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 Contact with the inner soul(Solo)

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PostSubject: Contact with the inner soul(Solo)   Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:40 pm


In the world of the living, when Tim was alive, he had taken to meditation and had grown quite fond of it. In the Spirit World he had only meditated once before, today would be another day that he would. Alone in his humble, but small, apartment; he knelt down on the clean flooring. Leg's under him, much as his upbringing in Japan. His hands were loosely gripped together in his lap, while his eye lids slowly closed on themselves. Tim drifted into a relaxed state, attempting to connect with that fire being that had contacted him twice before. Once when a small boy in the Spirit World had stolen his book on Kido, it called out his name. The only other time was against a powerful Hollow, that nearly cost his friends life, Anna.

It was quite difficult to concentrate on something that he had no way of knowing how to contact, but he did his best. Tim searched within his own mind as well as his soul, searching for this fire being which seemed to dwell within him. What could this being be, why did it contact him, had it always been within him and why did it call to him now? Many questions flooded his mind and would of distracted him if not for the fact that they were all centered on the same thing, the fire being. He heard nothing for many minutes, possibly even an hour, but eventually the same voice echoed throughout him once more. "I know that you are trying to search for me, Timmothy."

Tim was reluctant to answer at first, a bit surprised that his assumptions were true. That the fire being did in fact dwell within him. There was no one else in the room, he was completely alone or so he thought. "It's baffling to find another soul dwelling within me..." Tim said within his own mind.

"You mean to tell me that you have not noticed me before? Come now, who do you think gave you the strength to persevere when all others have failed before you. When you should of died, but yet you carried on and tapped into a power not completely of your own."

He was a bit confused by what the being was trying to say to him. He had thought that all of his training and his will was what made him as strong and undeterred as he was. Not some strange power dwelling within him. "I thought that after all my years of training that it was all me, not some strange entity dwelling within me. Who are you, what is your purpose and why are you within me?"

Up until now it was just words exchanged between the two. Now the same fire being that had appeared before, did just that, appeared before him; within his mind. "I can not answer those questions for you now, you are not ready, but what I can tell you is important Timmothy. The skill and determination that you displayed against those Bandits so many years ago, was your own. The same skill and determination that you showed in the face of Hollows, was your own. The will and unparalleled care for you friends to defend them and their safety, is of your own."

It was actually quite a lot to take in. Here he thought that there was some force driving him, but in fact it was his own determination, skill and his will. There was no denying that this being within him also held power, but he would not speak of it. "I am no fool, there is more that you are not telling me. There is my own power and skill and there is another, yours."

The fire being was quiet for a few moments after Tim's response. Then he spoke with a booming voice that rang his ears till he was almost deaf. "I told you, you're not ready. Do not play games with me, your mind is as opened as a book to me and the pages are filled with your thoughts. I know what you seek and I know your goals. Despite the obvious ones, defending others and those that you care for, you wish my power too. You are not ready!!"

Before the beings last statement he had been speaking calmly to him, but now it seemed as if he angered the fire being. It was not his intention, but as the being explained his thoughts were opened to him or perhaps they were one in the same. Indeed he seeked the fire beings power to add to his own, but he had no evil intentions. The combined power would be used for good, just as his power had always been for. He attempted to make contact with the being once more. "I'm sorry that I angered you. Please, give me some answers." But there was no contact. It was if the being had left his mind, but still unbeknownst to Tim, the being dwelled within his soul.

After a few more minutes of waiting for the fire being to answer his calling, to no avail. Tim decided that he might as well end his meditation for today. When he opened his eye lids a burning sensation crept over him. As if he was suddenly caught on fire, but the fire had long extinguished. He looked down to his palms as he opened his clenched fists. There was singe marks on the inner of his palms, as if he was set aflame, but during the entire conversation with the being he had felt no pain nor smelled anything burning. He looked around his small apartment and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Tim was left with only one sound conclusion; that the fire being was in fact dwelling within him.

He stood up slowly and noticed that the light coming from the window had faded; day had turned into night. Moving closer to the sink in his small apartment, he turned the faucets on to attempt to wash his hands, to no avail. He scrubbed and scrubbed, but the singe marks would just not come off. He yawned a bit and decided that the day was at an end. Moving away from the sink, he made his way to his small bed in the corner of the apartment. Sliding his sandals underneath the bed, he crawled himself into bed under his covers. Day had turned into night and he was exhausted, it was time for this Shinigami to rest.
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Contact with the inner soul(Solo)
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