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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Hard session

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PostSubject: Hard session   Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:11 pm

Koleri was between assignments, but instead of free time he was stuck in a cubicle typing away at a keyboard like a moneky. Again his mind drifted to the fact that killing people wasn't so cut and dry as the movies made it out to be. He had just killed three people in the space of a week and he had a literal mountain of paperwork to accompany it. Expense reports for the most of it was the hard thing. He had a folder full of reciepts he had to refer to or at least write down how much he thought he charged to his black credit card. He didn't understand why he had to do this, they probably know everything he did without him having to type it. There was no doubt in his mind that there was always someone shadowing him just in case he went out of line or got caught. If that ever happened he was sure there would be a hit out on his life that very second if not special bullet right between his eyes. Before he could even whisper a syllable of the things he'd seen in the Illuminati he was a dead man. The irony was that no one would beleive half the things he said even if did tell anyone. All the paranoia about the Illuminati was true they had their hands in everything. hey controllled so much of the free world and manipulated the rest as they saw fit. There were two types of people in the world those that worked for the Illuminati and didn't know they worked for the Illuminati. Koleri was happy to be of that first group he didn't like the idea that he was a puppet without knowing it. Although it wasn't too comforting to knowing you were a puppet and seeing the strings. In a way it was much worse, but at least you saw it coming rather than getting screwed out of nowhere. Koleri rather sell his soul to the devil and know it than wake up one day in hell and not know how that happened. At the moment the hell that stood before him was called paperwork and protocol. For a moment he thought they didn't keep things streamlined on purpose just to tighten the leash of control. Koleri sighed and spun in his swivel chair. He looked around at his cubicle. It was rather plain looking. That was the point. Anyone walking up might just think he was an average office man. The walls were bare except for a calendar on one wall and a schedule on the other. Beneath his desk was a file cabnet filled with various papers none of which he wrote. There was even a picture of a beautiful girl. A lovely blonde with green eyes and ruby lips. Her smile was bright and shining. He wondered who she was, but knowing the scope of the originization she could be from halfway around the world. Or just some computer generated fiction. The perfect set up for a fake life. Most the people on the floor were part of the Illuminati, but it was important to keep up appearances. Finally he stood up from the swivel chair and slammed his hands on the wooden desk "This is too much I'm taking a break." he said aloud already leaving the small box. "Me too" said another voice as he turned towards the elevator. Koleri looked back to see a brown haired young man exit his cube as well. Another assassin. On occasion he had seen the man carrying a black bag, the tools they often received for their work. Koleri had reached the elevator when the man popped up behind him. "Hey, fancy a spar? I've been sitting too long I need some exercise." For a second Koleri was going to reject the offer he was going to grab a sandwich, but some exercise would do him some good. He hadn't fought the agent before, it might be interesting.

Koleri pressed the B1 button twice then a third time this time holding his finger over the button. The button turned red then there there was a beep. The whole elevator went black then a light swept across the small booth. Seconds later the lights came back on and the elevator went down.They rode down in the elevator together. After the challenge there wasn't much t say to each other. Koleri was trying to remember everything he could about the other man. But he was drawning a blank. They were about the same height, but the other man seemed slightly older. Other than that he didn't remember seeing him all that often. Assassins rarely worked in groups. They were given jobs unique to their abilities and given tools to help when needed. The only other backup they got were cleaner squads and the backroom dealings to hide the stories from the media.But to keep on the top of their game they needed to train sometimes it helped to face each other and try to get better at their jobs. They had been riding for over 2 minutes, more than enough time to reach the basement level from the floor from which they had started. Although the building looked normal from the outside the real secrets were below the surface. Under the building was one of the many underground bases created for the organization. This underground area was the main base of operations while the office was just the front. Koleri remembered someone saying that there were hundreds if not thousands of these bases across the world. He wondered how such things were constructed without anyone knowing. The doors opened and they exited the booth. They were now in a long white hallway. As they walked small cameras zoomed on their location. At the end of the hall was two armed men wearing suits and glasses. They protected the only door in the hallway. Both assassins stopped at the door. "Koleri Schole" "Daniel Henrys" the said in turn. The door behind the men opened allowing them inside. Once inside it was like a new world entirely. It was like walking into a stadium with floating offices hovering over their heads suspended by a network of wires and narrow walkways from one room to another. The two men ignored all this and head for the center of the room. There were tube elevators leading to other sections of the compound. Koleri was the first one in and press the button for the training rooms. They went down and Koleri watched the as they zipped through the base. The rooms and areas flew by as they went deeper and deeper. Even though they were now horizontal they still stood vercial in the elevator. It was something about the technology that kept them upright. Finally they stopped and stepped into another hallway.

This one wasn't as bare as the first one. The first thing they saw was a desk with a young red haired woman sitting there looking at a computer. "We need a training room" Daniel said as he walked up and flashed the woman a smile. She nodded and placed key card on the counter between them. "Fifth door on the right." she replied and went back to her typing. Both men went down the hallway Koleri grabbed the card before leaving the counter. The door was just as white as the hallway the only thing that stood out was the silver keypad and card slot. At the fifth door Koleri inserted the key and the door swung open. The room was white much like the hallway they left, but it was composed of 2ft square tiles on the walls floor and ceiling. The whole room was double the size basketball court. This was only a private room there were ones much bigger than this one they could have used. Since they hadn't asked for it, they had only gotten the basic one. "Any rules?" Daniel asked as he moved toward the center of the room. "Computer run play field high and low." After he spoke the room rumbled. At random spots the squares tiles rose to reveal they were in fact perfect cubes.While the tops were white the rest of them were gray in color. These sets of cube rose up to form a 4ft wall and a 6ft high wall at different parts of the area. Each wall ranged from 2, 4, or 6ft long. The other man looked around at the battlefield. "That'll work." he said before taking his hands out of his pockets. Koleri noted the empty hands as he pulled his badge from his pocket with his left hand. His blue bow had barely formed when the other man raised his hand and a bolt of lightning short from his palm. Koleri jumped sideways as the electricity hit the wall behind him. The explosion sent bits of rock flying. Koleri went into a roll and pulled the string on his bow. With an arrow ready he jumped from behind the wall and sent a shot at the enemy's last location. The blue arrow had barely left his bow before he had created a new one. The first arrow didn't hit anything but the empty 6ft wall. The easily cut into the wall. He quickly went back behind his own cover. So the man shot electricity. For a second he had thought he'd have the advantage in the situation. With to ranged fighters things weren't going to be too easy. He had choose the play field to hinder the man now he had the same benefit as he did. Koleri held his breath and listend. Sure enough he could hear the footsteps as the opponent ran around the room. East of him. The man was trying to flank his positions. Koleri jumped up and over the wall and ran down the center of the room. Then he jumped again. He rose in the air higher than the 6ft walls and aimed. He saw motion and fired. His arrow hit the edge of the wall tore a hole through the corner. The man stopped short of the arrow's path. Koleri had already landed and taken cover behind a smaller wall. His heart was beating in his chest they were both trained killers. Neither one of them were going to pull their punches. If one of them was injured it just shows they weren't cut out for the work. Koleri was about to get out from behind the wall when left side of it exploded as lightning hit it. Just inches from his feet the wall was completely demolished. The different in power was obvious. His arrows could pierce the stone, but his electricity could demolish it. It looked like he was at a disadvantage. Using the last shot as reference he pulled back another arrow and shot in that direction. His arrow hit the wall again, but he kept running. He was almost to the next wall when a burst of electricity hit the ground in front of him. The lightning barely grazed him but he felt his body sieze up. Koleri got up as quick is he could, but his eyes were blurry from looking at the flash. When his eyes cleared he saw the black scorch mark a foot from where he was standing. How had he gotten around him that quickly? Koleri backed against the wall and looked in both directions. Somehow the man had gotten ahead of him. With a short jump he was on top of the wall and running looking both ways. He saw the flash of light seconds before another lightning bolt came at him from the right. He tried to jump as the wall exploded into pebbles beneath his feet. Instead he went tumbling to the left. His fall made him break his focus and his bow vanished. As he got to his knees his weapon had reformed and he held it ready to shoot. There was no one there in front of him. With the wall gone he had a clear view of where the attack had come from. "I think we should call it quits for now." came the voice behind. "You're never going to hit me at this rate." Koleri spun in place and launched his arrow. There was a flash of light his body went numb and he was knocked out. When he woke up the other man was standing over him tossing the triangle badge idly in his right hand. "You okay?" he asked with a smile. Koleri could barely feel he legs but he managed to sit up. "Damn, thanks for going easy on me." his head started to pound the second he moved and his stomach started to growl. "Not too bad, but you'll have to do better next time." the other man continued. Koleri fixed his gaze on the other man, other than a deep cut on his right cheek he looked fine. A thin line of blood ran down his face. "I was wrong you managed to hit me after all." He tossed the badge back to Koleri and smiled again. "Come on let me buy you lunch." He offered his hand and Koleri took it and shakenly got to his feet."Maybe next time I'll be the one on the ground. "Maybe." the quincy responded as they exited the room. He wondered how much the other man had held back. The whole fight had been pretty one sided from the start. He sighed and took the loss in stride, at least he was getting a free lunch out of it.
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Hard session
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