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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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PostSubject: Doublecrossed   Doublecrossed I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2012 4:40 pm

Koleri took his time back to his hotel. There was no reason to hurry back now that the job was over. Much like before everyone paid little attentin to the young man in the hoodie. After six blocks he took the hood off and unzipped the front. As he rounded a corner he pulled off the jacket completely and tossed it into the trash bin sitting there. He now walked the street wearing a faded green polo shirt. Just anotehr face in the crowd. The best disguises were the simple ones. No one would believe the young looking man had just killed a high classed criminal. There would be no trace of a weapon piercing the fat greasy man. There would be no way to track the shot back to the rooftop so far away. A slight arc in the arrows flight was more than enough to make the mapping of the shot's flight impossible. They'd think the attack came from another tall building next to it. Even if they questioned people nothing would come of it. Anyone that had witnessed him there would only recall a figure in a hoodie standing around. There was no more to go on. Somone in a jacket standing on a roof wasn't enough of a lead. He walked down the busy street.
"I should grab something to eat" He often got hungry after a job.
Plenty of shops and vendors lined the long street. Koleri considered stopping for a hot dog or a pretzel.
"Nah" He wanted to sit down and eat. Like before there was not real rush
An old fashioned looking sat nestled between two stone structures as he pushed the door open the was a jingle from the bell set against the frame.
The waitress looked up from the table she was wiping and waved. She wore a pick dress with white apron over it. Her red hair was done up into a bun. She couldn't be more than 40 or so she looked almost grandmothery. Koleri nodded and headed to an empy table. There was a couple of men sitting at the bar in the middle of the restaurant. He caught a glimpse of the chef as he sat a plate of food on the counter behind it.
"What will you have darling?" she asked as he sat down, he had'nt even opened a menu yet.
"Do you have any specials?" places like this usually had their unique pulls.
"Deep fried shepard's pie with grilled maccoroni and cheese sandwich." she said with a grin. Koleri smiled as well, it sounded interesting enough.
"Sold. Got any pie?"
"Apple caramel a la mode" Koleri smiled again, sounded great. She moved form the table to sent his order to the cook. She then took the plate he had set out and gave it the burly man at the end of the bar. She then went to refill his mug with coffee.

Koleri took this time to enjoy the view outside the window. The city was inf full swing now. People seemed to flood the streets and cars roared by as the light changed to green.
"Want anything to drink?" the waitress had returned holding the pot of coffee. Koleri turned back her to shake his hand
"Water and some lemon is fine" he said and returned to look outside just as a black vehicle screeched to a halt in front of the place. It was a shiny black luxury car it really stood out. The driver that exited the car was a tall man in a black suit and tie. Koleri figured he was a business man that frequented the place. The man entered the diner and his eyes met Koleri's only an instant before he approached the counter and sat down. He was sat across from the booth the quincy waited. The waitress came back and pulled a knife and fork wrapped in a napkin from her apron upon the table. She placed a glass of water with a wedge of lemon floating in it before Koleri.
"It's almost done." she said and walked away. As he unwrapped his utinsils he took a sip of the slightly bitter water. Another cap pulled into the parking lot just as shiny as the first one and just as black. This time he recognized the man that exited the vechile it was the client. Koleri face palmed. He had taken steps to sneak into the client's hotel room to discuss the contract directly. He didn't like middle men, the fewer people that knew about the hit the better. It was meant to keep the mater between them, but to see him here meant the man had blabbed. Somehow he had been followed. The door dinged and as the new man entered. His hair slicked back and wearing shades made him look like some kind of government agent in that black suit. But it was the opposite, this man was to inherent the criminal enterprise of the man Koleri had just killed. It was supposed to be a bloodless coup, the death of the former boss either go unsolved or blamed on the rivals. The quincy already had a feeling why the man was here. He gave a soft sigh. The man smiled as he sat down at the other side of the booth
"Wow, you're young." he said as he relaxed in the soft cushion. "I couldn't tell when we first met." He took off his shades and examined Koleri "I had my associate Moose watch you." he pointed to the other man in the suit at the bar.
"His name is moose?"
"I appreciate the job you've done, but I can't have any loose ends." he said smoothly ignoring the comment "Later down the line something like this can bite me in the ass. So we're going to go on a ride. No sudden moves okay?" the man at the bar opened his shirt just enough to show the butt of a pistol. Koleri moved. With his right hand he scooped up the fork and drove it into the client's hand pinning him to the table. The man screamed as the unimaginable pain hit him all at once. Moose reached for his weapon but Koleri had taken hold of the knife with is left and thrown it. The blade was sharp enough to cut a steak, it didnt' take much for it to pierce the man's hand and pin it to his chest inches from his gun. Whatever pain the client felt Moose felt much worse he fell to the ground clutching his hand and chest. Koleri reached forward and grabbed the screaming client by his gelled hair. The man stared in horror at his bleeding hand. The rest of the diner was just as shocked.
"You're lucky I don't kill for free." he whisperd "If I see or hear from you again I might rethink that philosophy." He slammed the man's face into the table, the man gave another scream as he pulled his bloodied face back to stare at the younger man. Koleri rose from his seat and approached the bar, he gave Moose a kick to the gut.
"Sorry about that can I get it to go? Minutes later he managed to walk away with a take out bag. He wondered if the client would heed his words or try another attempt on his life. It wasn't like he could use his newly acquired power against him, people would question his motives. Koleri shrugged and continued back towards his hotel, the smell of the food in his hands was torture.
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