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 Well Spent Time (Speed Training thread,solo)

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Ecktis Encadian


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PostSubject: Well Spent Time (Speed Training thread,solo)   Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:50 pm

It had been six more months of training at the Academy since Ecktis had last ventured into the Rukongai, and he was slightly apprehensive as to returning there again ever since he was nearly torn to pieces by renegade hollow. And this made him realize the importance that training could present. So he decided to visit the north area of the city and run... A lot.

Ecktis seemed to like the less impoverished area and was in quite a good mood. he had already seen enough of the south of the city when he used to roam the dusty streets, doggedly pursuing an entertaining fistfight with some overconfident person.
It was slightly cold outside and grey clouds hung in the air. It was only mid afternoon but it was quite dark outside. These days were Ecktis' favorite. He never seemed to like sunny days and preferred venturing at night. Sometimes his mind drifted back to the day he had released all his spiritual power in the form of flame-like darkness. And then it returned to the fact that the claw that raked his back had left a large scar that had remained even now.

It began to grow windy within the Rukongai and it made the weather slightly colder.
Might as well get a workout now so I can keep that cold away.
Ecktis thought as he walked through the streets. A few souls were scattered here and there but not too many to make the experience chaotic.
Typically Ecktis liked the vacancy of people. But not to the point of their being none at all.
And these people were much less hostile than the ones he had seen before. They seemed to tolerate or even respect his position as a Shinigami.
Ecktis looked ahead of him and found a crossroads a few hundred feet in front of him. He decided that that would be where he should run to and took tore off as fast as he could towards it.
He didn't seem to be too bad at running but then again, he wasn't above average either. He reached the crossroads nearly winded and breathed deeply.
Let's try that again...
Once he had recovered Ecktis put a stone down to mark the ending line and ran back to where he had started, but this time counted as he did so.
Thirteen seconds. Let's see if I can't improve that time.
He also put a stone down here for the starting point.
Ecktis sprinted to the crossroads once again and gave it all he could.
11 seconds. Not good enough.
He had repeated this process numerous times and soon noticed his times were gradually improving.
He diligently repeated the process for about an hour.
He had shaved his time down to about 8 seconds when he decided to try something else.
Maybe I should train endurance as well...
He diverted off his regular course and ran through the city, regularly changing direction but for the most part, simply running random courses. He noticed a few things as he passed by, such as some wealthy people discussing current events or children at play. But this passed by quickly as he journeyed through the streets.
Ecktis became winded after every few minutes of running and he soon decided to clock how long he could run before getting tired. This time began to grow the more time he spent with it.

Ecktis finished another 5-7 minutes of running and stopped to rest.
Then he saw a face he had not seen in months.
"Orlando Tensen?" Ecktis said in slight confusion.
The red spiky haired student turned his head towards Ecktis. He seemed stronger than when Ecktis had last met him. He was thinner and less bulky as well. His eyes had taken on a deep green shade.
"Ecktis? Why the hell are you here?"
He replied in his slightly gruff tone. He was leaning against a nearby wall casually and appeared to be waiting for something.
Ecktis chuckled, amused.
"I was about to ask you the same thing."
Orlando's face was still rigid but loosened up slightly.
"I've only seen you a few times since we sparred together. I might want a rematch sometime."
"Heh. You did pretty good last time we met. Sliced me pretty good. took a few days for my arm to heal."
Orlando shrugged.
"Yeah. I really didn't understand how to really fight at that time. But I learned a few things as of now."
Ecktis grinned.
"Things such as..."
Orlando's eyes narrowed.
"Tell you what. I say we should race to that tree and back."
He stated, pointing a hundred or so feet away.
"First one to touch it wins."
Ecktis widened his grin to a smile.
"Your on."
The two lined up in the middle of the street and readied themselves.
They both took off at top speed towards the tree each neck and neck. They were about halfway to the target when Ecktis heard Orlando chuckle.
Suddenly Orlando executed a startling burst of speed and took the lead.
Wow, he's fast!
Thought Ecktis, accelerating to full speed.
Orlando lunged lunged into the tree and got his head plastered to the bark.
Ecktis touched the tree shortly after and collapsed onto his knees breathing heavily.
"Damn...Your...Fast..." Ecktis gasped.
Orlando simply groaned and lifted his shaking hand in the thumbs up position and slid slowly onto the ground.
After they had both recovered they began to walk back towards the Academy.
"I beat you by like three seconds! You should actually run next time." Orlando boasted, grasping his eye which had now turned black.
"Well at least I wasn't some tryhard who got his face etched into the bark of a tree."
Ecktis muttered quietly.
Orlando turned towards him and sneered.
"Well I'd like to see you try and race me again! I'll mop the floor with you just like I did back there!"
Ecktis smiled and took off at full speed towards the academy.
"Get back here you cheating little bastard!" Orlando shouted, pursuing Ecktis through the streets of the city as fast as he could go.
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PostSubject: Re: Well Spent Time (Speed Training thread,solo)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:46 am

The actual training was rather short. The race itself can be considered part of that training, but didn't seem to be meant as such.

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Ecktis Encadian


Number of posts : 10
Age : 20
Where the hell am i? : An abandoned government warehouse filled with supernatural artifacts. (No I am not watching Indiana Jones!)
quote : "No better friend, no worse enemy."
Registration date : 2012-09-16

PostSubject: Re: Well Spent Time (Speed Training thread,solo)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:29 pm

Ouch, typed that for nothing. That stings.

Whatever. Thats trial and error for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Well Spent Time (Speed Training thread,solo)   

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Well Spent Time (Speed Training thread,solo)
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