be most helpful in future fight. He grab his zanpakuto and headed toward the Rukongai.

A few minutes passed, Drac arrived in the rukongai's main district. The streets were busy as people and farmers alike passed threw it to go to the shops in the down town marketplace. Drac began his leisurely stroll through the market, as he did he got looks by the people that were coming through the market some good others not so good, but he didn't care for it was normal to him know most of them wouldn't even believe that he used to be one of them anyway. Drac began making his way out of town heading toward an open field near his foster parents grave stone, he arrived a few minutes later and began to stretch while open the scroll. "Ah lets see.........Lets start with Hado#11-18, then Bakudo #11-19" Drac began reading the incantations for Hado#12 over and over again until it became instinctive while he set up training dummy's out of wheat and old farmer tool. "Alright time to give it a shot.....From my skin, I release the porcupine's spines. Inject the target Hado#12: Needle Release." Suddenly spiky needles began to shoot out of the pores in Drac's skin in at hit the makeshift dummy but also ripped his clothing in the process. "Hmm.....guess I need to work on my aim on that one.....Next one, lets see...." Drac repeated the same pattern as before for Hado#11 and 13-18, while performing amazing results.

"Phew, that was tiresome. Now for the Bakudo." Drac continued with the same ritual of learning the incantations of Bakudo#11-19 by heart then performing them until he had them down packed. A couple of hours passed until Drac was finished learning the brand new kido. "Sigh.....well I guess I better stop their grave before I head back to the barrack." As Drac was heading over he notice a bush of rose nearby and began to pick them to place on his foster parents grave. He soon arrived to his destination "Hey you two, I picked these for ya." Drac said jokingly at the two tombstones that laid before him as he placed the roses down on them, he then proceeded to do a silent prayer before leaving to head back toward the Seireitei.
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Training of the Mind(solo)
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