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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 An Unexpected Predicament Within the Adventure, and the Hunting of Bandits Amongst a Memory of Death; a Hatred Burning Within the Heart, and a Disgust of the Event in Which is Executed (Solo)

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PostSubject: An Unexpected Predicament Within the Adventure, and the Hunting of Bandits Amongst a Memory of Death; a Hatred Burning Within the Heart, and a Disgust of the Event in Which is Executed (Solo)   Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:07 pm

Anna yet again was taking a trip to Rukongai with her trusty blade, but the thoughts of one of her more recent dreams unfortunately followed along with it. She had made a cover for her sword so that she didn't have to risk it cutting her from a mistake or when evading; she made sure that she wouldn't be in as much harm as she usually was. There was something nice about Rukongai that kept drawing her in to the depths, but what was it exactly? The place was extraordinarily dull and lacked having deep or rich colour, and everything was either dead or in the process of dying. This time Anna was traveling in district 72 of East Rukongai, and bandits were following her closely and without hesitation. She knew that they had been following her for the past hour now, but she never stopped to fight them, and never gave them any knowledge of what she was thinking about. Anna was sent to kill off a certain group of bandits that were hunting Shinigami from districts 65 through 80; a problem that any Shinigami wouldn't hesitate to end. Anna was walking amongst the dark brown trees, so deathly did they look, and the grey-green of shrivelling leaves. The sun was shining through the branches with ease as her blade reflected the light continuously like a mirror. It was as though a beacon was constantly signalling towards the bandits; a beacon that kept them knowing of her location. The hard ground crumbled upon her hurried foot-steps; she has been power walking ever since district 60 for her own reasons. This... Material the ground was made of became weak in the lack of density, and this frightened Anna slightly; she thought about what could make the ground suddenly so weak and hollow, but before she could ponder on this thought in any more detail she fell through the ground and into a pit.

"Ah! What the hell?" she yelled out with her blade already in hand. She stabbed behind her and into the mask of a hollow; the silly thing wouldn't be able to hide itself from her that easily. It was weak, and it didn't know how to hide its reiatsu at all. Anna looked up at the hole with disgust. She was angry with herself for falling into a hole, and on top of that the hole was at least nine feet deep. She started to climb the sides with her sword stabbed into the wall. Every time she got up four feet she would fall yet again due to lack of hold. This is a predicament in which she knew so well; she dreamt of this problem constantly and without halt for days at one point. She stabbed into the wall, and then pulled her blade out. This created a small slit in the wall, but it was large enough for her to fit her fingers into. With her open hand she stabbed a bit higher into the wall, and yet again pulled out the blade in which she was using to make places to grab. She continued to do this and scaled the hole within minutes, but what she found outside of the hole was surprising yet expectable.

"Hello Shinigami!" yelled one of the four bandits. They each had a weapon of sorts, yet this didn't worry Anna at all. She stood up and dusted off her clothing as she looked at the bandits across from her; she examined the bandits quickly. Only four for her to fight this time, and they were all decently young, although she was still younger from physical age. She noticed that they all had black hair and matching tattoos on the left side of their forehead, but the hair was in varying lengths and with varying styles. The first thought that came to Anna's mind was that they were against those in which were different, and a sudden hatred shot through her like a drug; a hatred that hasn't been awakened for a very long time. Before she could stop herself she was rushing towards her target with the blade in her hands out before her; she was running with the intent to kill them all, and nothing in the area could stop her. One of the reasons she was here today was because she went somewhere away from her home; she went to a place in which she was different, but where difference wasn't acceptable.

The memory of her life's end suddenly erupted quickly throughout her mind; it was a burning flash of pain for her to witness. It was a burning flash of pain that she would never be able to get rid of. It was a sight in which she couldn't bear to watch again, yet it was something in which she couldn't help but relive no matter how hard she tried not to. Anna had been walking with a bag full of books in her hands, mainly on neurophysiology and neuropathology of course, that she would be reading for that night. There wasn't anything wrong with her, of course, but in the area in which she was living difference wasn't widely accepted, ever. She was referred to as one of the "neutral" people living in the area; she was somebody in whom nobody cared about and nobody would worry about. All she would do every day is collect books from the library and read them, then return the books the next day without hesitation; this was a feat that some of her neighbours envied, a feat in which she was very proud of. However, one day as she was walking home she was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time; a fight between two groups of people erupted around her. The sound of a M416 entering the air caused Anna to jump from fright, and she dropped a set of her new books. In a haste to collect them and hide she found a dead body with a .44 magnum next to it, but this wasn't the first time she's seen death and she knew that it wasn't good to linger. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't able to get out of the area in time nor was she able to protect herself from what would happen next. She found herself clubbed in the back of the head by a group of people in whom she didn't see often, and when she woke up she noticed that there was a blade stabbed through her stomach in which pinned her to the wall behind her, and that she was lacking of clothing. Her books were thrown in a corner along with her clothing, and she quickly tried to make her way towards them.

What she noticed next caused her to be in a state of shock, surprise! She was taped to a wall and coated with gasoline that could be smelled from many yards away. There was so much tape that she wasn't even able to move, but this didn't worry her too much. The fact that she was covered in gasoline is what worried her the most; what was about to happen to her? She her the sound of a gun fire, and the bullet hits the tape around her. Sparks appear, and then flames erupt all around her and she feels the heat on her body; it was pain already. She cried out for help, but knew that there was nobody who would help her; there were no officials of the government around to save her. She kept screaming out for help as the flames kept burning her body, and the pain just kept building. Anna stopped crying out after a couple of seconds and just watched the crazed people jump around and shout in joy. Anna was crying by this point as another bullet was fired, the cold grey wall behind her now filled with a crimson fill to it as it started raining. This bullet went through her skull, her brains being shredded to small, insignificant coagulations of mush. The fire surrounding her body just melted the skin and burned the plastic, the rain wasn't enough to put it out; the people doing this hateful crime dancing and yelling to the world. The world, however, never answered.

At the moment in which Anna was in combat against the bandits that caused her these memories, Anna was running towards the first person, a man with spiky black hair and bright red eyes. He was surprised to see Anna so filled with hatred; she was almost monster like in the way she acted towards him. She swung her blade directly for this man's head. He was a bit taller than her and his build was thin, yet he had length to his arms and legs. The bandit lifted his blade in time to block the attack, but Anna jabbed her hand forward and into the eye of this man, and upon her fingers entering above the eye she pulled down and crushed the sphere into the bottom of the skull. The man screamed in agony as she then stabs her blade into his throat; she quickly pulls the blade back out to stab him in the head afterwards. She looked over at the other three bandits, and hoped with all of her heart that they attacked before she did.

Luckily one of them did, and they ran towards her with the intent to avenge their fallen member. The flash of the blade in which they were wielding signalled to Anna that she had to be swift, and she was. Anna ducked under the black haired bandit and stabbed her sword between two ribs. She looked at her new target, a woman with long curly black hair and black eyes. She seemed to be only a few years younger than Anna herself, but Anna could care less about that. This bandit was to die just like the others; no mercy would be given to any of them. Anna's blade was forced from one side of the bandits body to the other, and then a swift yet soft kick pushed the body down and off of the blade; two halves of the bandit bleeding instead of one. Anna turned her attention quickly to the other two bandits again, and noticed that one of them was about to make a run for it.

"A single feather flutters. Sojourn on the clouds, bend the wind on my wings." Anna said with a frown, her eyes covered by her long red hair to keep her from seeing the deed she was about to do. The air around her hand suddenly condenses into the shape of a "V" as she aimed her hand towards the coward. The bandit that was standing its ground suddenly widened his eyes; his bright blue eyes looking so similar to hers. Anna fired her attack with a smile.

"Hado #16: Sonikku-ha yajirushi!" she says and the condensed air fires with a very high amount of speed. The person in which was running turned around quickly to see if the attack was directed towards them, and upon stopping their head is lopped off completely. Blood follows the current of air as it continues into a tree; a little crimson stain never hurt anybody. The last thing Anna remembered of this poor coward was the man's eyes. They were young and filled with fear: brown and wide, sharp. Simplicity in the kill was beautiful; and Anna was quickly running to the last person. She didn't care look at his eyes, and instead watched his arms. They were muscular and the veins were popping out from the force that was put behind the swing. This was definitely an inexperienced man in the ways of combat, but Anna was simply a ghost at the time, her speed outmatching his strength. She stabs him through the heart, and he starts to cough up blood as she twists the blade into his lungs. This was so unlike Anna that when her hatred was over with she turned towards the pit and threw up. She was disgusted with herself, and couldn't bring herself to leaving the bodies like this. She walked over to the dead bodies, and slowly started to roll the bodies into the pit. Nothing could change the fact that this was done out of hate, and not out of justice. It was an absolutely disgusting thought that she would do such a thing. It didn't matter what has happened to her already, it doesn't mean that these people were the same. Maybe they were a family? Yet that didn't seem right, because her second kill had a dark skin colour compared to the other three.

The moment she finished with cleaning up the area of the dead bodies she quickly started to run back to Seireitei. She didn't waste any time with stopping, because if she did then her mind would wander to what she just did. She didn't want this, and instead thought of kittens the whole time.

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An Unexpected Predicament Within the Adventure, and the Hunting of Bandits Amongst a Memory of Death; a Hatred Burning Within the Heart, and a Disgust of the Event in Which is Executed (Solo)
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