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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Training Gone Bad (Solo)

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PostSubject: Training Gone Bad (Solo)   Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:28 am

A Senkaimon opened and out stepped a girl with long red hair that was covering her face. A butterfly flew out and hovered near a small scar where she had bandages covering only hours ago, but she took them off. She was about five feet eight inches in height. Her Asauchi was to her side, easily within reach. She landed on the ground with grace and looked around, sensing multiple spiritual pressures. They were all generally at her level but she wasn't able to tell if they were hollow or if they were not. She was in a park, and decided that this area was a bit too... Small. She moved to the streets and started to walk along those, passing by many humans. The three rings that she was wearing on her hand shined brightly in the sunlight.

As Anna was walking through the streets of Karakura town, and she was deciding what she needed to do for training at the moment. She was decent with her already known Kido, but she needed some practice anyways. As she was walking there were some spiritual pressures around her; she couldn't determine how many. She kept walking, and heard a hollow rush at her from the left. It was slow, yet that could mean it had power. She looked towards it, and heard another start rushing from behind, the footsteps increased in speed. There was a figure that she could tell from looking through her hair, and she sidestepped an attack that slammed into the floor, spinning around and drawing her Asauchi with her right hand. The attack from the faster hollow landed on her blade as she tried to hold it off. She pointed to the ground with her unarmed hand, and then started to whisper an incantation. Energy built, but she heard the footsteps of the stronger Hollow coming towards her. She tilted her blade, the faster hollow still trying to push her with a distraction, and the attack of the hollow slipped down to the end of her blade. This was enough for her to push that hollow away and to move before she could get hit. She turned to the stronger hollow, the attack slamming at her feet. She lifted her hand towards the hollow.

"Hado #4: Byakurai!" Anna said, and suddenly a bolt of lightning fired from her finger towards the stronger hollow. It hadn't had enough time to move, and was struck through the head. Unknowing of whether or not the hollow was finished off, she jumped onto its arm and swung down on its head, cutting halfway through. The hollow disintegrated and she fell to the ground, landing on her feet. She wasn't able to tell anything about the hollow other than that it was about several feet higher than her, but that didn't matter. She the remembered that there was a second hollow, and spun around to find a spear fire from the hollow and through her left shoulder. There was a shout of pain as she backed up a few steps, but she quickly regained her standing. She looked up, her eyes now uncovered, and looked at the hollow. It was in the shape of a bull, a horn just forming on its head in between two others. She pulled out the spear that was in her arm, and noticed that the end of it was just like the horn on its head.

"Ouch." she says as she examines it some more. She now knew why the footsteps were so fast, and when it rushed at her again she threw the spear at it. The hollow was surprised by this and knocked it away with its horn, then fired another horn at where Anna was standing. This is when it noticed that Anna was quick too, for she stepped to the side of the spear and ran forward, swinging at one of its legs. The hollows was protected by a hard shell of some sort and the bull shaped hollow simply rammed into her, the horn getting jammed into her side. She yelled out in pain yet again, and even though she was in pain she was able to stab her sword into the head of the hollow, and then push it outwards. The hollow quickly disintegrated as she landed hard on the ground, the attack in her side gone. She pushed herself up and started to walk away. There was no other choice then to go back to soul society and rest. As she was just about to leave, she heard another hollow behind her. She stood perfectly still, the sound stopping. This hollow thought it was being stealthy. Anna kept on walking, waiting for the Hollow to make its move first. They walked continuously for at least an hour before this happened. The hollow growled and she heard it pounce from about ten feet behind her. She turned around, expecting the hollow to be about five feet when she finishes turning. However, a panther like hollow was directly in front of her by the time she finished turning, and it bit into her already injured shoulder. Anna was knocked off of her feet, but was able to pull out her Asauchi. The hollow released her shoulder and then bit the blade to keep its use at a minimum.

"Get off of me!" she yelled as she punched the Hollows mask as hard as she could, fracturing it. The hollow jumped backwards and off of her, shaking its head. It got ready to pounce again, and this time Anna was prepared. It pounced, the speed about twice hers as she tried to sidestep the hollow. After being knocked backwards she stabbed forwards, making use of the tip of her blade and chipping the hollows mask. She then ran at the hollow, and it pounced with a great amount of speed. Anna slid under the hollow, and swung at the hollows feet, cutting the back two legs off. The hollow hit the ground and rolled to a stop as Anna stood up and walked over to it.

"Die Hollow." she said swinging down at it. The hollow disintegrated as she opened a gate back to Soul Society. She stepped in and left with a Hell Butterfly.
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Training Gone Bad (Solo)
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