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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 My School Days(Solo)

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PostSubject: My School Days(Solo)   Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:57 pm

Early morning, the sun's rays were just approaching the sky. The sun rays fell on Lilith's face as she layed on the bed sleep through her window. In a loud grunt and moan lilith woke up lifting up to look around "School again.." Lilith said as she lifted up throwing the cover off of her as she turned over to stand up with a yawn. She began to walk towards the window slamming it shut as her room fell back to its usual dark status (wood windows). Lilith began to walk over to her clothing cabinet, her clothes were already ready laying on her cabinet like always. White single tank top, her school uniform and a pair of black leather shoes were layed out on a table near the cabinet. Lilith slowly walked to the bathroom after checking her clothes once again. She yawned loudly as she began to brush her teeth staring herself down in the mirror for awhile. She quickly finished up and hoped in the shower she was getting ready for school and she liked to be perfect every day.

Now already in school She stood completely still, breathing very slowly, until She cleared all distractions from her mind. Her muscular frame was completely at ease with her surroundings Suddenly, she was moving quickly through the school gym as balls zipped past her the high school kids yelling in their time of fun. Lilith did a spin as a dodge ball passed by her and she caught it, then jumped forward throwing the ball at another on the other side off the gym the ball hit hard as Lilith yelled "Out both of you hahaha" she said as the bell rung and everyone began to leave to there gym lockers to change. Lilith walked slowly to her locker opening her's she looked into as she heard a small knock on her locker door that was blocking her view to the right, She finished gathering her clothes then looked over at another student her friend yuki. "Where are you going for lunch Lilith" the girl said with a smile as Lilith finished getting dressed and closed her locker. "i do not know yet might walk home for a bit i am off next period, How about you yuki" Lilith said as the two began too walk out off the gym and into the crowded halls filled with Reistu energy lilith was used to the school being a hot spot and learned to ignore it. The two made there way outside as lilith felt a hollow nearby by and took off pulling her cross out her back pack she waved by to yuki "i will catch you later yuki" Lilith turned the corner nearing the energy she pulled out her sword and sheathing it on her side just as she spotted the spider like hollow who as she turned the corner shoot a stream off spit at her kinda like a venom, quickly reacting Lilith spun to the side and began floating through the air gracefully as he energy bow materialized and she fired a set off 5 arrow at the hollow. The hollow quickly matched Lilith's arrows and shot five spit balls to deflect them both canceling each other out, then the hollow and Lilith began to run to the left Lilith obviously a lot faster began to blur moving around the hollow as she fired off arrows at him from every way possible, But lilith was not fast enough to get a full hit enough to end it. The two kept shooting at each other from long range for about 20 minutes not long but lilith was starting to get tired she had to think off something quickly.

Lilith stopped moving, her bow going away as she looked at the hollow and scoffed as she pulled out her sword the blue shining bright in the light. "i know how to deal with you" she said as she began to move quickly blurring as she neared the hollow who began to shoot spit at lilith wildly but she just kept swinging her blade to knock them away Once she got close to the hollow Lilith got down on one knee and kicked forward shooting towards the hollow in a quick burst off speed lilith sliced at the hollow trying to cut it in half, she moved through the air landing on one knee with her blade at her side, she looked back to see the hollow gone and quickly sheathed her blade as she began to walk back to the school. "there goes my entire off period"
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My School Days(Solo)
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