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 To learn Kido (solo)

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Shin Kinsen


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PostSubject: To learn Kido (solo)   Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:22 pm

Shin looked around him at his normal training grounds, it was a sparse forest with large trees, there were a few animals that lived in the area but most of em left him alone. A cold breeze pushed its way through the forest, causing the branches to shake and loose some of their leaves around him. His planned training regime was a bit different for today than he normally would do. Normally he would practice speed, swordsmanship and throwing pointy objects at targets, but today he was going to try and teach himself how to use kido using a book he had stolen from a shinigami academy student. He had promised to return the book though so he was being careful with it for the most part, it had a few small scratches on it from being in his bag with the rest of the stuff he normally carried around with him but other than that it was fine. He looked around at the forest, finding a small clearing where he could practice.

He sat down and leaned against a tree at the edge of the clearing, and started to read, apparently there are two different kinds of kido, Bakudo, which is utility powers, bindings and shields and things of that kind, and then there were Hado, which were offensive powers, which varied only slightly, most were just attack powers basically. Over the course of the next hour or so he managed to read the intro of the book, explaining the principal concepts of kido, the book only explained how to use the most basic Hado and bakudo, which for Shin was fine for now, he intended to only really learn perhaps a few at first then move on the more complicated ones later. After a few moments of pondering he decided that he would be best served trying to learn some bakudo or perhaps one of the non-attack spells of the Hado, after much deliberation he decided to start with Hado 1, Thrust. It was a basic technique to shove something away from you, and was supposed to be the most simple of the attacks and according to the book it was pretty simple. With book in one hand and a target he started trying to practice, his target was an apple, set on a stump. Over the course of the next few minutes he read how to use the power, it was supposed to be a sharp punch of a thing, a focused energy wave. Shin calmed down his body as he had done many a time before and called up his spiritual power and gathered it together in his hand like a ball and shoved it out, the apple wobbled a bit but other than that nothing really happened. Shin was a bit confused, he had done everything the book had said to do. He re-read the pages on Hado 1 and tried again, still the only thing that happened was that the apple wobbled, however this time he noticed that the grass was moving in that direction too, he must not be concentrating hard enough on keeping the force focused, but he didn't really know how to that, so he went back to reading the book, and with the book in one hand and trying to cast the kido again, he managed to launch it out, but for some reason it pushed him back a little bit and he lost his balance and fell, he was fine, but he had accidentally broken the spine of the book and creased some pages when he fell. Hopefully it wasn't that much of a problem, but there wasn't anything he could do about it now.

He decided to try something else for now, flipping through the book he decided that he wanted to try bakudo 6 next, it had an odd name, totte, but it makes it so you cannot be disarmed, and that seemed really handy to shin. After reading up on it you just fuse your hands and make the energy sticky and so it stays, it didn't seem that difficult and it only lasted for a minute or two before the energy reverted to it's original state. This one was considerably harder to do, changing the state of the energy, but after bout 30 minutes of trying he finally managed to change it, weapon in hand he tried to open his hand and drop his weapon, and he couldn't he was happy that he had finally succeeded on a kido, he took a step forward and did a lunge, or rather that was what he tried to do. Unfortunately for Shin instead of just binding the weapon to himself, he had bound everything, so when he went to lunge all he did was shove his body weight forward then fall backwards as his body did a backlash from the force, falling on his butt, and staying in that position, he couldn't move and was forced to sit in that on position with weapon in hand until his energy reverted back to normal.

He decided that perhaps he should just go back to the simpler kido and decided to try and do Hado 5, it was just a basic fireball technique, focus energy and thoughts of fire to focus it into a ball of fire and then throw it, it seemed kind of like Hado 1, except it explodes and is on fire, so he needed to make it volitile, yet still solid enough that it would hold together, a trickly kido indeed. He started off simple, following the instructions in the book, he managed to make a mini version that\s only possible use would be to kill a beetle or ant. satisfied with his own performance he tried increasing the size, unfortunately it wasn't quite that simple, and me messed up a few times, causing small burns on his clothes, and quite a few small fires in the clearing which he promptly put out. However his biggest mistake was when the ball in his hand exploded, caught his clothes and the book on fire, which he promptly put out of course, but the book had sustained quite a bit of damage at that point and some of it was unreadable because of the damage.

He decided to try to go back to the simplest and try hado 2, pull, it did just as it was called its main purpose was to pull objects toward you, and so he set the apple back on the stump and read the book as much as he could with the damage it had sustained, but he thought he got the general gist of it. He tried it on the apple, but it just wobbled towards him a little, he tried again, with the same results, he read up again and tried again, and managed to get it to roll a bit towards him, he figured that he just wasn't putting enough energy into it so he poured a lot of energy into the kido, and it worked, kind of, it shot careening towards Shin, who was unable to get out ot the way, it slammed into his chest, deflected off, and slammed into the book in his hand, sending the book and the apple flying. At this point shin figured the book must be cursed, because it had fallen into a puddle and gotten soaked and had a large crack in the cover, and would be impossible to use for now, maybe ever again.

He pondered his predicament for a while, as he tried to dry the book to the best of his abilities, at this point he certainly never wanted to see that shinigami again, especially to return the book, not to mention he would have no clue how to find him in the first place. He decided in the end that he would just return it to the library himself later, though he was worried. However he was also exhausted from using so much Reiatsu to try and perform the kido that he had to stop for the day anyways, he decided to go home and rest and return the book tomorrow.

The Next Day, At the Library entrance

Shin paced back and forth in front of the library worried, he really didn't want to return the book, but he had promised to, but he also didn't want to lie to the librarian, who would no doubt be furious, the card at the front was still readable, so it would be easy to tell that it wasn't him that checked it out, he would just say that he had found the book. However he was still worried, the spine was broken, the cover cracked, it had burned pages and was water damaged as well. He just could not bring himself to walk inside and return the book. Fortunately for him a student came over and asked him if he had a problem, shin had to think fast and managed to convince the student to take the book inside for him, saying he had found the book and noticed the card on the inside and brought it here to return it, but that he wasn't allowed inside because he wasn't a shinigami or a student at the academy. Then he hung around for a little bit and got paranoid about what would happen and decided to leave, quickly. It turned out to be a good choice as a large female voice shouted from inside the library, as he sped off he heard a door slam open and the shouting was even louder now, coming from outside the library, Shin ran back home, silently mumbling an apology to Tim, the shinigami he had taken the book from.
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To learn Kido (solo)
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