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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Kaiyo Vs. Her Weapon ((solo))

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PostSubject: Kaiyo Vs. Her Weapon ((solo))   Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:37 pm

Her bare feet radiated heat through the training room floor, leaving vague imprints of where she had been standing. It was starting to seem so regular and normal that is was getting pointless. If Kaiyo wasn't actually learning anything, then she didn't see the point, especially when she was still playing catch-up. Of course the girl had speed, but so far, that was still her main contension with progress.

When kaiyo panicked or had a bout of sever doubt, then she regressed back to dipping and diving away from all contact. A great fail safe to stay alive- but less great to ever actually win a fight.

Her shoulders dropped with her exhale as Kaiyo lunged forwards. Her shimmering blade glistened in the light; as dark and harrowing as ever. Yet more recently, it was a comforting darkness. A part of kaiyo herself that she related to. Born in adversity and striving ahead of the girl herself. Perhaps one day she'd discover the truth. until then, the seal of her Zanpakuto remained closed to her. blocked by the girl's very being.

She caught her heel with her step, flicking it upwards as she flipped backwards, slicing down through the wintery air as she landed with impressive guile.
A quiet smile brought the girl's face back to life. She threw her sword up, twisting to the side as she caught it with the opposite hand, racing towards the nearest wall as she bounded up it, throwing her body back as she rolled back along the floor. Bouncing back up, she lashed her blade out left to right. This had become a series of standard routines for Kaiyo; only recently were they even working constantly.

It is said that to become an expert at something, you must practice it 100 times over without a single error.

kaiyo was well beyond that mark: minus the errors.

Anyway, her routine was becoming...comfortable. So when something odd happened, it triggered a more cautious reaction. The very same dark weapon that had frightened the girl reacted differently. Differently to what kaiyo had intended at least. Perhaps it had been a trick of the eyes, but it felt so unusual as well... Her knee's clicked at the joint as she landed, rolling forwards across her shoulder to lessen the impact she dodged right, bringing her left hand up to guard, as she sliced forwards with her Zanpakuto. It rattled against the wooden floor when she dropped it. The skin around her eyes taught from exhaustion only emphasised her shock.

Right before her eyes, and within her very grasp. The girl's sword had shifted, shrinking in size as another tangeable blade absorbed into her free hand.
She couldn't have dreamt it up- surely? She was so certain she'd been holding two swords- two very short swords, almost the size of daggers.
The silence of the training room suddenly seemed so overwhelmingly obvious. Her sweaty palm rubbed down the side of her cheek. She checked her hand for the weapon that had materialised. Needless to say, it was not there.

She remained silent for a moment. Unable to remove her gaze from the dropped weapon. She watched it as if expecting it to burst into flames.
It didn't do that either. In fact, it did nothing at all. the girl squatted down next to it, hovering her hand from the dark metal before reaching forwards and grabbing it. A jolt of energy that felt like an explosion threw her backwards. Her back smacked against the ground as she skidded back into the wall in a bundle. Her head spun from the impact as she staggered back up to her feet, turning to see the blurring image of her own body crumbled into the wall.
She turned once more to face the weapon. Amazed and terrifyed by what had just happened.

Kaiyo knew that curiosity had killed the cat...but, she was already dead.

Rubbing her head gently, she stepped forwards. ready to kaiyo vs Weapon round two.
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Kaiyo Vs. Her Weapon ((solo))
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