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 Training for the young(solo)

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PostSubject: Training for the young(solo)   Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:24 pm

[This post will be used for Rank up]

Shibata Tim was roughly new to the Spirit World and that of the Seireitai. Though he had been here for at least a year now, time was hard to judge in the Spirit World. He had been accepted into the Shinigami as an Academy student because of his accomplishments and willpower when he was apart of the living world. Tim had made it his life goal to rid his beloved Japan from the Bandits that had plagued it for to long. He had also almost succeeded, but fell in battle in doing so. After killing roughly two hundred of the vile beings.

In the Spirit World Tim would face much more vile beings, beings that in the living world would amount to peoples worse nightmares. In fact however, he had not face one of these beings. Not a Hollow or even an Arrancar, but the time would come when he did. As an Academy Student of the Shinigami it was paramount that he trained. In the world of the living he was on level with the masters of his time in swordsmanship and hai-ki-do, but that would amount to practically nothing in the Spirit World.

Where beings possessed dark arts, strange spells and even god-like powers. Powers that could wipe the world of living out and in fact even the Seireitai where the souls of the dead go to live. That is if they were good souls. Evil souls more than likely were turned into Hollows and hungered for living souls and those good souls of the dead. The Shinigami made it their duty to protect both the souls within the Seireitai and the living souls in the world of the living.

Within the Seireitai was buildings for the souls that had now passed on to the Spirit World to live in and likewise the Gotei 13 was here. Where the Shinigami made their homes and barracks. This is where Tim would train and train hard. Stepping past the entrance into the training grounds he felt his body go almost weightless. It could of possibly just been that he was dead after all, but this felt different. Perhaps it was the Gotei 13 that made him feel this was or the presence of a Squad Captain, but Tim had never met one. So, he would have no way of knowing or even knowledge of Spirit Pressure.

The training grounds were a bit open, surprisingly to Tim's eyes. There was targets and some other Academy students training, but not much here. A bit of old rusted weapons here and there filled in a few gaps; a perfect place to train for him. He walked at a slow and casual pace to an opening in somewhat of a corner of the area. Close to the wall he would head on his walk in the direction of his destination, where a training post was in place. The training post was a dummy and looked similar to a human, but was not one obviously.

As he approached the training dummy Tim stopped in his tracks. He would stand with both legs spread apart at shoulder width. Easing into his fighting stance, sliding his right foot forward only a few inches from his body before he clenched his left hand to the sheathe of his Asauchi. Followed by his right hand lightly gripping the handle of the blade, wrapped in a soft cloth, but durable. His eyes never loosing sight of the training dummy.

His breathe was at a slower rate now, more eased with the world around him; calm. His body relaxed before his next movements. As his right hand unsheathed his blade he exhaled his breathe. Within the moments of him getting into his fighting position and readying himself, he had already sized up the dummy. Taking into account that the limbs were much shorter than that of any enemy, the arms and legs. As he slashed at the dummy in precise movements he struck it at the neck, torso and even the inner thighs or what would be the inner thighs, but was only a solid log.

When he returned the blade to its sheathe his breathe was still calm. He had never lost his cool, never even exhaled at any higher rate than before; he was still calm. All the training that he had done when he was alive was still with him, he had not lost any of it. Deep cuts were now visible on the training dummy exactly where he had targeted. In fact, he had hit each spot perfectly; the neck, torso and inner thighs. Tim smirked a bit, it was reliving to know that all of that training had not just simply slipped away with his passing into the Spirit World.

He released his grip on the sheathe and even his hold on the handle of his Asauchi. Tim stood now more casual, not at all in his fighting stance. Now was the time to test his hai-ki-do abilities. In which he went much into the same stance as before; except that instead of his right foot being in front, his left was. His hands were now held up, wrist to cheeks, elbows to ribs. Tim jabbed his right fist at what would be the head of the training dummy if it was an actual being. Followed by a left jab and each time after the jab the fist that had just jabbed would return to its starting position. Wrists to cheeks and elbows to ribs, as he was taught by the masters in his time.

Simple as it was, this was not the essence of hai-ki-do, but it was necessary to remember and train in the basics. Now came for the true art of hai-ki-do. Tim roundhouse kicked the dummy in the torso, a solid hit. Then returned his leg back to its position before. Followed by jumping into the air, putting pressure on both of his feet at the base of each of them. As he was lunged into the air, he flipped over his own stomach and axe kicked the top of the dummy; which would be the head of a being. Another solid hit, followed by him returning to his original stance.

Once again he felt relieved. He had not lost any of his training that he had worked so hard on when he was alive. In fact, he felt even stronger and quicker. Perhaps what one does in the world of the living, not only transfers here, but also amplifies ones abilities. A neat though he had, but there was no way of knowing without asking a ranking official. Tim rested for amounted, he was not exhausted or anything, but felt it was enough. He was sure that soon enough a Squad Captain or someone of importance would realize his potential and accept him into a squad. Which was now his new goal.

Time for training had past. It was now time to rest, the day had been quite short compared to how long days seemed in the world of the living. As he walked at a calm and slow pace out of the training grounds, he saw that many students were training and it brought a smile to his face. At least he was not the only one doing it and at least others took their jobs as serious as he did. Though he had not shown them yet, he would one day. That he was serious about defending those that can not defend themselves. That the Hollows and Arrancar's, the nightmares of the planes of existence, would come to fear him; not the other way around.
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Training for the young(solo)
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