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 The dojo duel (solo)(Training thread, Fighting skill) (complete)

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PostSubject: The dojo duel (solo)(Training thread, Fighting skill) (complete)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:17 pm

Kura smiled as he strapped his zanpakuto to his side. Kura decided he should train his Zanjutsu for a little bit. He practiced it a lot of his Zanjutsu and decided he needed to improve his skill. “A Shinigami’s pride is in his sword skill,” he remembered his zanjutsu trainer say to him. This Kura was back when he was slacking in his Zanjutsu, he never paid attention in his Zanjutsu classes and his Zanjutsu trainer was never happy. Kura had taken these words to heart and now tried to keep his Zanjutsu on point. Now his Zanjutsu was as good as a lot as his other skills.

Kura was now in the training dojo. There were medics around, near the walls, in the corners. Kura knew people could be badly injured in the dojo, especially when using zanpakuto, that was why the medics where on permanent standby around here. This didn’t make Kura weary at all though, it just made him more eager to see what he could do to people. He wasn’t wearing any footwear; his bare feet felt surprisingly warm on the floor. Now I wonder who will be unfortunate enough to face me today. Kura wondered inside his head as he drew his zanpakuto and raised it. He waited in the ring for someone to come and meet him. About one minute later of staying in his fighting stance someone finally came to meet him. Kura studied his opponent head to toe. It was a man who was slightly shorter than Kura. He had blonde spiky hair the dropped down over his forehead, he wore the simply academy clothes that everyone else had to wear. He drew his zanpakuto. His sword was surprisingly short, it didn’t look like a katana, it looked more like a short sword than a zanpakuto. Kura wanted to laugh at his zanpakuto but refrained, it wasn’t about the length over his sword after all, it was about his skill. Kura knew he could still use the shortness against his opponent though.

His opponent’s eyes were unblinking, his eyes were sea blue and he seemed pleasant, his smiled as he introduced himself. “Hiya, my name is Juto Moka and I guess I’ll be your opponent for today,” He said as he gripped his sword even tighter. Kura smiled back. “My name is Kura Syther, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Kura replied as he pointed his blade at his opponent. The feeling was not tense at all, it wasn’t like a usual sword fight, it was actually relaxed and calm in the ring. Kura raised his sword with two hands and swung his zanpakuto down on Juto. Juto grunted as he raised his sword and blocked the blow. His zanpakuto rattled, the short sword could barely handle Kura’s strength and katana.

Kura then swung to the side of his head, Juto was actually a pretty decent swordsman and he ducked under the blow. Juto then attempted a quick stab at Kura’s ribs with his sword but Kura was quick and he quickly jumped back from the blow. Kura then swung his sword at Juto’s over stretched arm, Juto moved it slightly and his arm was cut, it cut through his sleeve and some crimson blood came spilling out. Juto hissed as he jumped back. Kura saw the opportunity to strike and leapt at his opponent. Kura then attempted a stroke to slice Juto across the chest. Luckily for Juto the arm wound was not as bad as he thought and raised his zanpakuto just in time. The katana slammed into his short sword, this jerked the sword to the side and knocked Juto slightly off balance.

Kura then attempted the same sword slash to the chest again, this time the sword stroke found its mark. The zanpakuto tore across Juto chest, ripping right through his academy student clothes and spraying blood across the floor and Kura’s face and clothes. Juto gasped loudly, his face clearly in shock and he was clearly injured as he fell to the floor, his crimson blood leaking on the floor. “I need a medic here right now!” Kura yelled. Straight away a shinigami ran to Juto’s side. They used their healing ability and healed him in about two minutes.

Juto gasped as he got up from his shock. Juto sheathed his sword and Kura sheathed his. Juto held up his hand in congratulations. Kura decided he might as well shake it, it was the least he could do for nearly cutting his heart out. Kura shook his hand and turned around to walk away. “Damn I’m going to need to get this blood off me then train some more,” Kura said to himself as he walked out the dojo. He had actually enjoyed himself in his fight.

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PostSubject: Re: The dojo duel (solo)(Training thread, Fighting skill) (complete)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:48 pm

Kura came back to the dojo, he was eager to fight. He
figured Juto wouldn’t want to fight him again after he nearly tore his heart
out so he decided to find another opponent. Kura had cleaned the blood off his
zanpakuto and then he walked over to the ring. Kura looked around him, there
were other people fighting the rings. Kura drew his zanpakuto and waited for
his opponent, just because he had badly injured his last opponent Kura was not
going to hold back against his next opponent. Kura pointed his zanpakuto at the
girl who walked into the ring. She was tall and had her black hair tied in pig
tails. Kura was not going to drop his guard just because she was a girl, Kura
didn’t discriminate.

This girl didn’t even introduce herself; she simply drew her
short katana and got ready to attack. She grunted in a high pitched voice as
she swung her sword to the side of Kura’s head. Kura simply moved his head
backwards so the sword simply whipped right past his face. Kura then raised his
sword he was now ready for the next blow that was coming. She swung her sword
downwards, as if to sever Kura’s arm. Kura quickly sidestepped and the sword
went right down, Kura then attempted to stab her, his sword uselessly sailed
right past her head as she moved to the side slightly. Kura grunted in
frustration as he switched his sword to his right hand and attempted to slash
her across the stomach. She quickly parried the blow with her zanpakuto. Kura
was slightly knocked off balance.

The girl pivoted and slashed Kura across the shoulder. This
sent his crimson blood flying into the air, the blood spattered on the floor.
Luckily for Kura the cut wasn’t too deep so it wasn’t going to make any lasting
damage. Kura’s eyes simply widened at the shock of the attack. He hadn’t
expected her to move so quickly and react so quickly to his attacks. Kura realised
that she had probably paid attention a lot in her zanjutsu classes.

Kura turned and attempted to stab her in the chest, she quickly
deflected the blow and Kura’s sword was then pointing uselessly to the side.
Kura luckily moved to the side of the girls stab. Unfortunately for her she had
counted on Kura not being able to react and had put too much strength in the
blow. Kura managed to slash her over stretched arm. She howled in pain as she
clutched her injured arm. Kura had made a very deep but on her sword hand,
luckily not enough to sever he arm.

The girl fell on her knees to the floor and Kura pointed the
blade towards her throat. Kura smiled as
he looked down on his defeated opponent. “It looks like
I win,”
Kura said softly.
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PostSubject: Re: The dojo duel (solo)(Training thread, Fighting skill) (complete)   Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:48 pm

I am sorry to say that this thread does not meet the standards required for training. This would be considered a battle thread rather than someone actually training. In the end you pretty much fought off two people.Training threads

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PostSubject: Re: The dojo duel (solo)(Training thread, Fighting skill) (complete)   

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The dojo duel (solo)(Training thread, Fighting skill) (complete)
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